10 Daily Habits Of People With Great, Healthy Skin

Outside the world of glamour, dolled-up models and “flawless” beauty, is a much more natural world where there are people who struggle with visage. Acne breakouts, pigmentation, sunburn, large open pores, and wrinkles are the common struggles hat people deal with. At one end, there are people religiously following beauty regimes to attain a beautiful skin tone and at the other end, some people are just blessed – they need to do nothing more than just keep their skin clean and hydrated!

Whatever the case, a little effort is required for skincare. For some, the path to glowing skin is filled with beauty treatments, diet control, sleep watch, and other lifestyle monitoring. Therefore, a single skin care routine is not applicable for all. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and many factors affect our skin and care is needed to keep it soft and supple.
Adopting good healthy habits for gorgeous skin is not a tiring task. It hardly takes up a couple of minutes of your daily routine. People feel great because they look great and it’s because they know they have put in the effort. Investing a minimal part of the day and night is a great start towards glowing skin!
Below are some of the daily habits of those who are gorgeous and confident because they feel good from the inside as well as the outside!
1. They Eat Healthy Foods

Eating right does more benefits to your body than you can ever imagine. It not only helps you shed pounds, but it is also extremely beneficial as well as directly important to the health of your skin. Whenever you eat, keep in mind that you are eating for your skin. Avoid the fried foods as much as possible. Start your day with a healthy soup to keep your skin hydrated. Snack on skin-rejuvenating foods at night such as blueberries and almonds that strengthen your skin’s collagen.
2. They Know Water Hydrates Their Skin

Staying hydrated is the key to supple skin. Not just water, but other beverages like coconut water, green tea, and healthy juices like pomegranate and orange juice lift up your skin’s glow and make you ‘see’ the difference within a few weeks!
3. They Have Healthy Digestive Tract

Your body’s process slows down with an upset gut. Fiber-enriched foods and probiotics are a great way in keeping your gut in good order. At the end of the day, make sure you have cleared your gut before bedtime. This helps in preventing bloating and other gut issues that consume all the energy from our body.
4. They Assess Their Skin

No one knows your skin better than you do. You know the adverse effects of munching on that tempting chocolate cake. Every day the needs of your skin differs. Keeping a habit of a daily cleansing routine is good, but your skin might not need the products every day. Some days its best to just leave your skin to its natural self and simply wash your face with normal water and pat dry.
5. They Care for Their Skin Naturally

Usually people skip on the moisturizer after the whole cleansing process. It’s very important to use a moisturizer, water-based or oil-based, depending on your skin type. Beauty experts also believe in massaging a little virgin coconut oil or sweet almond oil at bedtime after moisturizing to lock in the moisture making your skin super soft and supple in the morning.
Don’t over-exfoliate your skin. You may be using the right products but you may be using them wrong! Don’t overdo the use of the products in the hype of maintaining clean skin.
6. They Do Facial Massages

A facial massage using your fingertips helps in alleviating tension and also increases blood circulation in the facial area, hence giving that ‘glow’.  It’s important to massage your face at least once a week. Spare some time for a detailed massage where you can relax your muscles and ease out all the stress.
7. They Have a Night Regime

Night time is the best time for the skin to ‘heal.’ After the day’s wear and tear on the skin as it gets exposed to multiple environments, the night is the best time for the skin to rejuvenate itself. There are products that comfort your skin at night, like rosewater, for example. You can even make a habit of doing light yoga before bedtime. Experts suggest standing on your head, or if not possible, keeping your head tilted at one end of the bed for a couple of minutes. This helps in releasing the toxins as the blood rushes to your face.
A cleansing routine before bed time is also a great idea. It gives ample time to the skin to be ‘ready’ for the next day’s exposure. Apart from the products, it’s also a wise idea to keep a check on your bedsheets and pillows. Changing your sheets and pillowcases once every week is a good idea to prevent bacterial growth which could damage the skin.
8. They Believe in the Natural Balance of Oils

Rigorously cleansing your face may deprive the skin of natural oils, which is not a good idea. After light cleansing, you can simply wash your face with a warm washcloth whilst massaging your face at the same time. This prevents the skin from drying out. If needed, you can reduce your cleansing and exfoliating routine on a weekly basis, depending on how your skin takes it and your exposure every day.
Natural ingredients are also needed for the skin to maintain the natural balance of oils. Spraying rosewater throughout the day helps in hydrating the skin. Coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and avocado oil are great when applied after makeup removal as they strengthen the collagen matrix in the skin.
9. They Have Good Sleeping Habits

Sleep is vital for your skin’s health. Irregular sleeping habits damage your skin and make it look dull and tired. It can even be an offset for wrinkles! A healthy stress-free sleep of 6 to 8 hours every night is extremely important for you to feel fresh in the morning. However, if you couldn’t sleep well through the night because of whatsoever reason, you can ‘fix’ those dark circles and exhausted skin by rubbing ice on your skin and under the eyes. It reduces the pores and also helps in reducing those dark circles, making you feel fresh. Alternate splashes of cold and warm water also helps in reinvigorating the skin.
10. They Feel Good About Themselves

No matter how many tips and tricks you follow, the key is to be confident about who you are. If you don’t feel good about yourself, no one can make you feel beautiful. On the other hand, if you are confident and happy, people will hardly notice the ‘flaws’. It’s what’s on the inside that matters and this will reflect on the outside.