Mathew McConaughey Gets a Well Deserved Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

The 2,534th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is just all right, all right, all right! You got it! It’s Mathew McConaughey’s 20 beautiful years in the film industry that has given him the honor of his own star, and this talent train still hasn’t stopped!
This year has been a great one for McConaughey and a Hollywood star seems to be the perfect culmination of his achievements. An Oscar for Best Actor for playing an AIDS patient in the Dallas Buyers Club and then a phenomenal role in Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar have given the actor cherished memories and his accomplished career seems to be just where he wanted it. From romantic comedies like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, True Detective and The Wedding Planner to intense roles such as the one for which he landed an Oscar, McConaughey handles them all with ease, finesse and just the right amount of style. A star on the Walk of fame has been a long time coming!
Giving him company on the occasion was his beautiful wife Camila Alves and their three beautiful children, Levi, Vida and Livingston. In fact, the children almost upstaged him throughout the event, drawing everyone’s attention by just being their usual selves! Anne Hathaway, Don Phillips, Christopher Nolan, Jessica Chastain and Mackenzie Foy were there to celebrate in the 45-year old actor’s day of recognition too. “It’s a special day, a great moment in my career and for my family,” said the Dolce & Gabbana clad McConaughey, lloking as smart as ever.
McConaughey has come a long way from his television days and his career only seems to picking up more speed even after two decades in the industry. Here’s to a great actor who never tires from entertaining and sometimes, even shocking us! Congratulations Mathew McConaughey, and keep giving us more of you!

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