Justin Bieber Gets Boxing Tips from Floyd Mayweather

When Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s in the ring, few boxers have the nerve to step into it with him. Justin Bieber however, being the friend that he is to the boxer, can do so with ease, and get some boxing lessons in return too!
In a video posted online, Mayweather is seen giving some boxing lessons to Bieber, in the ring too, followed by Bieber practicing some moves on his own with a sparring partner. Along with the video, pictures of the singer-performer taking a shot at a speedball and Mayweather lacing up his gloves have caught the attention of fans too. Well, considering that the boxing legend’s the best out there today, it sure makes sense to take boxing lessons from him!

Bieber and Mayweather however, have long been close to each other. Justin has often been a part of the entourage that accompanies Mayweather, even holding up the boxing champion’s belts for him and posing for pictures after a victory over Miguel Cotta in 2012.

Last year, he was spotted celebrating alongside Mayweather after the boxer beat Saul ‘Canelo; Alvarez.

Justin was even reported to have helped calm the nerves of Mayweather’s children after they were involved in an accident in Los Angeles, earlier this year. The two celebrities are also investors in ‘Shots’, the social media channel where the pictures of the training stint were initially posted. ‘Moneybags’ is the special name that the boxer has for his younger friend, who, on his part, was quite interested in gaining some tips on boxing from the pro himself. Throwing practice jabs and ducking Mayweather’s slow returns, the shirtless Bieber was seen working up quite a sweat.
Considering the fact that getting into trouble is an everyday thing from Bieber, one wonders if his boxing prowess will help him maintain a cool head even in the face of an altercation, or will it encourage him to come out swinging. Bieber’s brushes with the cops are well known and his run-in with Orlando Bloom was only one of the many troublesome episodes he has made headlines for. Another angle is the image change that Bieber may be hunting. With a few boxing tips from a champion, one wonders whether the 20-year old performer will finally be able to shed his young boy image and gain a manly outlook, at least in the eyes of his fans!

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