Arnold Schwarzenegger Returns in Terminator: Genisys Trailer

The trailer for Terminator: Genisys feels like the good old times that everyone keeps talking about since it has Arnold Schwarzenegger reprising his role and the character of Sarah Connor featuring heavily throughout the movie. Only, everything else depicted in the trailer has been revamped, and looks pretty rad and amazing too!
The trailer takes you back to the first Terminator movie, the one that had the James Cameron touch to it and set the popular franchise rolling. The first part of a planned trilogy, Terminator: Genisys is directed by Alan Taylor and the trailer has images and scenes that will surely have fans waiting desperately for the movie, which releases only in April 2015. It seems like a perfect mix of the old and the new and involves a lot of time of time travel, and no, this time around, T-1000 and the Terminator aren’t the only ones getting into the time machine.

This of course, brings us to the sequences that have the time machine. Seemingly a major part of the movie’s storyline, the machine seems to have been hijacked by the sparse and war torn human population in a bid to go back to the 80s and save Sarah Connor from being killed by Terminator.

There’s a dangerous looking world war in progress too and it all seems to point towards a scenario that needs a quick fix! So when John Connor, played by Jason Clarke, tells his gathered foot soldiers, “If we die tonight, mankind dies with us,” in comes Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese, volunteering to go back to the 80s to give Sarah Connor the best chance she has.

Only, this Sarah already seems battle worn, in a fresh and beaming sort of way, and even drives a truck into a department store, saving Reese from going down before he could get things started! Together, they get down to downright preventing – hold your breath – Judgment Day!
So we have in the mix a younger Sarah Connor, confidently played out by Emilia Clarke of Games of Thrones fame, two Terminators trying to kill each other and of course, the quintessential T-1000. Add to this the sequence of Arnie shooting an older, or is it newer, version of himself and it’s all good!
The action sequences match up to the racing storyline and you have police cars flipping, a school bus falling off the Golden Gate Bridge and more. Arnie leaves towards the end of the trailer though, with his now famous line, “I’ll be back,” and this might be the only heartbreaker for true fans.
The Terminator: Genisys trailer is fast, dangerous and toys with the very survival of the human race, playing it all out in the present, past and the future! If the movie is as good as the trailer makes it out to be, this one’s a winner all the way!