Is WiFi Slowly Killing You?

Wireless connectivity has fast become a necessity, wouldn’t you say? No one likes dragging around bulky cables wherever they go – along with their laptops. As much as we dread it, WiFi has a bad side too. It offers you portability, but it also brings with it some side effects.
So, What’s The Big Deal

Wireless routers and modems send signals to our computers. These signals are powerful enough to pass through walls via electromagnetic radiation. You can very well imagine that if these signals are powerful enough to penetrate walls, what are they doing to our bodies? Having a wireless router in your home or office exposes you to this radiation.
One of the problems is that no one ever turns off the router, thus the exposure to radiation is literally 24/7. Hence, we are constantly having an over-exposure to EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency).
Isn’t WiFi Tested To Be Safe?

They kind of are. They emit electromagnetic radiation in low frequencies, which is safe up to a point. The problem arises, though, when we consider the fact that these EMF were not meant to be used 24/7 in our homes and offices. You would also like to know that WiFi modems pass on radio signals with equal frequency as that of microwave ovens.
So These Rays Are Cooking Us?
Not really. However, there is sufficient research that reveals that extended exposure to EMF waves can cause memory loss, brain damage, and also tumors. These low EMF seem to lower our body’s energy field, leading to fatigue and in extreme cases, cancer.
Can It Make Me Sick?

Many people are having health-related issues due to exposure to these rays. Symptoms vary and include dizziness, headaches, irregular heartbeats, and digestive problems. Some people even claimed to get instant relief when they turned off WiFi or left an area full of WiFi signals.
Heads Up

An ‘interesting’ study was conducted in Denmark. A few Danish students took 400 cress seeds and split them between 2 rooms. Both were subjected to same care and conditions with one exception: seeds in one room had two WiFi routers placed next to them. After 12 days, it was observed that the seeds exposed to WiFi signals had failed to sprout while the others had sprouted normally.
Perhaps, it’s time we bring about healthy and much-needed necessary changes in our lifestyle. Technology is good, but too much of anything can be bad. The dangers of these massive energy fields are just too much to ignore. When not in use, just unhook the routers. Your body can do without the over-exposure to these rays.