A Few Interesting Yet Little Known Celebrity Facts

In the world of entertainment, there’s often more than what meets the eye and even though we think we know a lot about our favorite celebrities, some facts remain concealed. Here are a few interesting yet little known celebrity facts:

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Starting with the dreaded villain of the X-Factor talent reality show, Simon Cowell, he literally ‘axed’ his way to fame – he started off as a runner on Stanley Kubrick’s horror thriller The Shining, where he was responsible for polishing the axe used by Jack Nicholson in the famous scene with the axe and the bathroom door.

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The scintillating voice of Bruno Mars has taken over the hearts of many young damsels. But what many do not know about this talented singer who sang When I Was Your Man is that the singer was christened Peter Gene Hernandez.

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Celebrated actor from the Friends series, Matthew Perry, has a portion of the middle finger on his right hand missing. The actor’s grandfather had accidentally slammed the car door on his finger when he was a little boy!


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Ke$ha, whose song music and lyrics are of the synthpop genre, is one of the few celebrities with a perfect combination of beauty and brains. The talented singer scored an impressive 1500 on her SATs and is gifted with an IQ of 140.

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Speaking of smart celebrities, Dolph Lundgren, aka Ivan Drago from Rocky IV fame, is quite smart as well. The action hero has to his credit a master’s degree in engineering and even earned a Fulbright Scholarship to MIT!

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We all know Inside the Actor’s Studio host, James Lipton. Most of us thoroughly enjoy the grueling and interesting interviews he conducts with his celebrity guests. But did you know that during the 1950’s, Lipton spent a whole year as a pimp to an entire brothel in Paris?


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With a metallic cross dangling around his neck, smokey eye make-up, long hair and convoluted tattoos, the famous English Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne is understandably looked upon as a Satanist. Little would anyone have guessed that the rocker is actually a member of the Anglican Church and a holy one at that! Ozzy is even known to say his prayers before each of his performances!


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The celebrated reggae singer, Bob Marley, was born out of a bi-racial marriage. His father was a White English-Jamaican Marine, Captain Norval Marley. In 1978, Bob Marley did confirm this information and was pretty resentful about the whole thing. Having an absent father all his life growing up in a way inspired and influenced Bob Marley’s entire musical career.

Nicolas Cage is admired for his dedication to the trade and work in Hollywood. The actor, however, is said to have once bought an octopus for a pet, hoping that it would help him with his acting career. Not that the artist seems to need much help, but it’s rather strange that he expected any help at all from the eight legged sea creature.

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Woody Harrelson is the son of a contract killer, Charles Voyde Harrelson. Charles was the estranged father of the veteran actor and was convicted of assassinating federal judge John H. Wood Jr., the first federal judge to be killed during the 21st century.


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And to round out this list, here’s a fact that is simply bonkers! Jerry Springer, the man who is well known for his absurd show where couples reveal a lot more than they need to, was actually once the Mayor of Cincinnati!

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