PowerLine PowerCup 200/400 Watt Mobile Inverter

Road trips are tiring, and they can become troublesome if your phone becomes dead or you have no way to power your laptop. But now there’s this magnificent PowerLine PowerCup which is a DC to AC 200 Watts inverter with 2 AC outlets and a USB Power Port. Now, charging your cell phones, laptops, or any other device while traveling is no longer a problem.

The PowerCup is a great companion during the road trips as it fits perfectly on your vehicle’s cup holder and will give the performance of any high quality massive inverters that we have at home. It has a sleek cup design so it does not give a bizarre look as any other heavy metal invertors. Portable and smaller in size, the beauty of this product is that it charges almost anything.
It provides 120 Volt AC household power that can be connected to a cigarette lighter or any auto power socket of your vehicle, has two AC outlets, and one USB power port with 1 or 2.1 amps of power. You do not need a lot of space to keep this useful device as it fits conveniently in the cup holder making it much more handy and durable than other robust and heavy devices.

This inverter is designed to convert 12 Volt DC power from any vehicle power socket to 120 Volts, 60 Hz AC power while delivering 200 Watts of continuous AC power to 400 Watts of peak AC power. The inverter automatically shuts down if the maximum continuous peak or peak wattage ratings are exceeded. The USB power output is 5 Volts DC at 500 ma max. It can be operated when the vehicle is running or turned off. Caution though, if you’re using it while the vehicle is turned off, it might drain the battery and this could prevent the vehicle from starting. It has a special type of circuit that switches off the inverter when the vehicle battery voltage is low.
The surface of this inverter may become hot during operation so be cautious while handling it. There’s a fan inside it that cools the device and like all inverters, this PowerCup also produces ‘electrical noise’ when the fan is working.
So if you’re going on long road trips, worry not! The PowerLine PowerCup will solve not only your low battery issues but will also keep your kids occupied with their gadgets.