Why Kiesza is Even More of a Success Than You Think

So, there’s this new Canadian kid on the music block. She used to be an elite sniper in the Canadian Navy. She was one of the participants in the Miss Universe Canada Pageant. She has to her name a career in ballet. And yes, one other minor detail on an even longer list – she has to her name a single that was No. 1 on the UK Official Singles Chart. Now, if all this seems like achievements of different people rather than one, you haven’t heard of Kiesza, the girl who is all this and more!
Kiesza is clearly not the typical musician, and neither is her work. Her first hit single that helped in launching her musical career in a proper way was Hideaway, a song that the singer composed and recorded in only a couple of hours! Revealing how it all went down, Kiesza said, “It was one of those songs where I had a melody pop into my head suddenly and I knew I’d forget it if I didn’t record it straight away. I decided to just get it out, so I could come back to it – but Rami, my producer, was so inspired he created the whole track as I was writing the melody. Literally within 90 minutes the whole song was recorded, mixed and mastered, and we never changed it after that.”

Well, if two hours of work can take her to the top of the UK charts, you can imagine what a little more effort can bring her! The one-take video helped propel her to YouTube stardom too, and to think that she did it all with a broken rib. Well, the stories of this lady’s heroics just don’t seem to end!

And now, her first album is the talk of town. Granted, the numbers on Sound of a Woman may not be as great as Hideaway and are receiving mixed reviews. Yet, one look at her resume will tell you that she is far from being a one-hit wonder.
If this were one of her first works, it would receive applause on several fronts. The only reason her work is undergoing a harsh scan is because she has already delivered a hit and the industry, as well as fans, simply expect more from her.
When one makes the splashing entry that Kiesza has, the rest of the career seems to be quite the task, especially when she’s already on a high and things can only go downhill from here.

However, Kiesza’s life is testimony to the determination and passion with which she goes through everything she does.

Knowing all that she has accomplished, we can safely say that she’s a young musical talent who’s in it for the long haul, and is already shining bright enough too!
Image Source: Andrew Benge/Redferns via Getty Images

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