Kendall Jenner’s Birthday Bash was surely on the Crazier Side

A stripper, some spanking and a really wild party – if you think this is the stuff that makes for a great birthday party, we understand. Now what if we told you it was all there for a 19-year-old’s birthday bash. Does seem like it would be a bit over the top doesn’t it? Now, what if we reveal that this is exactly how Kris Jenner planned Kendall Jenner’s birthday bash. Well, surely, with the Kardashian quotient added to the mix, the entire concept does seem a lot more buyable!
Celebrating her 19th birthday, it sure looked like Kendall had a truly great time, and surely, so did her guests. The list included her sisters and partners in crime of the glamorous kind, Kim and Khloe, Kanye West, Tyga, French Montana and Selena Gomez. The strippers proved to be the highlight of the party though, and the one that bent Kendall over and playfully gave her a spanking with his baton must have been thanking his stars for his career choice!
Not everything went down well after news of the party as well as a short video clip of the spanking incident leaked out though. Khloe sprang up to the defense of her little sisters privacy being invaded upon and took to Twitter. “Kendall and I will find you!!! We will hunt you down and find you!!! You know who you are….”, her tweet went.

The best stars making an appearance, great music, and apparently, a wild theme to top off the arrangement, makes Kendall’s birthday bash one of the most memorable ones in recent times. As Kendall herself mentioned on Instagram while posting some images from the bash, “Last night was something.”

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  • M o L l Y

    Kids are getting crazier and crazier. From the photos it looks like that party was very memorable. Happy belated birthday Kendall! (invite me to the next party lol)

  • JEN

    That party looked freaking out of this world. I’ve gone to some pretty crazy parties last summer that totally remind me of the pictures in that collage. I’ll be so sad once these young careless years pass, it’s already going by so fast!