Are Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss More Than Just BFFs?

Taylor Swift fans were a frenzied lot on Thursday night after one of them posted photos of the star and Karlie Kloss on Twitter with the caption “exclusive taylor and karlie making out #confirmed”! Well, it didn’t take long for everyone concerned to put two and two together and gossip websites were almost on their way to declare a new celebrity lesbian couple on the block before Swift’s representative rubbished the entire episode as hilarious. Here’s the story!

It all went down on December 4th at a concert of The 1975 that Swift, Kloss and a few other friends like Lily Aldridge and Martha Hunt were attending. Well, of course everyone was talking about how Swift was there for her rumored boyfriend Matt Healy and the focus of attention would surely have been around them if it wasn’t for something else that conspired in the balcony of the hall. While Kloss and Swift were standing really close to each other, a fan happened to click a picture of the two in what surely looked like a liplock!
Well, naturally all hell broke loose and suddenly, no one was talking about Healy and Swift anymore! The internet went berzerk in lining up past stories of how Kloss has a room in Swift’s apartment and how the two were caught exchanging hot glances at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show too! In line with the past events, a kiss was surely just a revelation of all that was going on between Kloss and Swift. A few websites even came up with a new name for the fresh couple – Kaylor!
Well, it surely would have been the most rocking news of the year it were true but unfortunately, Taylor Swift’s representative denied any such event taking place and simply dismissed the possibility of it all as hilarious. In fact, a source even confirmed that it was Healy and Swift that were a couple, and not the two BFFs. “Taylor and Matty have been dating for approximately two months now,” a source has said. “It started off as a mutual crush and has been blossoming more and more.”
Well, the spiciest news in a long time quickly fizzled out and until Swift and Kloss are clearly caught making out, this episode will simply go down as a hot rumor, a pretty well conceived one we must say!

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    Maybe Taylor Swift being a lesbian and finding a woman significant other will finally stop the annoying, yet somewhat catchy, love songs.