Miley Cyrus Celebrates Fashion Week With No Clothes

Miley Cyrus makes headlines again, this time, celebrating New York Fashion Week with a different style of fashion, wearing no clothes. The Wrecking Ball singer was in New York City for Alexander Wang’s New York Fashion Week after party wearing more covering her eyes than her body. Miley was shown wearing only pasties to cover her self.

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  • Jonathan Morales

    Miley is just so charming. It could really be true that she wears more covering her eyes than her body for the New York Fashion Week. But I think the release should not just put her in headline for this reason. A little weird.

    • dadopemann

      she’s just a young girl doing her thing I’m sure she’ll look back at these days and laugh at herself but she’s not doing anything wrong, she just happens to be in the spotlight

      • FLO

        Not doing anything wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!What planet are you on???????

  • AnnieJTerry

    miley put some clothes onnnn!

  • EmileeNherWeed

    i seriously love miley she’s such a bad b*tch