Magellan Cyclo 315 GPS Cycling Computer

What’s the use of a workout when you can’t calculate how much exercise you’ve actually done? People purchase expensive exercise bikes to workout which at times do not show accurate results. The Magellan Cyclo 315 GPS Cycling Computer helps you calculate all these things when cycling for real. All you need to do is attach this gadget to your bicycle and you are good to go.

The Cyclo 315 cycling computer features a vibrant 3-inch color touch screen that can be easily read in direct sunlight and has a rugged, water resistant construction. This gadget comes with universal and out-front mounts to offer an easy fit on all types of bicycles. Equipped with an easy to use interface, this cycling computer has high swipe sensitivity and a large screen so that it can be used while wearing gloves too.
This cycling computer lets you create up to 6 custom profiles that show routes specifically designed for your bicycle. It also allows you to keep track of the sensors used in a specific profile. This gadget contains pre-loaded detailed maps of the USA road network and OpenStreetMap crowd sourced maps so that you know where the road is heading to. It also highlights different shops and restaurants for your convenience.
The Surprise Me feature on this device creates up to 3 routes for a rider to choose when you select or input a specific destination. It highlights the elevation gain, difficulty, and the amount of unpaved road so that you can choose your route accordingly. Along with this, it comes with an outstanding ANT+ accessory support.

It also has a Where Am I function that helps you know your exact location. It displays your exact coordinates with a map overlay. So, if you’re planning to travel by a bike, or just want to exercise, this gadget is a must have for you.