Selena Gomez Walks Around Her House Naked

Selena Gomez is enjoying her new Los Angeles home, but who wouldn’t? At her new home, she tells sources that clothes are optional, saying that she can now “walk around naked and stuff,” which is one of her favorite parts about living on her own.
Her friend, Taylor Swift, is trying to convince her to move to New York City.
But when you’re young, rich, and famous, you can pretty much do just about anything. So getting another place there wouldn’t surprise us.

Selena Gomez Walks Around Her House Naked by splashnews

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  • AMD Guru

    Any pics of her walking around nude? She is the hottest girl.

  • George


  • j0nnyBo1

    So what, who hasn’t walked around their own house naked before.

    • steve button


      • zippinglou

        Yeah, but you don’t look as good as her …. that’s the big difference.

    • Diefenbaker

      She’s famous. Apparently that’s why it matters.

  • harryluna

    I can’t believe this is news… Naked is my favorite way to be around my house

  • Darius Keasley

    I can eat her out like Thanksgiving dinner mmmhmmm. she can get this tongue action.

  • Guilty Bios

    What would be better is SEEING Selena Gomez naked.

    • Diefenbaker

      She did a spread in playboy.

      • Guilty Bios

        Ahh ok; thanks for the information.

        • Diefenbaker


  • Eyespeak

    What, no photos?? – Another ‘Yahoo’ disappointment!

  • shadows wind

    You tell a story like this AND you don’t have pictures? SHAME ON YOU.

  • Hilton 1

    Its her house, let her do as she pleases. Its nobody elses business.

    • Danarius Compopolous

      If its no one else’s business why did she tell it to an interviewer?

      • Hilton 1

        For the attention. But regardless, its still her business.She posed for Playboy, but it’s still her business. She sound like a young happy girl, too bad you didnt sound like that too. I’m in my hotel happy for her.

        • Danarius Compopolous

          The whole purpose of interviews is to make personal business public business, thats why they exist. Its remarkable people defend the behavior of celebs as though they are not engaged in a perpetual PR campaign, I can only assume youre young because adults don’t fall for this shit. Also, why the attack on my happiness? I’m a pretty happy dude and have no idea why you’d try to make me feel unhappy simply for stating the obvious. Celebrities fuck with your mind, go read a book

          • Hilton 1

            Assumptions as always. You sound furious. Is it because you’ve got nothing better to do than write comments that’ll only upset yourself? Maybe I should just agree with you so you can have a better day. Or you can go & get an education. I find your comments very entertaining! ;-)

          • Danarius Compopolous

            So I’m uneducated now? Insult after insult from you, hopefully you don’t have kids because psychological abuse seems to be your game. Look though, I’m going to back off and apologize for getting you so heated. I don’t care about Selena Gomez, but I like the general public and dislike when internet conversations degrade like ours has. In truth it removes both of our dignity and its pathetic on both of our parts. I was wrong for posting here and have relearned a lesson about fandom from an obvious fangirl/boy. Respond with insults again if you like, I will read them so you’ll get the last word and won’t respond. Enjoy your life. Contrary to your repeated assumption, I do enjoy mine and I have work to do as I own a business. Its a beautiful day and i am going to enjoy it!

      • Arthur McClinton

        Because that’s what her fans want to hear plus it makes great news for the people that follow celebs.. Crazy if you ask me but to each their own is what I say.

  • Smith

    Why are people so obsessed with what celebrities do? Normal people do this all the time. Who cares?

    • David

      That’s true.

  • fredsook

    I likes the tities! Tell you!

  • Not again

    Please send pictures as proof she walks nude

  • bandido

    Plz tell more about that! ;)

  • Chris Rand

    Selena show some skin Baby and keep doing what she wants.

  • Hugh Jazzole’

    that is Nice,,,

  • David

    I like seeing a naked lady walking around in the house.