Jurassic World Trailer: This One Looks Promising, and Terrifying

The first Jurassic Park movie we ever saw was a whole new world and created such magic onscreen that the others in the franchise that followed simply failed to live up to our expectations. Now that the Jurassic World trailer is here, we can begin to hope that maybe, just maybe, this one will be as cool as the first time we saw those huge dinosaurs wreaking havoc!
The trailer came in a couple of days earlier than the teaser for it has announced, so there was a surprise for fans that were desperate to see more, and it is, surprisingly, a good one too. Jurassic World is based on the huge theme park that has been developed by the Masrani Global Corporation, a park where a mosasaur feeds on a huge fish and futuristic-looking gyroscopes vehicles help visitors get close, really close to the other, safer but still enormous beasts. Then of course, owing to the element of thrills and chills that needs to take over the movie eventually, comes the part where it all goes wrong.
The action’s great and fast-moving and then there are those really close calls too, the ones that make your knuckles go white! The most interesting elements include the fact that the super villain beats, the dinosaur that everyone seems to be running away from, is still kept a secret. Although there have been glimpses of the creature (and yes, the scientific community has already been commenting on why a dinosaur would possibly have thumbs etc. etc.), the complete unveiling has been kept for later. So, we could either catch the beast in subsequent trailers, or will simply have to wait for the movie which is scheduled to release on June 12th next year.
In this one, humans seem to have been taming a whole lot of dinosaurs. Hell, Chris Pratt even has a team of velociraptors that take off with him into the night in one sequence. So will this one see a few dinosaurs pitting for the humans against that one big bad one? Maybe. And if the action’s good enough and in line with the storyline, we might believe in it too!
The trailer is promising. Now, we just can’t wait to see more of Jurassic World!