Mariah Carey Performance at Rockefeller Center Goes Downhill

First, Mariah Carey disappointed the NBC crew as well as fans gathered for the pre-taping of her performance at the Rockefeller Center and then, when she did turn up for the real deal, her performance didn’t quite match up to, well, Mariah Carey standards. Two nights of disappointment in a row for the singer, crew and of course fans.
This one looked like a performance that was doomed from the start. First, Carey missed her pre-taping session of the annual tree lighting ceremony at the Rockefeller Center, leaving fans as well as the NBC crew waiting. Later, everyone found out that the singer didn’t turn up because she was held up in her hotel room arguing with her ex-husband Nick Cannon’s lawyers over her divorce settlement.

However, a source close to Carey revealed that this wasn’t the reason after all. It was simply the singer in Carey afraid of the nasty weather playing havoc with her voice. “She was concerned about it affecting her voice. The buzz on set was that Mariah eventually showed up in her car, but refused to get out of the car because of the weather,” said the source.
The singer later took to Twitter and sent out an apology to her fans, though she did not specify the reason for the no-show. “Last night’s situation was beyond my control. I apologize to all that showed up, you know that I would never want to disappoint you. You’ve kept me here, in your hearts, and I keep you in mine always. We are #lambily! #ThereForMe. I will be opening tonight’s live show in Rockefeller center with “All I Want For Christmas Is You”!!!! Tune in at 8pm on NBC!” she tweeted. Her tweet did promise a great show so NBC gave in and knowing that fans would be waiting for the singer to deliver on her promise, agreed to Carey performing live the next day. Clearly, that was a mistake!
When Carey did perform at the Rockefeller Center, the thousands who had gathered there, as well as the fans back home that couldn’t wait to hear the singer dish out her hit number, found out that something was definitely wrong with the diva’s voice. NBC of course found out that giving the singer a second chance in spite of her giving the pre-taping a miss was a serious mistake.
The live performance showed why. Carey looked ravishing in a plunging red dress but unfortunately, everyone found out that her performance could plunge further. Her voice cracked, she missed the notes of her own hit song and even cleared her throat while performing, on the number’s 20th anniversary nonetheless!
Simply put, it seemed a far cry from what the Mariah Carey we know would dish out. In the end, this was a performance she would rather forget. Critics, disappointed fans and that phenomenon called the internet weren’t quite ready to do that though.
“Bad beyond belief”, “disappointing”, “disaster” and “to say it didn’t go well would be an understatement” were some of the reactions that set the internet on fire after the performance and honestly, none of these were an exaggeration. One fan even issued a RIP tweet in memory of the singer’s voice.
Here’s the isolated recording of just Mariah Carey’s voice:

Well, here’s hoping the Mariah Carey we all love to listen to is back with her usual groove, and voice, soon!

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  • GaryAScheidt

    thats bound to happen to her voice after all the singing she’s done

  • Rick

    I have to say this is just hilarious to me

  • Richard

    Lmao that was horrible!!