Working Out Safely During A Pregnancy

The human body goes through various changes all throughout life. Right from birth, through infancy, puberty and old age, we experience physical and mental transformations. A woman’s body experiences a lot more change as compared to a man’s. The reason this is so is because a woman goes through a more intense phase of puberty and she also bears children.

To ensure a smooth transitioning from one phase to another, it’s best to keep your body healthy, fit and fine. In any case, there’s nothing like a good work-out to keep yourself fit. But there are certain aspects of your physical condition that you must consider before going ahead with a selected workout program. When we say physical condition, we are focusing on things like age, weight and during pregnancy.
A few important exercise points that would be worth considering during pregnancy have been discussed below. The level of exercising needs to be altered as you get further and further along.
Seek your doctor’s advice before indulging in a workout routine

If you already follow a routine for your daily workout and you’ve just received news of your pregnancy, it’s best to contact your doctor before proceeding with your next workout session. Depending on the stage of pregnancy you’re at, various exercises are prescribed to ensure you and your baby stay safe. If you have been advised of any complications in your pregnancy, you would definitely want to tone down your fitness routine or stop it completely.
Choose your exercise wear

Exercising while you’re pregnant could be quite a task as the changes to your body make it difficult for you to move or stretch comfortably. One aspect that could ease this tension would be the clothes you wear while working out. It’s best to wear comfortable clothing made of soft fabrics so you don’t feel too hot or sweaty after you warm-up. Most pregnant women suffer from swollen feet, so choose footwear that is loose and that keeps you relaxed.
Watch your calories

Most workouts concentrate on losing calories, but the scenario is different when you’re pregnant. You need to follow a healthy diet so as to ensure that you and your baby’s growth are positively affected. Your doctor and physical trainer can guide you accordingly. Another important factor to consider when you’re pregnant is if you are underweight or overweight. Your fitness regime will need to be carefully planned and executed, closely following regular check-ups and professional advice.
Pre and post-pregnancy exercise routine

Women who exercise before and during their pregnancy, based on their doctor’s advice, are more likely to get back into their pre-pregnancy body after delivery. Your healthcare provider will suggest the best exercises and diet that you need to follow in order to stay healthy.
Circumstances that completely restrict you from exercising

Certain complicated pregnancies completely refrain from any kind of physical or mental strain. These circumstances may include vaginal bleeding, premature contractions, blood pressure fluctuations and rupture of amniotic sac. In these situations your doctor would ideally advise you to refrain from any kind of physical stress which would include working and exercising. You could discuss with your doctor the option of other fitness routines like yoga and meditation instead.
A good warm up

When you are pregnant, your body’s ability to deal with sudden pressures decreases. Hence, most women are advised to either work or exercise less or refrain from both completely. If, after consulting with your doctor, you can exercise, it’s best to start your routine with a nice long warm up session. This gives your body the time it needs to prepare itself for exercise. A good warm up also helps you increase your heart rate gradually and not suddenly.
Remember, exercising while you’re pregnant is a good way to stay stress-free, physically fit and mentally stable, but doing it right is equally important!