Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi Celebrate Ten Years of Togetherness

Now here’s a celebrity couple that’s teaching the others a thing or two about going strong! Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi celebrated a decade of being together on 1st December and showed the world how much in love and happy they are by posting a makeup free selfie on Twitter. Now, news is coming in of how the two are planning an all-out holiday bash too for a truckload of friends and celebrities too!

The two celebrities began dating in 2004 and how time flies! It seems like only yesterday that Portia was all smitten with Ellen and gushing over her. In 2005, a year into her relationship with Ellen, Portia had mentioned in an interview just how great it all was.

“I ran into Ellen at a photo shoot about a year ago and she took my breath away. That had never happened to me in my life, where I saw somebody and [experienced] all of those things you hear about in songs and read about in poetry. My knees were weak. It was amazing,” she said. Ellen too has never shied away from expressing how important her partner is in her life.

“I love her so much it kills me… the truth is, and this is corny, I fall more in love with Portia all the time. I really do. She surprises me all the time. It’s what anyone experiences when you find that person that gets you, wants to take care of you, wants the best for you.

We’re really lucky because we know how rare it is,” she said recently, quashing the crazy rumors that were doing the rounds, indicating that the couple was breaking up.
Celebrating the beautiful years they have spent together, Ellen and Portia clicked a selfie of them enjoying a laugh on the beach, sans makeup, and posted it for the benefit of fans. Fans of course couldn’t get enough and congratulatory messages began pouring in! Now, a source close to the couple has revealed that the two may even be throwing a huge bash, calling over virtually everyone they know!
Well, not all of us will be lucky enough to join them but we can send across our heartfelt wishes! Congratulations, Ellen and Portia!

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