These Films Surely Deserved A Sequel!

No matter what genre, Hollywood is celebrated for its indisputable ability to create some of the best sequels in the history of cinema. While some movies were best in the original, some others exceeded all expectations in their sequels.
And then there are these few brilliant standalone movies that never had sequels. Now, even though these original movies have been much appreciated, one can’t help but wonder as to why there weren’t sequels created.
Forrest Gump


This epic romantic comedy movie was viewed and loved by numerous movie aficionados all over the world. Even with the success of the movie, much to the disappointment of its fans there wasn’t a sequel released. The movie was based on a novel by Winston Groom who released a sequel novel in 1995 titled Gump and Co. Director Robert Zemeckis however, did not go with making a movie sequel. Many viewers would not be of the same opinion but it is said that the creators of Forrest Gump did not find the sequel plot relevant.

The 1998 sci-fi film Armageddon is one of the most well received movies at the box office. Having earned revenue of over 553 million, this movie had great prospects to go all out with a sequel. Lately, director Michael Bay is drowned in the making of the Transformers franchise. But we strongly believe that given the opportunity, Armageddon would’ve made an amazing sequel maybe with the storyline of another world ending meteor threat that truly creates havoc this time.
The Sixth Sense

This supernatural thriller scripted and directed by M. Night Shyamalan and released in 1999 gripped its viewers with its spellbinding plot and talented cast. The movie was even nominated for 6 Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Director. Due to the huge success of this movie, there were rumors about a sequel; however, this was soon doused and the movie was left at its original.

Another one of M. Night Shyamalan’s epic drama films, Unbreakable is a movie about a superhero that survives any calamity and escapes without a scratch. Surprisingly, there was no sequel created to this film. The movie had great potential for a sequel but Shyamalan may not have been of the same opinion as some of his other films didn’t meet its audience with the same enthusiasm as expected.

Moviegoers doubted the success of Inception as it didn’t really seem likely to hit the box office big time, being a risky jump at something totally original and stimulating. However, once released, the movie scooped unbelievable revenue trailing a great opportunity for a sequel.
Mamma Mia!

The 2008 musical romantic film is based on the songs sung by the celebrated pop group of 70’s, ABBA. While the plot of the movie may not have been the best in this genre, movie fans gorged on the movie solely for the songs, the music and the talented cast. There was great potential for director Phyllida Lloyd to fashion a sequel, considering the numerous songs by ABBA that could be incorporated into the next movie. But Lloyd decided to make and stop Mamma Mia! at its original.

Actor Will Smith created waves with his image as the King of the Box Office. That is one of the reasons that made Hancock a hit amongst its viewers. Hancock being a movie about a man who was originally a bummed out alcoholic and was then transformed into a superhero that saves the day, is a plot that was enjoyed by many. This action drama movie laid the foundation for a great sequel, but surprisingly, this is nowhere on the cards.

With the enormous success of the Titanic, it is rather surprising that James Cameron didn’t go in with the idea for a sequel. It is agreed that the sinking of the great ship on its maiden voyage would spell the end of the movie; however, the idea of a sequel that showed the survival and existence of Rose would make for a great sequel. Hence, it is astonishing that after earning such gargantuan revenue the makers had not jumped at the thought of a sequel.
Easy A

Emma Stone at her best in this comedy drama film Easy A! The plot involves a teenager who goes with a rumor and ends up being the center of attraction at her high school. She is then inspired by the novel The Scarlett Letter and changes the way people look at her. With an interesting plot, the movie would’ve made for a great sequel. But guess the director thought otherwise.
True Lies

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been appreciated by his fans all through his Terminator movie franchise. His work in True Lies alongside Jamie Lee Curtis too gained equal response. Hence, it would be a great idea to make a sequel of the movie. But the director thought the movie was best left at its original.