Justin Bieber Arrested in Canada

Justin Bieber went back to visit his hometown in Ontario, but did more than just visit. The singer was riding an ATV and crashed it into a mini-van, but that’s not all. After the crash, reports say that Bieber and the other driver had a physical altercation. The Biebs now faces charges of dangerous driving and assault. He is currently still on his 2 year probation which he received from his egging incident in LA, so this arrest may trigger a violation. He may have been released, but Justin will need to appear in court later this month.

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  • Kimberly Hampton

    I heard he was arrested recently. I don’t get why this guy has become so much of a jerk and a tool as of late. Why can’t he just stop being such a fool? He should know better, should have discussed the accident with this other person with respect and not acted like a fool. But I think he’s just acting out, which is odd to me when you make millions and so on.

    • Kupdates

      Maybe the fame and fortune got to his head?

  • http://botipton.com Bo Tipton

    Well he is certainly finding out that he is not above the law and he is getting a big dose of humility even though it does not seem to be affecting him. He cannot keep up like this and not have it eventually destroy his career. Right now he is the Spoiled Brats poster child.

  • Jonathan Morales

    I was sorry to hear this news. I have to say that Justin just had a smoothy way in his career and he need some warnings. I hope he will set a good example for those teens who are crazy about him. Also be happy to see that there is really no big guy can be above the law.

  • Kent Beuchert

    Justin Bieber who? Never saw, heard this punk. Don’t plan to.