Lost Robert Bereny Painting found in Stuart Little Movie!

You know those times when you’re watching a movie and can swear you have seen the sights or items in the movie somewhere in real life too? Now, the Stuart Little movie surely doesn’t seem like one of those movies, unless you’re looking for toys or other kiddie items. Turns out, the movie held the secret to something with a lot more artistic value than the cute little drawings Stuart Little may have scribbled with his human sibling – a real-life Robert Bereny painting!

A Hungarian, Robert Bereny was a celebrated artist in the 1900s and his works have always been in great demand, fetching high prices. The Sleeping Lady with a Black Vasepainting had been missing since for almost a century now, since the 1920s, and art historian Gergely Barki happened to chance upon it while watching the 1999 children’s movie with his daughter in 2009.
Barki couldn’t believe his eyes of course. After all, who would ever imagine that a pricey piece of art that has been missing for several decades could suddenly pop up in a movie for kids! “I went to the television and tried to clean the windscreen. Is it real?” Barki said in an interview. Well, once he was convinced that his eyes were indeed seeing the real thing, Barki got in touch with the team associated with the movie and got to tracking down the painting.
Two years later, he heard from them and a story unraveled that an assistant set designer had bought it for the set of the movie for a mere $500! Now, the Virag Judit auction house in Hungary is set to auction the painting for anything above $240,000, with a starting price of $138,000!
Certainly, for the next few days at least, we will find ourselves looking at all the paintings depicted in the scenes of movies we watch. Who knows, we might get lucky and find a century-old painting worth thousands of dollars too! Stuart Little surely deserves a second look too now!