Marriage Woes for Mel B and Stephen Belafonte?

When Mel B appeared on The X Factor show after being hospitalized for an ‘illness’, the absence of a wedding ring and marks on her body of what looked like bruises sparked off speculation that it was may be her husband, Stephen Belafonte’s doing. Now, it is being reported that Belafonte has left the UK, further fueling rumors that their marriage is indeed in trouble.
It all began when Mel B appeared on the show with what looked like bruises. Though she wore heavy makeup on her face to cover the rumored bruises, her arms clearly told a different story. This, along with her absence from the show due to a serious illness sent her fans into a tizzy on social media, and there were plenty of stories doing the rounds, with most of them focusing on her husband’s possible role. Though Mel wasn’t forthcoming and is still mum on the entire issues, Belafonte did take to Twitter to clarify. “I don’t usually respond to Twitter messages but I will respond to comments of [my marriage in trouble] which I think are quite disgusting [and] untrue!… Mel was very ill a bunch of doctors helped her get better… if fans can’t just relax B4 (before) being negative they r (are) not real fans…” he tweeted.

Of course, the absence of any statements from Mel B or her representatives and now, the news of Belafonte leaving the country, has everyone believing that something is indeed wrong. Those who know of her husband’s past do have reason to worry. After all, arrests and drunken brawls have been a part of Belafonte’s life and it isn’t too difficult to imagine him losing his temper with his wife too. To add to this, one of Mel B’s friends was quoted in The Mirror implying that things between the seven-year old couple were indeed on the rocks. “The marriage really is at breaking point and hanging by a thread. Mel is incredibly fragile and in a bad place,” the friend was quoted as saying, at the same time believing that things could patch up just as easily too. “Who knows whether the marriage will survive? At the moment it’s not looking good at all. But Mel and Stephen are so unpredictable they could just as easily survive this,” the source added.
Mel B’s family were never happy with her union with Belafonte and their disapproval even led to the 39-year old star to sever all ties with them. Now, especially after seeing Mel B’s apparent suffering, a few family members have come out and spoken how they wished the marriage actually ended, for Mel’s sake. “I really hope she does split up with Stephen. I hope she gets away from him. We all believe Stephen has got her under his control. We are worried about Mel but there is nothing we can do,” her aunt Diane Cook said. Her uncle Eric Dixon went on to add how Belafonte “is not a very nice bloke.”
Mel B is a darling of the crowds in the UK and her many fans, as well as all of us here, only hope that whatever happens happens for the best!
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