The Harmful Effects Of Skin Whitening Creams

People often associate beauty with fairness and it’s this belief that exists in most societies around the globe that has caused people to take the opportunity to create products that will lighten your skin. The product is marketed and advertised using the most alluring approaches and before you know it, you’re a customer.
The sad part is that we only look at skin whitening creams and lotions as a product with a hundred percent positive results. We fail to see the possibility of the harmful side effects associated with the use of such products, some that could not only damage the skin, but the damages could be long lasting, or even permanent, in some cases.
Fairness creams can give rise to some serious problems and it’s best to understand what you’re getting into before you decide to use any such skin lightening products.
Lighter Skin – A Dangerous Obsession

The obsession linked with obtaining lighter skin is a dangerous one as it makes you want to try any product that could possibly lighten your complexion and give your desired skin shade. Sometimes, if one product doesn’t provide the ideal results, people try many different products with the hope that at least one of them will work. However, in the process, there is more harm caused than good.
The Darker Side of Lightening Creams

Women use fairness products usually after seeing an ad or taking advice from friends. They rarely read the labels that show the various chemical compounds used in these creams. Every skin type is different and requires different skin products. The chemical compounds used in skin lightening creams could prove very harmful as they may not agree with your skin type. So instead of a lighter complexion, you may develop acne, skin irritation, or even skin pigmentation that leaves marks on your face and body.
Dermatologists’ Advice

Skin lightening creams use chemical compounds such as hyrdroquinone, tritinoin, and steroids in order to lighten the skin. These chemicals also cause health problems such as skin cancer, permanent skin pigmentation, and skin allergies. Dermatologists rarely prescribe skin lightening creams and lotions as they know about the poisonous compounds used in these creams that cause harm.
Long Term Effects

Fairness creams and lotions is one of the largest markets in continents where people have a darker skin tone. Most of these creams have long term side effects and the skin damages are, at times, irreparable. Various surveys carried out at skin treatment centers confirmed that a large category of their patients consisted of people who regularly used such skin fairness products and were now experiencing skin troubles. These patients were mostly women within the age groups between 20 and 40. While being obsessed with possessing fairer skin, these women faced long term effects of dark patches on the skin, acne, skin allergies, dry skin, and even skin cancer.

People want fair skin for their own personal reasons and this is perfectly understandable behavior. There is no harm in wanting a fairer complexion, but it is the unwarranted obsession that leads to trouble. When you are obsessed with gaining fair skin, you are likely to try out any product without weighing the pros and cons.
Another problem lies in the fact that most of the companies that manufacturer such products do not enlist all the compounds used in the making of these products on their packaging labels, thus leaving their customers in the dark. It’s only when users experience the harmful side effects that they understand the product’s flaws.
It’s therefore extremely necessary to exercise caution before using these skin whitening creams.