Miley Cyrus Makes Out with Paris Hilton on Party-Packed Night with Patrick Schwarzenegger

Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton and Patrick Schwarzenegger have proven that three is definitely not a crowd in the celebrity world! The grapevine has it that Miley and Patrick have been going on a whirlwind tour of the party circuit and in one such party, Miley locked lips with Paris, all for her new boyfriend’s entertainment! Here’s more…

The clubs in Miami had been the chosen party destination for the young celebrity couple Miley and Patrick for a couple of days in a row and on Thursday night, things took quite the turn in Paris Hilton’s direction! Landing at the E11EVEN nightclub for the second night in a row, Patrick and Miley supposedly had a great time enjoying the atmosphere at the club, with Paris dishing out the best tracks for the gathered party animals and by the time they wrapped up their party, the three reportedly spent a whopping ten grand! However, the hottest point of the night, and maybe even Patrick’s relationship with Miley, was yet to come.

Sources say that Miley, putting up a show for her new guy, locked lips and made out with Paris Hilton, even sitting on the 33-year old heiress’ lap and getting cozy, all this right in front of Patrick, and maybe for him too! While Patrick and Miley have been spotted making out a couple of times already, this news certainly takes things to a new high. Of course, none of the three confirmed the news, though knowing their wild ways, such an event is quite a possibility!
The trio certainly did not leave the party together though, so we guess the hot display ended there, at least for the night. While Miley and Patrick headed for Nashville, Paris did not, or could not, continue the reported rendezvous, what with a show lined up India. “Bye Miami! Taking off on my favorite @Emirates Airlines to India to play another show! Now time for a very long flight!” she wrote on Instagram, tagging the caption to a photo of herself in the plane.
In the meantime, while everyone seems to be thinking that Miley is spoiling Patrick by asking him to tag along all night long for every do in town, the truth is seemingly quite different. Sources close to Patrick’s family say that Arnie’s son was always this way, and in fact, even think that with Miley in tow, the young 21-year old might go a little easy on his partying habits! Now, that’s a surprise!
Image Source: Jordan Strauss/Dan Steinberg/Invision/AP

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  • Merkin Muffley

    Oh the exciting life of celebrity. Spare me.

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    Just thru up in my mouth

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    I can’t figure out if the journalists or Miley Cyrus are worse savages.