Cobbled Granite Stone Drink Dispenser

While getting fresh spring water, sprouting and splashing against river stones (you get-the picture) is not always possible, you can have the next best thing in your very own kitchen!
The ‘Cobbled Granite Stone Drink Dispenser’ is to some degree futuristic, yet naturalistic. Its sleek, sharp design boasts of the thought and artistic innovation gone into it. Who else would have thought of creating a dispenser from stones? Fitted with a spigot made of stainless steel and with a stone lever, it immediately catches the attention of an onlooker. As one reviewer puts it, “It is a great conversation starter.”

This delicate crafted item requires that you handwash it. The materials included with the item are stainless steel and granite with approximate dimensions of 4″ x 4.5″ x 7″. The spigot has approximate dimensions of 2.75″. The entire item weighs approximately 13 lbs.
The rough and coarse surface of the granite stone immediately propels you to think of the natural stones lining up on the riverside. Did you know you can also chill the stone dispenser prior to using the beverage bottles so that the bottles can be kept colder for longer?
If for nothing else, you can even use it as a decor piece. The rough-hewn cobbled granite delivers a uniquely olden days’ look. Interestingly, cobbled stones were the stones which were used in the early pavement of streets, delivering it an instantly recognizable look. These cobbled granite stone drink dispensers, with their fantastic designs, can be a great addition to your home.

Whether you want to use it at events or not, they can be bought, gifted, and cherished while also being used to decorate your home.