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A Mom And Her Brave Daughters

Mothers adore their little ones and making memories with them is often a priority that surpasses several others. One such mother has turned this adoration into her passion.

Happy Mother's Day to my mom @paintedpieces, an amazing artist but an even better mom and Mimi. We are very lucky!

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Kate T. Parker is an Atlanta-based, commercial fine-art photographer who prefers capturing the casual and imperfect moments. She finds beauty in the toothless smiles, scraped knees and messy hair of little children and she draws inspiration for her unique style of work from her two daughters Ella and Alice.

After school at Mimi's.

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Kate did not decide on this course of photography and life. The talented photographer was browsing through some of her daughters’ pictures and out of the blue, it suddenly occurred to her that her most brilliant pictures are those candid moments that she captured while her daughters were doing what they do best – being their brave little selves.
The freckled and messy little girls created the perfect images that caught Kate’s eyes and soon enough, she was clicking away the best pictures with her favorite models in the world!
Kate admires the very natural images brought out by her innocent but bold girls and sharing these images with the world has brought her loads of appreciation and goodwill.
Kate Parker has clicked a series of photographs that feature her daughters and their friends. She rightfully calls these photographs ‘Strong is the New Pretty.’

The fool on wABE today. 🙂

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Label it the love a mother has for her daughters or even the admiration that one woman has for another. No matter how you choose to see these images, they will always speak loudly.



Community Comes Together for Autistic Kids’ Birthdays

A kid’s birthday is always a big deal, and when that kid faces challenges in his young life, a birthday becomes even more of an occasion to look forward to. However, when it comes to the birthday celebrations of kids who suffer from autism, children around them and even these children’s parents seem to back off.
In February, it happened in Osceola County, Florida, when friends did not show up for 6-year old Glenn Buratti’s birthday party and this time, 13-year old Odin Camus’ friends failed to show up for his birthday party in Ontario, Canada. Not all was lost though and in both cases, several people from the local community and even from all over the world came together to make these kids feel special.
In Glenn Buratti’s case, her mother Ashlee took to Facebook to share her worries when no one turned up for her son’s birthday. “I know this might be something silly to rant about, but my heart is breaking for my son. We invited his whole class (16 kids) over for his 6th birthday party today. Not one kid came,” she wrote.
After that, the community around her decided to do something about it. Soon enough, people were lining up at Ashlee’s door along with their kids to celebrate with Glenn, even though they did not know him. There were gifts and heartfelt wishes and before this barrage of surprising guests died out, cops and firefighters also joined the party! There were loads of amazing gifts for Glenn and the local Sheriff’s department even sent over a helicopter, a real one, to fly over Glenn’s house for 20 minutes!

I'm pretty sure Glenn had the coolest birthday ever… Still has one more surprise in the works for Wednesday

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Huge thank you to Osceola County Sheriff's Department, Osceola County Fire Rescue and Frank who owns Koffee Kup for…

Posted by John Buratti on Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Those celebrations lasted a week with police cars, a SWAT van, a canine unit and even fire trucks dropping by! Certainly, this was way better than any kid’s birthday ever and as Glenn’s mom Ashlee shared on Facebook, he did have a great time!

It's just incredible!

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Odin Camus, who was preparing to celebrate his 13th birthday, was saddened to know that none of his friends had plans to turn up at the bowling alley for the party, had a similar experience. Suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, Odin had always had trouble making friends and his mom Melissa realized how awful he must have felt not having any of his friends join his birthday.
To make up for it, Melissa got onto Facebook and asked some local mothers from her hometown to text Odin a ‘Happy Birthday’ message on the new cellphone that was her birthday gift to him. What transpired after this surprised many!
A list of celebrities including Elijah Wood and Laureen Harper, the wife of the Prime Minister of Canada, tweeted their birthday wishes to Odin.


The Toronto Raptors also sent in a special tweet and labeled Odin their new friend.


As word spread, a trickle of texts soon turned into a storm with more than 5,000 birthday wishes delivered on Odin’s phone. Add to this at least 11,000 birthday tweets only in a few hours!
Moreover, Odin’s birthday at the bowling alley was celebrated in style too! The special birthday boy arrived in a stretch limo and accompanied by reporters and photographers, Odin walked into the location where hundreds of people were already waiting to celebrate!
These two stories, apart from showing the dreadful apathy some children have to face for no fault of their own, also shows how it can all turn into something special if everyone pitches in!


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This Guy Tries To Squat 855 lbs. See What Happens!

It’s probably no longer a surprise to come across individuals doing just crazy things in the gym. Whether it’s setting the treadmill on max or attempting to lift way too much weight, you’ve probably come across these if you’re a regular at the gym. In most cases, such attempts don’t end well. They either end in a ridiculous fail or might even end up with multiple injuries and damages. Even though these individuals are often left embarrassed, especially when they fail, they don’t always have to deal with such embarrassments for long periods because they are hardly filmed while doing it.
However, one man was not fortunate enough for there was a rolling camera and has now become a viral sensation after his failed attempt to squat a whopping 855 pounds was posted online. The hilarious footage has now left the fairly built man to deal with online embarrassment and ridicule for literally trying to ‘punch above his weight’.

The clip shows the man, believed to be from America, trying to squat with a bar loaded with up to eight heavy weights on each end. At the beginning, the man appears to be so sure of his ability to lift the weight and grunts amidst the noise from the gym music and dropping weights. He casually places the weight on his shoulders and steadies himself to begin the reps.
He appears to have maybe enough power to complete the attempt but what followed will either leave you laughing all day or pitying the man for his misguided attempt at glory.
Without a doubt, the man does not stand even the slightest of chances to lift the bar as the weights start to topple off from both sides in what can be described as total mayhem. Certainly aware of his lame and dumbfounding action, the man is shown pulling faces in the mirror as he dreadfully struggles to balance the heavy bar. As they say, you should definitely not try this at home or at the gym.


Ghost Prank Goes Wrong, Prankster Gets Run Over!

We all know how much fun is had when pranksters scare the living daylights out of innocent victims – there’s plenty of prank videos splattered all over YouTube showing just how popular they are.
Well, while we cannot deny their fame, we also need to agree just how dangerous they can be for victims. Some of these videos truly look like they are a mishap waiting to happen.
Now, there’s one video that truly turns awry, only, in this case it is the prankster who faces the consequences of his actions!
Watch this video and learn just how dangerous these ghost pranks can be.


This Couple Always Shares Big News With Some Fun!

The pleasant news of the arrival of a new family member never fails to bring loads of smiles and cheers. This news tends to be most special to the parents of the baby as they are the ones who were part of the making of this special little gift of life and sharing this news with loved ones is of course a joy in itself.

Couples create exceptional and new ways of breaking the news to loved ones and now, recording the reactions make them even more memorable to reminisce over in the years to come. One such duo is the Oregon couple who created a ‘Fresh Prince’ rap on their phone and got going on a unique idea.
31-year-old Jesse Meek and his 28-year-old wife Melissa were on their way to Melissa’s parents’ house for Easter when they decided to announce Melissa’s pregnancy. They wanted to make the announcement a special one. So, while they drove to Melissa’s parents’ house, the couple recorded a rap video declaring the pregnancy and posted it for family and friends to see. The video went viral and received over a million views.
This is their second pregnancy. The goofy couple claim to have been used to partaking in such sudden and unexpected revelations. Melissa, a finance specialist, announced her first pregnancy to her husband and family members by taping a note, with the news mentioned in it, to their boxer Kadence. She had everyone’s reaction captured on film and here’s the amazing video with loads of happiness in it!

This is still not the only other time that the couple surprised each other in a special way. Jesse had pronounced his love for Melissa and proposed to her at a martial arts tournament. There were over 2,500 people present at the tournament and they all had the wonderful opportunity to witness the couple’s love.

Jesse and Melissa are creative in their own ways and they always try to exceed each other’s creativity when it comes to making an announcement. This may not be the last we see from the Meeks. Jesse and Melissa declared that there may be a sequel that follows this rap video, once they find out the sex of the child next month. Guess we’ll just have to stay tuned to see the new and exciting drama that might follow!



Dog Climbs UP A Ladder Like A BOSS

Is there anything else more astonishing and grand than having to witness a dog climbing up a ladder like a professional roofer? If miracles were possible during the B.C period, then this pit bull is testimony enough that miracles are still possible in the 21st century. The pit bull may not be your average roofer, but the way he goes about his business would make many professionals proud of perhaps being a role model to man’s best friend.
They always say that man’s best friends are a dedicated lot that would go to incredible heights to make their owners proud. If there’s any truth in this, then this clip is proof. Whether it’s trained or just out of sheer instincts and talent, this canine takes the ladder in his stride and perfectly. He slowly and carefully takes on the ladder’s eight rungs to get to the top of the family’s house.

Dogs are known for their courageous feats. From chasing bears from a home compound to saving little children, dogs are acknowledged for their incredible exploits. Nevertheless, this latest accomplishment ranks up there with the amazing feats of our canine friends. The clip even goes further to show that dogs are strong, intelligent and curious to say the least.
Even though climbing a ladder for the fear of height may be quite a challenge to many of us, this cute canine goes about climbing the ladder in incredible fashion. His ascent appears to be almost cut short by when he temporarily puts his paw into an empty space, but recovers magnificently as he wriggles his muscled body to finish the climb up.
This priceless video ends with the dog reaching the rooftop and behaves in a manner likely to suggest that it wants to climb back down. You may have seen a video of the same dog climbing down the ladder, but it’s probably just this video replayed backwards.


Rocking Flight Attendant Gives Sassy Safety Demo!

You know how those safety demos on flights go – most of the flight attendants do it only because they have to and hardly put any life into it – so much for enjoying your job!
Well, here’s a flight attendant who’s bent on making a change as far as this little detail of flying is concerned!
Michael McAdam, a flight attendant with WestJet, may or may not love his job, but one look at his safety demo routine and you will be convinced that there isn’t anything else in the world he would rather do, or maybe this is just simply McAdam’s way of doing things – the sassy way!
Uploaded by a staff member of a veterinary clinic to the clinic’s Facebook account, the video shows McAdam happily going through the routine, making passengers enjoy the act as well as remaining comfortable, all while giving them information to stay safe in the case of an emergency.

Flying home from the fabulous TPLO conference…. We had the best in flight crew on West Jet. Laughed so hard. Only…

Posted by TM'z Veterinary Clinic on Saturday, August 1, 2015

This isn’t the first time McAdam’s moves have made online history either. In 2011, in the featured video above, one of his videos also went viral!
Four years later and he’s still going viral? Sounds like he likes his job after all!


Professional Racer Pranks Driving Instructors!

You know how driving instructors can act all bossy when they’re giving you your driving lessons?
Well, here’s a way to get back at them for all the times they looked down on their clueless driving students!
You will have to get hold of a professional race car or stunt car driver before you can think of pranking them though, and as soon as you have that aspect in line, you can take any driving instructor you want on the ride of their lives!
Check out this video and you’ll know just what we’re talking about.
We’re actually surprised none of these guys jumped out of the car in the middle of their scary rides.
Also, check out how their attitude changes in an instant, as soon as the pro driver begins showing off her skills!


6-Year-Old’s Plea To Divorcing Parents Goes Viral

A video of tiny little girl making a heartfelt plea for her divorced parents to sort their differences and become friends has gone viral after it was uploaded to Facebook. Little Tiana’s three-minute video has been viewed more than 9 million times since it was uploaded by her mother, Cherish Sherry on her Facebook page.
After listening to her parents argue, the adorable six-year-old Tiana pulled her mom aside for a pep talk. While sitting on the stairs, Tiana pleads with her mom to settle the differences between her and dad to become friends. The eye-opening advice from Tiana is not only moving, but so honest that would drive any divorcing parent to tears.

The video begins with Tiana asking her mother, “Mom, are you ready to be his friend?” She then goes on to offer loads of advice that purely shows that she is so wise for her age even suggesting, “If I can be nice, I think all of us can be nice too.”
Her gesticulation while speaking are incredible and probably used to drive the point home to her mom, who can be heard exclaiming, “Oh my God!” As she movingly pleads with her mom, Tiana goes on to say, “I do not want you and my dad to be replaced and meanies again, I want you two to be placed and settled and be friends.” Tiana goes on to tell her mom that she does not want anything else, but everyone to be friends and to be smiling. The heart-wrenching video ends with Cherish thanking Tiana and telling her that she loves her before they hug and kiss.
Cherish later wrote on her Facebook page that the little pep talk brought her to tears and was a wake-up call that made her feel terribly guilty after fighting with her ex-husband. Even though sometimes we’re mean to our better halves, this must-see video shows that sometimes we have to bite the bullet and get on with things in a nice and civil way, especially for the kids.


Kissing Strangers? Harder Than It Looks!

If a random and beautiful looking girl came up to you asking for help with an address, would you help? Most would, but what if while you were giving her directions, she puckered up her lips, and brought them close to yours for a kiss, now what would you do?
In this hypothetical situation, most guys would probably say yes, they would kiss them. In fact, some girls would go for it too!
As it turns out, when such a situation pops up in reality, most would back away! Except for a few people like the guy at the end of the video – that one is going for it with gusto!
This funny social experiment, conducted by Farah Brook, a comedian based in New York, sure has some surprising reactions in it!


Kids Rock Out To Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off

Taylor Swift’s hit song Shake It Off ruled the No.1 Billboard spot for several weeks, but what it did to kids was simply amazing! It just got them shaking to the music and several videos made it to YouTube and went viral too!
The video above is a compilation of kids dancing to other music, but when cut together with Swift’s song they look just as good! (via Then there was the amazing Taylor Hatala who, with the help of Matt Steffanina who posted the routine to YouTube, was even invited to perform on The Ellen Show!


The most impressive was the video featuring five-year old Rilee dancing away to the track. Being afflicted with dwarfism doesn’t affect Rilee one bit as she takes to the song with amazing gusto! The response the cute performer got for the video even encouraged her mom Angela to create a new Smiles From Rilee Facebook page, where you can catch up with all that’s going on with Rilee!

Shake It Off has truly made the kiddos take to the dance floor like never before! Thanks Taylor Swift!

Dog Stays With Trapped Canine Friend For A Week

A dog epitomized the real meaning of true friendship when she chose to stand guard with a fellow canine who had been trapped in a ravine for a week. The dog duo had been reported missing by their owners in Vashon Island in Washington State and when they did not report back, the owners feared for the worst. The two dogs had been missing for close to seven days before being discovered in the woods by a walker who reported the matter to the Vashon Island Pet Protectors (VIPP), who in turn helped the trapped dog and her faithful friend to safety.

The trapped dog, a Basset hound named Phoebe, and her dutifully watchful and faithful friend, a Setter mix named Tillie, had gone missing on September 8th without a trace. But when the reddish dog, Tillie, was seen coming up to the residents of the private forest before disappearing into the woods, VIPP got wind that something was amiss and they were indeed right. This non-profit animal rescue organization had been posting on their various social media sites about the missing dogs for several days and their incredible work paid off. They got word that Phoebe, the trapped dog, and Tillie who decided to wait until help came, had been in the woods.
Volunteers from VIPP took swift action, followed Tillie and after searching for some time, heard the sweet sounds they had been waiting for a week. Tillie had her head resting on the cement wall of an old reservoir while Phoebe was alive and perched atop the rubble inside the reservoir; thus helping her stay out of water. The heartwarming moment saw the heroine of this whole story Tillie, waiting by her friend’s side until help came, save for the few moments she would go to seek for help. If human beings would be as faithful to each other as Tillie was to Phoebe, then the world would truly be a better place.

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