Cobra iRadar Smart Detection

The Cobra IRAD200 iRadar is the best way to detect any radar and laser guns in use near you. It’s a high performing device which functions using iPhone and other Android devices. Ensuring maximum protection through genuine alerts and reducing fake alerts through highway/city mode, this is a reliable detection system.
The detector displays the alerts on your smartphone via the iRadar app of Cobra. It also identifies any cameras with red lights. These are called speed traps. All detected alerts and locations are shared on the Cobra iRadar Community through the app, in real time.

Features include a 12 volt charger input, the power dial, and an iOS and Android toggle switch on the left. The white one is meant for iOS and green one for Android. The top includes its loudspeaker and mute button. At the back is the iRadar connection slot for holding it securely. Once the device is switched on, a red LED light turns on at the back for indication. And when it is turned off, the light also goes out.

When active, the device will beep and give audible alerts if it detects anything via its 36 degree receiver. It has X, K, Ka, Ku, and VG-2 band detection and POP-mode notification for quick recognition. Safety cameras are also identified and a notification is provided when they approach. As an added feature, it also indicates and checks on the voltage required for running the device. An indication for low voltage is also given in case the adapter is not receiving sufficient power.
Using the Bluetooth connection, a pairing between the iRadar and an Android phone is established. The process is simple: in the Bluetooth settings menu, locate the ‘iRadar IRAD 200 device’ and insert the four-digit PIN provided in the owner’s manual. The device will be paired.
Furthermore, there is added advantage due to your phone’s ability to pair with several Bluetooth devices simultaneously in order to conserve the hands free connectivity with your car’s audio system.
A blue light glowing on the iRadar device indicates that it is now ready to connect with the iRadar application on your phone. Overall, the Cobra IRAD200 iRadar is one of the most liked detection devices which are well known for its reliability.