Check Out The Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse

If you’re an avid gamer, then you’ll know the huge importance of having a good gaming mouse. Not only does it make it easy for you to play the game, but it actually enhances the overall gaming experience and brings it to a whole new level. This G502 Tunable Proteus Core Gaming Mouse designed by Logitech is the one to look out for. This mouse is everything a gamer could ask for and more, including being able to customize it according to your preferences. This device is designed to suit the need of every unique gamer with a number of modifications that can be made in terms of surface, weights, and balance tuning, which can make or break anyone’s game. Some more features that can be set according to your preference are the tuning calibration, DPI shifting, and 11 more buttons which you can customize to your liking. Make this mouse your own, then go ahead and own the competition.

The G502 Tunable Proteus Core Gaming Mouse by Logitech offers even more enhanced precision with a dual mode scroll wheel that will add to your accuracy and enhance your overall gaming experience. This mouse, unlike other ordinary ones features a 32 bit ARM processor that is designed to control the memory for this device. With this processor, you can assign whatever function you like to the 11 different buttons that are there on the mouse. This mouse is all about convenience and customizations. We all know that every gamer is unique and has a different skill set and preferences accordingly, this is one mouse designed to offer all that and more – it is about convenience and customizability.