Parrot MiniDrone Jumping Sumo White

Having sophistication, style and perfection in design, the Parrot MiniDrone Jumping Sumo is one of those breathtaking technological creations that will amuse you while you work. This jumping sumo MiniDrone available in white is a fast, rocky, and a wildly amusing addition to the Parrot MiniDrone collection. The fun in playing with robots has been reinvented with this simple and extremely easy to use piece of technology.
This acrobatic and charismatic robot generates a WiFi connection on its own, allowing you to connect their tablet or smartphone as you go for FreeFlight 3 application which is available for free. Made with American ingenuity, this ultra-sophisticated robot enables more precise turns and twists than any remote controlled car. The product equipped with a battery comprising of lithium-polymer can provide you up to twenty minutes of playtime.

With the control in your hands, drive the robot with your fingertips and make it perform half-turns and U-turns in less than a second. Small yet agile, the jumping sumo can roll up to 2 m/s and jump horizontally up to 80 cm (2.5 feet) in a blink of an eye. The shock-proof, sturdy design allows you to make it jump, run, and do almost anything. The precision on its jump makes it capable to land on its wheels.

The Parrot MiniDrone Jumping Sumo is a product for both adults and children, having fun-loving, mischievous hidden capabilities in it as well. Reflecting your own personality, you have the freedom to personalize this robot with a wide range of stickers. Also, the customizable sound animators as well as flashing LED lights that can be personalized, depending on your mood, are a big plus.

Program your own choreography, tricks, and dance moves using a wide range of animations that will impress your spectators. This fun-loving machine is not just an acrobatic adventurer, but a source of amusement for everybody.