Glimpses of George Lucas’ Fairytale Revealed in Strange Magic Trailer

The Strange Magic trailer is here and though the movie is backed up with the brilliance of a stalwart such as George Lucas, the trailer at least has failed to impress. The settings seem all too common and so do the characters, and the element of discovering something new is certainly missing.
In a time when moviemakers are testing new limits, the audiences too have come to expect nothing less than extraordinary. Unfortunately, the Strange Magic trailer falls short in this department and maybe a few more. Ever since news of the movie began making the round, only a couple of weeks ago, fans of George Lucas have been waiting in anticipation of more news on the movie. There was little forthcoming of course, so the trailer was a huge relief. This relief however, slowly turned to disappointment for many who expected nothing less than brilliance from a movie tagged to Lucas. As promised, there are goblins, elves, and other nasty-looking creatures. There is surely an element of magic along with the standard fare of the fight between good and evil, and of course there’s the ever-essential love quotient. Yet, the one component that creates true magic on the screen and in the hearts of the audience seems to have gone missing.
The storyline revolves around A Midsummer Night’s Dream and depicts a barrier that lies between a kingdom of good creatures and bad. The story begins when the border keeping these two worlds apart breaks down and then goes on to show how characters from both sides learn to live together in spite of their diverse natures. Gary Rydstrom, the director of the movie, reveals how the story is all about finding in beauty in strange places, an idea emphasized by Lucas.
There’s something strange about this magic though and in spite of a colorful cast and seemingly enough twists in the tale, the trailer of Strange Magic falls short of what one have come to expect of a George Lucas project. We can only hope the real magic is hidden somewhere in the movie and that it will all get better when it releases on January 23rd!