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Football Manager 2016: You Can Sign These Wonderkids

What best defines Football Manager? The chance to discover a hidden gem and mentor him to football greatness in the game as he heads for greatness in real life.  How about that if you were the original discoverer?!

And now with the latest edition upon us, let’s take a look at those amazing 16 to 18 year olds you can sign up and make a headway in the future of the sport. Mark Kerr, Madeira, Freddy Adu, Kennedy Bakircioglu, and Cherno Samba were normal footballers before, in a flash; the Football Manager series had elevated them into virtual stardom.
So now, we are no longer searching for a humorous player that gains us simple bagging rights; we are on the hunt for an obscure future super star who is on his way to achieve some spectacular side’s contract glory. That will give us the super bragging rights of being able to recognize talent before the major leagues do!
This information has been collected while playing the Beta version so please take care when applying it to the future full version. These players are under 18 so ensure you develop them fully if you choose to acquire them.

Donyell Malen   Age: 16 Years                                                                                 Donyell-Malen

image via football-oranje

The striker was signed up by Arsenal after an impressive Ajax B1 youth team run. The player’s history has named him as an amazing talent with super statistics for such a youngster. Arsenal is set to loan him out for development purposes to numerous clubs to polish off his skills. Arsenal is prepping him for the 2019-2020 season when he will be of legal age to compete and is expected to weigh in at 8 to 10 million Euros.

Kristoffer Ajer   Age: 17 Years                    Kristoffer-Ajer

image via dailyrecord

Ajer is a different player than the norm for a midfielder centre. Normally, players on this position are short and skillfully fast but this 17 year old is surprisingly nimble for his physique. Combined with his strength and heading ability, he makes for a great prospect! Ajer is available for grabs at a measly 1 million Euros towards the start. But if you wait till the game progresses to check his statistics, his value jumps up to 15 to 20 million Euros.

Malcom  Age: 18 Years                Malcom

image via shortlist

You can gauge this player’s skill by the fact that he has been on Chelsea’s and Barcelona’s monitoring list since 2014! Football Manager uses this brilliance to create a great player in the 2016 version of its game. Despite his age, he has exceptional talents that include team work, pace, acceleration, dribbling, and passing. If you can manage to sign him onto your team by the first season, his cost will be roughly 10,000,000 Euros. However, it is later expected to rise to significant levels with competition from Bayern Munich and Paris Saint Germain.

Abdelhak Nouri  Age:   18 Years                                Abdelhak-Nouri

image via football-oranje

Ajax youth academy has produced some excellent talent including the fabulous Abdelhak Nouri. This passionate attacking mid fielder can be purchased for 1 million Euros at the beginning of the game. As his versatility increases, so does his value – his assists and goals alone are worth much more than his price. His top performance comes in 2017-2018 and will cost you roughly 20 million Euros. He is touted to be the next Wesly Sneijder.

Youri Tielemans   Age: 18 Years                                                                                               

image via foxsports

Having the highest valuation on the Football Manager game means you have substantial talent to gain such an honor. But do not be put off by the price. Sign him up as soon as you can as this Belgian superstar with his amazing vision, pace, and dribbling will leave you and your opponents speechless.

Jhon Arango Age: 17 Years       

image via fminside

This player is certainly raw in the start of the game. But his progress from a newbie into a full-fledged attacking mid-fielder is something we were vowed by. The catch is that if Deportivo Estudintial lets him go due to his lackluster initial performance, you can snap him up for free and hold onto him until 2019-2020. So if you can manage to get him and nurture him, he is one of the greatest acquisitions of Football Manager.

Ante Coric Age: 18 Years

Featured image via empireofthekop

One of our favorite players – Ante Coric is available for play from the start. You need to sign him as this wonder kid goes up by staggering amounts to demand 25 million Euros by 2017-2018 (that’s just a year away!). Coric is known by his masterful technique, flair in the field, passing, and balance.

Konrad Laimer Age: 18 years                                                                                                  Konrad-Laimer

image via salzburg

A graduate of the FC Red Bull Salzburg Academy, Laimer is just an exceptional talent. His finishing belies his age. At a ripe 18, he is able to play as an outstanding midfielder and passer helping the team score much more than they could without him. His specialty is that he can be used on the right field as well if required. His initial purchase price is 2 million Euros but goes up to 15-20 million later on.

Renato Sanches Age: 17 Years Renato-Sanches

image via independent

A product of Benfica’s youth system in 2008, Sanches is the best option to play as an attacking mid fielder who plays best behind a striker. Since his training started when he was just 11, he has been groomed into a better player for most of his life and is amazing with dribbling, ball control, creativity, flair, technique, and amazing natural fitness.

Elie Youan Age: 16 Years                                                                                                                          

image via footballmanagerstory

This one is up for grabs for petty change at the start of the game – he has amazing flair, concentration, and determination to gain you numerous goals – and his striking gets better with practice and training!

Nicolas Schiappacasse Age: 16 Years                                                                                                 

image via cope

At the start, Schiappacasse is available for grabs for 1 million Euros. He is a great investment as his striking ability increases exponentially to hit 12 to 19 which are amazing for a 16 – 17 year old kid. His strength lies in being played as a poacher and his physique is outstanding. As he grows, his decision making capacity along with acceleration and long shots go head on with the finest players making him a long term investment.

Reece Oxford Age: 16 Years                                                                                                                   

image via independent

He made premier league history by becoming the 7th youngest player and has now been included in Football Manager’s talent pool. By his marking, anticipation, composure, and strength, Oxford is one of the finest young men in this year’s football manager. He can be loaned but if you have the strength to lure him from West Ham, buy him.

Sergio Diaz Age: 17 Years                                                                                                                         

image via goal

One of the highest rated players in Europe right now who has been linked to Roma and Chelsea will be a definite wonder addition to your team. He is best used as a poacher who if used strategically will score many goals. His play style is to run off with the ball as he can nimbly portray handful defenders.

Thiago Maia  Age: 18 Years                                                                                                                    

image via express

For 8 million Euros, this one will repay with numerous world class performances. At just 18 years of age, he has the tackling combined with anticipation and technique which makes him one of the greatest assets to have on your team. If you do not end up purchasing Maia early on, he will end up costing you 30 million Euros later on!

Martin Odegaard Age: 16 Years                                                                                                             

image via bavarianfootballworks

This name is one we have all heard numerous times. Despite being only 15 years of age, his worth is so high that it is an upscale battle to purchase him. Real Madrid has him up for loaning but his development stops at a level so his rating has stagnated over time. But still with his skill, he is well worth the investment over to your club.

Breel Embolo Age: 18 years Breel-Embolo                                                                                                                  

image via fmscouting

You simply have to buy Embolo as soon as you start the game. We are serious. Grab him for 11 million Euros at the start of 2016-2017 and you will thank us. Having amazing dribbling powers, stamina, and flair, Embolo is one of the fastest projected growths in Football Manager 2016.

Matheus Pereira Age: 17 years                                                                                                              

image via record

He is the best mid field starlet on this game. So, why should you let the chance to sign him on go awry? Pereira is one of the fastest rising stars and will start off with a valuation of 26,000 Euros and go up to unbelievable standards by 2018-2019 with a high of 15 million Euros!

Lee Seung-Woo Age: 17 years Lee-Seung-Woo                                                                                                             

image via youtube

A player from the La Masia academy Barcelona, Woo is up for loan from the club for development purposes. He starts to develop his skills at the 2018 mark and you need to grab him up before Barcelona does. Woo is a long shot specialist with excellent agility, amazing technique, and intricate decision- making.

Vlad Dragomir – Arsenal Age: 16 years                                                                                            

image via arsenal

Dragomir is up for loan by Arsenal. So try to grab him away from those Emirates if you can and watch how he blossoms into an amazing mid field centre. If he is retained by Arsenal, his value heads up to 10 million Euros by 2019.

Joao Filipe – Benfica Age: 16 years Joao-Filipe–Benfica                                                                                                    

image via olheiro-pt

Manchester United and Barcelona are all interested in this winger in real life and so should you in the game. The Benfica graduate is one of the greatest assist kings as the game progresses and can be used as an inside forward for many games. He is available for purchase from Portugal very easily and can be nurtured from a raw talent into one of super stardom.


5 Essential Stops Every Gaming Enthusiast Should Visit In Tokyo

The birthplace of NES and PlayStation, Tokyo has scores for gaming enthusiasts flocking from all over the world. Whichever part of the globe gamers hail from, it doesn’t matter.

Japan is as close to their heart as perhaps Italy is to pasta and pizza lovers! You get the point, right?
Japan was the country where epic characters like Mario, Francis York Morgan, and Snake were born and took the gaming world by storm.
So, if you have been given an opportunity to visit THE place where games are brought to life, keep in mind the five things you can do in Tokyo to make the most of your time there.

1. Roman Around an Otaku District

It might fancy you to know the meaning of otaku district. This term refers to someone who is very obsessive about something particular. The word can be loosely used for just about anything in the world. Obsession knows no bounds! BUT, it’s most common use is: you guessed right – related to manga and anime.
So for the anime enthusiasts or lovers, there are a number of otaku districts in Tokyo where they can enjoy to their heart’s content. You would find cool gaming or anime merchandise there to keep you occupied.
The most renowned location is Akihabara or the Electric Town. The word Akihibara got shortened from the word Akibagahara (autumn leaf field) which was derived from Akiba.
The district retains its fame for being an otaku cultural center as well as a shopping district for video games, manga and anime, as well as computer goods. In this district, you would find awesome second hand game stores such as Super Potato as well as soaring gaming arcades, e.g. Taito Station.
If you are after specialist shops, save up some time for exploring those. Akiba Culture Zone which is a seven storey building comprises of multiple specialist shops.
The Nakano Broadway is just a short walk north of Nakano Station. It is a four storey shopping mall but a fascinating world in its own. Their second and third storeys are entirely dedicated to manga, anime and collectibles. The mall might be a bit overwhelming but worry not. Some of the notable shops you must pay a visit to are Anime World Star and Mandarake.
Ikebukuro is another massive shopping district worthy of attention for otaku gear. The ‘Otome Road’ particularly attracts female otaku fans with many of the shops stocking items of their interest. The female clientele has loads of stuff to visit like butler cafes, anime, manga, and cosplay shops. There are many manga and cosplay shops at Otome Road.
Ikebukuro also has the Sunshine City which houses Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo. It is the biggest Pokémon center in Japan.

2. Take a Stroll in Japanese Arcade

Gaming arcade scenes are a sight to behold which are filled with their old glory and glamour as well as shining, glistening, and luring gamers inside. Tokyo is replete with these arcades in every nook and corner, catering to gamers all the time.
You can enjoy arcade gaming for 24 hours of the day in Tokyo.
Gaming arcades can sprawl over multiple storeys. Many times they will have UFO catchers, which are cabinets full of toys with a single mechanical claw dangling inside, and are controlled by buttons or joystick. But these gaming arcades also have multiplayer games.
A typical Japanese arcade has many storeys, thus giving a chance to players to try their hands at many games. In Japan, Rhythm Action is very popular. Some other games which are popular are Beatmania and Taiko Drum Master.
Many video games are played via touch screens, buttons, and keyboards. You would also see Kinect-style games there as well as Hatsune Miku games.
If you love action, then these gaming arcades have plenty for you as well. Many arcades still have fighting games with versus battles forming a huge part of Japanese arcade gaming. Luigi’s Mansion Arcade and Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 are good and popular games to go by. Sometimes there is a test for a new game so there is an excitement like nothing else.
Left 4 Dead with mouse control is also something you can’t just get passed by.
With so many arcades around you, even you must be wondering where to go to. Read up on reviews to see where you should head to. There are good arcades in Akihbara and Odaiba. Odaiba is a popular entertainment and shopping district in Tokyo Bay. SEGA Joypolis is also situated there. It is multi-storey indoor theme park, rides, and exclusive merchandise. Crowds of SEGA enthusiasts are having a blast of a time on rides and arcade machines in the Joypolis. The Tokyo Joypolis has roller coasters, Sonic Athletics, and other action-based activities and games. Do not miss this while you are in Odaiba area

3. Tour the Game Locations

You would be surprised to know that many of the Japanese games have much to do with the real-life Tokyo. As they say that every legend has some root in the reality, so similar is the case of these games. Wouldn’t it be cool to visit these places and put a new twist to the phrase ‘having experienced it live?’ Talk about bringing games to reality!
So the foremost example that comes to our mind is ‘The World Ends with You.’ This legendary game is set in the Shibuya district. Now eight years have passed since the game was released but most of the iconic buildings shown in the game are still standing ground.
This is an action role-playing game and was developed for Nintendo DS handheld console and was initially released in 2007. This whole game comes to life in the Shibuya shopping district in Tokyo, Japan. The developers put in much effort in duplicating the city for the game and going on location hunts around the city to make sure details are as accurate as possible. The scramble crossing near the 109 department store can be seen extensively in the game as well as the game’s cover. Dogenzaka is another place to spot in the game.

But Shibuya hasn’t just been the spotlight in this game. It was also featured in Jet Set Radio’s Tokyo-to.  In this game, three different times of the day are portrayed with Shibuya-cho component being in constant sunlight. It features places such as Chuo Street, Shibuya Terminal, Doganzaka Hill, and Hikage Street. From roaming around the bus terminal to touring the Dogenzaka Hill in Jet Set Radio Future, this game’s fans will enjoy a lot when visiting these districts.
These districts are a youth center of Tokyo with great restaurants and shops.
When you are roaming around the streets and you spot a dog, obviously the first game you can associate it with would be Tokyo Jungle.

4. Eat At a Gaming-Themed Venue

They say when in Rome, do as the Romans do. So, when you are in the land of the legendary games, make the most of it.
For instance, in a restaurant inspired by Capcom, you would be finding food inspired by iconic fighters such as Street Fighters. Cocktails as well as Resident Evil inspired brain cake will fascinate gamers.
The Square Enix café Artnia is outside the Square Enix building in Shinjuku and has cocktails inspired by Final Fantasy Summons. The drinks are Shiva and Ifrit. What would catch your fancy perhaps would be the Slime pancakes. They are the cutest. The Luxury Area in Artnia has crystal exhibited in the center of the room. You can also shop around for merchandise here, listening to the soothing sound of the waterfall.
If you want something intimate, you could head over to many cozy restaurants in Tokyo having gaming themes. One of these is the 8-bit Café in Shinjuku. This café in Shinjuku is Mario themed.
Sometimes, you might stumble upon a café or restaurant unexpectedly which has transformed itself into a gaming-themed one. For example, in Sunshine City in Ikebukuro, in the Pokémon Centre, one of the cafes had transformed itself into a Pokémon themed eatery. It had all the complete accompaniments of poke ball pizzas and dishes framed up as Chespin and Pikachu.

5. Visit Tokyo Game Show

Tokyo Game Show is one of the biggest events on a gamer’s calendar. But it is quite unlike the consumer shows like Gamescom or the many iterations of PAX. One of the things you should be mindful of is the language barrier. A big event like Gamescom, held in Germany incorporates English language speakers to a major extent despite English being second language, albeit a common one.
However, same cannot be said for the Tokyo Game Show. Commonly known as TGS, this video game expo is usually held in September in Chiba, Japan. This Game Show is mainly for Japanese audience and as such you would be having difficulty in getting anywhere unless you speak Japanese.
The Tokyo Game Show is packed to seams. On business days of the exhibition, TGS is packed but on public day, it is no less crowded. You might have to line up for over an hour to play something.
In the TGS 2015, The General Exhibition Area was where all the happenings are taking place. It occupied the largest space and was the place where digital gaming entertainment or any related gaming products were displayed. Many renowned companies such as Capcom, Sony Computer Entertainment, and Square Enix had demo areas here.
Another area worth mentioning is the Game School area. It showcased information on Japanese universities and colleges offering information about animation, digital art, and computer programming. The booths also displayed student work.
In TGS, now there is a heavier Western publisher presence too as well as  a lot of mobile games, some of which are likely to stay here in Japan for quite some time, such as Clash of Clans.
TGS, although insanely crowded has something that will keep you entertained nonetheless. From cosplays to new games to unexpected happenings on the show floor, get ready to be a part of a new, exciting world.
Tokyo Game Show takes place in September which means you can avoid the burning heat and chilling winters. If gaming is just a bonus for you, then April is also not a bad month too, to visit Japan. The weather is mild and pleasant. Plus, you would be able to catch a glimpse of the famous blooming cherry blossoms.

Bonus- Shopper’s Paradise

Need to stock up on your gaming essentials? Then why let otaku district be your last stop? Tokyo has some pretty incredible toy stores which can bring your wildest wishes of gaming merchandise true.
Head on to Kiddyland in Harajuku. Kiddlyland is a place both for kids and kids at heart. From specialty articles to immense verity in toys, Kiddyland has something in store for everyone. The Kiddyland in Harajuku has specialty shops dedicated to Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, and more. If you want to experience Japan’s kawaii subculture, this is the place to go.
Constantly changing goods with greater variety every single time, many of the items in Kiddyland are produced and sold exclusively in Japan. It is a pretty awesome souvenir shop, decorated accordingly for year’s different seasons. This five storey shop houses Star War gear, Nintendo stuff, and not to mention, all that you would want related to Studio Ghibli.
Along similar lines is Hakuhinkan Toy Park in the Ginza district. It is six storeys and hence has a great selection of toys. A full slot car racetrack adds to the beauty of this store. The store has international toys but many of the toys are Japanese too. Kids can pay and race cars inside the store too. The six-storey building also houses some restaurants. It is a remarkable place where parents can just let the kids wander around to while away time. Even if you do not buy hoards from this place, the store in itself is a good place to spend time and wind down.
So, with these suggestions, it is hoped your Japan’s tour would be a splendid one, garnering ‘oohs’ and ‘aaahs’ from your friends when you tell them about your adventures.

Featured image via youtube

10 Characters Star Wars Battlefront Fans Are Demanding

Say what you like in regards to Star Wars Battlefront’s absence of substance, however, there is one thing that even you can’t deny; when you talk about “magical moments,” DICE’s creation is hands down the best with it and is filled with that sheer factor of Star Wars.

Battlefront remains on top of the crowd as far as gameplay is concerned. However, the way that you can appreciate it all in a universe so perfectly adjusted for gaming takes it the experience to the next stage. The maps are dazzling, yet seeing the characters spring up on-screen is just delightful.
Whether you are an unknown storm trooper or an anonymous rebel, there are a vast number of villains and heroes to choose from to help your cause on any side. They do not come around frequently, but it’s really fun taking control of Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Boba Fett among many others. Obviously, Battlefront’s confidence on DLC has been very much reported, yet the potential is immense. We’ll be seeing more weapons and maps in the games from the Star Wars movies. But we are most excited to see the new villains and heroes in the battle. Who would you like to see?

1. Obi-Wan Kenobi

Out of the six legends in Battlefront from the original trilogy, Obi-Wan Kenobi missed a spot with just Han, Leia and Luke getting positions with the rebels. Obi-Wan could belong to either Alec Guinness or Ewan McGregor era providing Star Wars with an old-school tribute.

Special Moves

We know we didn’t get to see more of the combat skills from Obi-Wan’s A New Hope. However, this old man holds a great variety of mind tricks. One of his moves includes turning the rebels against their personal troops for a few moments. Other moves consist of an overwhelming lightsaber attack or a≈.

2. General Grievous

General Grievous is the least rubdown and irrelevant character on the Star Wars list, but damn he looks cool. The Kaleesh warrior didn’t assume a big role for Revenge of the Sith, yet with a lightsaber and those four droid arms, he would make one hell of a character in Battlefront.

Special Moves

Grievous’ most scary move must be his quad-turning lightsabers. He also has the ability to block while slicing with his two blades. He also comes armed with this super-charged move when all of the four blades hit the same target. It would need to be constrained, yet it would be extremely cool to utilize.

3. Yoda

Yoda would be a standout amongst the most angering legends in the diversion on the basis of its size. On the other hand, it is the big Yoda we are discussing. It would be really great to see Yoda between the trilogies rather than the little joker in the originals or the uber-CGI Jedi Master. Though, if Yoda must be either, we would pick the old version over any other.

Special Moves

Obviously, Yoda’s most prized move will be the tremendous force push, perhaps the one which shakes the entire ground. His nimble saber slash is also a great move as well as the “wall jump” while using the force.

4. Anakin Skywalker

Undoubtedly, most of us want to overlook the fact that Hayden Christiansen was associated with Star Wars; he is clearly one of the ultimate bad boys of the movie. He is known to be the supreme villain in the history of cinema. Skywalker works best in his “evil mode” – complete with a blue saber he carries.

Special Moves

For the briefest of spells, we witnessed Anakin with dual lightsabers, and Battlefront includes a few moments to use both blades. His other special moves include his great acrobatic move:  jump-and-slash and the ever famous force choke.

5. Finn

Finn is one of the new members of the Star Wars squad. The details about him are still not known that what or who Finn really is, but as he carries a lightsaber, he must know a thing or two about wielding it.

Special Moves

Finn’s abilities may not be first class, but in order to become a capable stormtrooper, he’ll have to be trained for combat. He could include a “dash” move so that his athleticism could be showcased and even a move of hand-to-hand combat.

6. Darth Maul

One of the greatest parts of the disappointing prequel to the trilogy is the great Darth Maul. Every little detail about him was awesome. This includes his black robes, the red and black evil appearance, and his gigantic double-ended lightsaber. He should have been kept alive to play a more vital role rather than being killed off before making an impact.

Special Moves

His greatest move would be the rapid quick spinning of his lightsaber while his force throw defiantly makes him an all-rounder. He could also possess the move which shortens his lightsaber into one beam to make his saber fighting technique more traditional.

7. Chewbacca

Wouldn’t we all love to have Chewbacca in the game? And he holds a totally distinctive edge as compared to the other heroes. He will be one of the most physical characters and his combat skills are sure to come in handy.

Special Moves

He is sure to come with a crossbow, however, a super-charges shot would be considered a unique move. His best quality would be his strength and, for difficult situations, some Solo-esque explosives.

8. Kylo Ren

We can all agree that Kylo Ren is one of the most awaited characters. We were totally transfixed with his amazing lightsaber ‘sword’ flash. Man, that weapon looks crazy.

Special Moves

Now that we’re all sure that Kylo isn’t a Sith Lord, even though is clearly influenced by its force. He may possibly be equipped with a lightsaber slash and torturing with his force.

9. Rey

Ray is the ultimate dark horse of The Force Awakens. Nobody has got any clue what she will turn out to be. We can surely say that she is no simple scavenger. She seems to share a great number of parallels with Skywalker. And her importance in the posters, as well as the trailers, point to the fact that she could be a leading star in the film.

Special Moves

There’s so much mystery surrounding Rey. She could even be armed with a lightsaber and the force. Only time will tell.

10. Captain Phasma
I know we already have Boba Fett in the blend, but when Captain Phasma gets on with his action, you’re sure to forget everything about the bounty hunter. Even though he is portrayed to be clumsy in the trilogy, he is exceptional in the Battlefront.

Special Moves

The particulars of Phasma are not yet known, yet even at this stage, you can look at his gun and know that it will be one hell of a weapon. Let’s hope it’s up to our expectations.

Metal Gear Online – Cool Tricks And Tips

Metal Gear – Solid V (MGS 5): The Phantom Pain’s spirited online segment presents countless challenges.

Let’s review the strength and weakness of all available classes and how they play:


  • Infiltrator: suitable for close quarter combat, useful during stealth camouflage; fast, however have poor stamina, so it is advisable to avoid head on conflicts. Artillery: pistols, shotguns.

  • Scout: well balanced, excel during long range fights and providing support functions; skilled at assembling intelligence from distances and marking adversaries faster. Artillery: sniper rifles.

  • Enforcer: heavily outfitted soldiers who specialize in powerful artillery and shine in open combat; own a high stamina but lacking in fast movement speeds. Artillery: machine guns, missile launchers.



Following the one player equivalent, you can solicit the assistance of a BFF on the war zone. Associated BFF in MGO has to be one of the team. Linking up with one of your team members is easy: just stand in front of each other and initiate a salute.

After establishing a BFF association with a mate, you are able to share gathered information with each other. Staying near associated BFF and coordinating with them increases your level of comradeship with them, which then enables further action.

To make the most beneficial use of the BFF system, establish a link with a mate of another class – asking for their assistance to form a fearsome team, as you can combine your skills as well as abilities together to gain maximum advantage.

Wormhole Generator

The wormhole generator of the game informs us that it is “revitalized by the supremacy of comradeship.” Building up in the point mentioned previously, remaining near a BFF for a set amount of time can allow you to be reborn alongside them. In do or die matches where you do not reborn after being eliminated once, you can use the wormhole to appear near associated BFF, regardless of whether he is alive or dead. Ensure when using the wormhole that adversaries are not close by because activating it, will leave you defenseless for some seconds. Also, keep in mind the location of associated BFF and the timing.


Each item you add in your load-out adds a fine to your burden value. As in real life, burden affects movement speeds. Mass and speeds are directly in-proportional. Dispose off any surplus things from your load-out to gain more dexterity. Abilities that gift you items such as NVGs, Stealth Camos increase your burden significantly, so have that in focus when making your load-out – and toss that cardboard out!

Best Friend? Worst Nightmare!

If there is any Walker Gear available, you better not let it go! They offer extra mobility, along with a huge amount of armaments and are tough to destroy; unless up against another deadly Walker Gear (watch out for bombs as well as gun emplacements, they will shred through you quickly).
Even better than the armaments is the surviving capacity. Small guns fire is immaterial as it bounces off the metal. However, your back will be completely exposed and if you come across another deadly Walker Gear in the ground, first shoot and hit will simply destroy the other.

Weapon Access

Different armaments can pierce different exteriors, tranquilizer, and stun damage guns having the least access, while Assault Rifles have slightly higher access, and LMG’s, Sniper Rifles have the most.


Customization of the gear in load-out with attachments is possible at beginning levels. What you unlock at any level is different for each class; so ensure you and associated BFF collaborate! Try using these customizations to your greatest advantage.

Save Those GMPs

Money is always a precious product – whether offline or online. GPs are won by finishing matches online; when giving out GP’s (winning team gets 100, losing gets 50), only final results matter. This highlights the significance of teamwork. When a BFF is in trouble and you can give assistance, this increases chances of winning. Remember that changing color (a minor cosmetic change) costs GPs. Don’t waste that early cash on ostentatious stuff. Save it up for the armament upgrades you shall need to get in higher levels.

Power of Fultoning

When in the Bounty-Hunter mode, Fultoning your adversary has fantastic benefits. The double benefits: not only do you rob an adversary of tickets using a Fulton capture, you add them to your own team ticket stocks as well. You can save friends with these tickets who are about to be lifted away.
Outside of Bounty-Hunter mode, Fultoning an adversary awards more points vs killing them, but bear in mind the down fall that in all levels, Fultoning an adversary will reveal your position. So be careful if and when Fultoning your adversary outside the bounty hunter mode.


When thrown, the E-locator reveals any adversaries in a given smaller area. However, teaming up with associated BFF and throwing several E-locators, you cover a wider area and the following 15 seconds gain complete coverage of the area including adversary locations giving you the upper hand to kill or fulton the adversary. This tactic works amazingly when you are raiding an area in a team, or where you expect your adversaries will try to sneak through. On the flip side, DO NOT go into the magnetic pulsing field and disclose your location!

You and the Plushy Snare

Plushy Snare is an extremely helpful tool for scouts to cover their backs. Another use is to lay them around for unsuspicious adversaries to become trapped in its adorableness, leaving them susceptible to attack! Remember that plushies will seem to you as adorable Wolf plushes; and to adversaries, plushes will appear as Ocelots.
Plushy snare stuns adversaries for a certain time, so employ that time to gain an easy examination and identify the rest of their team for your team.

Extracting Information

The best form of extracting information is questioning. If you catch an adversary, don’t just kill them – question them and you can gain valuable information about the combat zone.

Noise Control

Your movement speed and selection of fighting weapon affects the range of exposure audibly, visually, and on the radar so choose wisely and for the mission at hand.

Barrel Roll

Dive to prone and start rolling if you do get hit by any petrol bomb. You can survive the attack if you are quick as a cheetah.

Manipulate Your Camera

Nothing gives you a better frame than viewing via the camera. If and when moving between covers, ensure to sway the camera around to gauge what lies around you.

Stealth Camouflage

The stealth camouflage is a practical tool for disappearing in plain view. Beware because the shadow of your body is still visible in lighted areas. Use the shaded areas to ensure non-visibility of your shadow and reduce the odds of giving away your location and rendering the camouflage useless.

Key = Communication

As this is one of the hard core strategy games, it takes a lot of planning to maintain the advantage in battle. Strong communication is the only key to this accomplishment. Make use of your mic or CALL button (use the character’s voice commands). The CALL/Preset Radio-Commands, if used properly are very significant in assisting your team to achieve victory.

With three varying types of people collaborating as a single team and team work being key to victory, it is of utmost importance to stay in touch.


Fallout 4: 21 Secret Tricks That Are Worth Applying In The Game

Learn how to spot mines before they explode. Put companions in Power Armor and lots more.

Bethesda’s magnum opus is sprawling. It will probably take the gaming community a couple of years to discover all the hidden tricks. There are tons of things that you can see and do in Fallout 4 that have yet to be discovered, chronicled, and catalogued properly. Though excellent beginner guides have been written already, the only things left are the hidden tricks and tips that even obsessive gamers might not know about. We round up all the awesome pieces of advice that might have slipped past even the seasoned veteran’s noses.

Once you get outside the starting vault in the game, there is a dearth of tutorials. This issue has been discussed a lot. Although it is welcoming to have a game that does not believe in holding the player’s hand and guiding through each step, belaboring teeny tiny game mechanisms, the negative thing is that fans are a little slow to discover the tons of cool things that you can do. For instance, who knew that there was a cover system? We bet the majority of you didn’t. So, keep reading for more surprises. What is also surprising is that this method makes the player miss out on some very crucial parts of the experience and you kind of miss out on some of the fun.

Due to this and a lot of other factors, Fallout 4 has been getting some mixed reactions from fans and critics. The other issues affecting the game are the glitches and the usual collection of Bethesda bugs that have been seen before. Bethesda is definitely one of the best RPG makers out there, in Fallout 4 the developers have managed to somehow combine Doom’s addictive solid gun-play with the loot grind of Destiny. So if you want to get the most out of the title that will likely be voted Game of the Year by most people, go through this list.

1. Better Gear for Your Companions (Yes, Even Power Armor!)

You get a lot of different companions in the game, and they provide a varying amount of help. Some of them will simply get their eyebrows blown off while they interrupt a fight while some of them will be a source of much needed firepower in a difficult fight.
Give your companions a better fighting chance by choosing what they fire as well as the protection gear. To do this, strike up a conversation with them, then offer to trade/barter with them, and then equip the gear by transferring it across.
When the items have been placed in their requisite inventories, and you have highlighted them in the right side list, a prompt will pop up, allowing you to equip the weapon or item. It is also possible to do this to get your companions to wear Power Armor. This can be an immense help during fights as the Power Armor provides a significant boost in defensive capability. When you are done with the combat, converse again and request them to step out of it as you don’t want anyone running away with a perfect set of equipment.

2. Conversations from Different Perspectives

Third or first person? Most people fall into only one of the two camps and will vehemently defend their position.
A ton of refinements have been made to the series in the latest installment. These include improving the speed and general feel of both modes. But once the conversation camera has taken over, it is still possible to use the one-button perspective switch.
Whenever someone is talking, tap on it and you will access your Pip-Boy and can rummage through the inventory or save. The conversation resumes once you have finished.

3. Speed Up the Day By Sitting or Lying Down

You might wish to change the time of the day due to whatever reasons. Perhaps, you need to alter visibility or need a shop to open up, NPC movement, or whatever, this is needed during the game, so it is strange that it was kept obscured.
New Vegas and Fallout 3 had a single button that did this, but in Fallout 4, the player has to find a place to lie down or sit down. This reconciles with most of the waiting you do in settlements.
Compared to the last few titles Bethesda has put out, this is definitely a strange option to have enabled, but the good thing is that it allows you to wake up next to the barterer of your choice.

4. Shooting Grenades? Use V.A.T.S.

Fallout now has faster gunplay. You can really get into the fights, and blow apart as many enemies as you can at top speed. This means that V.A.T.S. loses some of the spotlight. But it’s not just slow-motion finishers and limb-targeting. There are a lot of hidden uses as well, such as being able to throw weapons/explosives into the sky or shoot grenades. You will need to be fast with the button to trigger it but you will notice that the grenade indicator pops up on the screen whenever the item leaves someone’s hands. Simply fire off V.A.T.S., get a lock on, and then blow it up right in the attacker’s face.
Hard to think of anything else! Isn’t it?

5. Alter Your Appearance After Initial Creation

When you leave the vault after fixing your appearance, the game makes a definite point of prompting you with a confirmation message. This ends up implying that the aesthetic choices are final. However, you are free to change your face and even your hairstyle when you get to Diamond City.
Find Super Salon and get a facial hair change or alter your hair. Go to a plastic surgeon if you want a more drastic change and get your face re-worked.
You are not able to switch genders yet, but Bethesda’s top designer, Todd Howard has said that the future DLC will pay close attention to incorporating fan requests, so you might see this option in the near future.

6. Assigning Settlers To Food Resources & Plants

This point gets lost in the process of trying to understand how the Settlements work. The game tells you to ‘Assign a settler.’ So, how do you go about doing this? Well, the Settlement customization screen is a bit fussy. It insists you to do everything in first-person instead of switching over to an isometric view. In doing this, you might completely miss the fact that in order to get someone to fulfill a task, you have to find them in the world, literally locate them, then over your reticule, hit Command and then walk back to the item you desire. Finally, hit Select to complete the action.

Keep in mind that the Move command doesn’t mean moving within the Settlement. It is meant to allocate followers to other safe zones.

7. Wrapping Your Head Around the Sneaking System

Like the past Fallout games, the sneaking around in Fallout 4 seems like an afterthought, but some extra work has been done which allows you to discover if an enemy is likely to detect you.
Observe the top part of the screen after you crouch down. If you are hiding or haven’t been currently detected by anyone, you will see a hidden text displayed above. All the alertness displayed at the top of the screen comes in square brackets, but the word’s proximity to the brackets is what indicates how close the enemy is to getting alerted. You have a bit more breathing room when you see “[    Hidden   ]” as compared to “[Hidden].”
This is not exactly a foolproof system, because you will end up moving too fast and alerting your enemies most of the times, but it does allow you a few precious seconds to get into a fighting position if raiders appear.

8. Get Dogmeat to Scout for Items and Enemies

The year 2015 has seen the hounds battling it out. With Metal Gear Solid V, we had DD, who was tearing out enemy throats and accompanying the players through long hours of gameplay. In Fallout 4, Dogmeat makes a comeback. This pooch is back and better than ever.
Players will acquire him earlier in the game, and for most people (the ones who are not very enthusiastic about dogs), they will discover that you can trade items with the faithful buddy. Hop into the Fetch command and you will find options that will get Dogmeat to seek out items or even enemies.
This is especially useful during the parts when the mission is close to being completed and you need to simply eliminate a certain number of enemies to end it but you can’t seem to locate that last hidden one. Make it a part of your strategy to send in your pooch.

Bonus Fact: If you spot a teddy bear, give it to Dogmeat and you will get a special animation where he will play with it. It’s a cute scene that tugged at our heartstrings.

9. Customize the Weapon List Organization

After spending time in the Wasteland, you will notice that the apparel and weapons’ list will be massive alphabetized rundowns showing all the items in the sections, even the crafted weapons.
This makes it a pain to find your best items, which is why you should change the name and also tack on a dash or space to the very front.
Once you do this, whenever Pip-Boy tries to re-order the list, the special characters will end up at the very top of the page, providing you a bunch of best items in a useful chunk.

10. Retain Dogmeat As a Companion While in Lone Wanderer Mode

You read the text, “Who needs friends anyway” and think that this automatically eliminates man’s best friend. But this is not the case. In this game, your pooch does not count as a full-fledged companion. Fallout 4 does not have to be a fully-solo experience, though it feels like it when the companion A.I. frequently messes up, like getting stuck in a door when you need it to fire a shot. Snapping up this perk can be useful.
Hit Charisma level 3 and you will enable it. When you hit the first level, your damage absorption rate goes up by 15% and the weight you can carry will go up by 50. After that at level 17, that damage reduction rate moves up to 20% and the weight capacity becomes 100. Hit level 40 and you will get a whopping 25% damage boost applicable to all weapons.

11. There’s a Great Cover System

It seems like Bethesda forgot to tell us that there is a great cover system in Fallout 4. Seriously, it’s awesome. This originated during the late 2000’s in games such as Killzone 2, Medal of Honor: Airborne and The Darkness, and is activated dynamically instead of via a prompt or contextual icon.
Just run to any spot you want to hide behind, the edge of a wall or bridge, face it directly (think how you would position yourself in an FPS to evade enemy fire). Your character will turn the gun to his side. Now squeeze LT/L2 to peek out and take shots.
It till completely change the way you play the game. It will seem like a proper shooter and even give you a chance to be more tactical with mines. Your enemies will rush up and get blown up in the process.

12. How All Your Stuff Works

The Fallout 4 game delivers fan-requests for crafting, and does it brilliantly. Every single part you come across in the game can be collected, broken down, and rebuilt into something else when you are in Settlement mode.
Need ceramics for floors? Go break down a bunch of old bathtubs. Want some lead for electric conduits? Raid an old school and break down some discarded pencils. All junk lying around has value now, but the encumbrance limits will stop you from hoarding thousands of steel buckets and building a new fancy gun turret. You can still take regular trips to your work benches and auto-scrap junk.
Hop into the Pip-Boy, then click the Inspect button to check out what components various things are made of. To quickly scrap everything outside the Junk tab, drop it on the floor in a Settlement zone, and hover it up with the Scrap button.

13. Get Full Price for Fusion Cores No Matter the Charge

The key to getting your Power Armor moving is to acquire Fusion Cores. One of the first things you do in this game is to battle a Deathclaw. The armored suits don’t last forever and will whittle down to nothing. Most merchants can’t tell the difference between a depleted core of a fully-powered one, so trade yours in when it’s about to break. Find any depleted cores scattered around and trade those in as well.

14. Dismissed Dogmeat? Get Him Back

Accidentally dismissed Dogmeat? Yeah, we have been there. You want to get him back but your last save was a couple of hundred raiders ago. What do you do now?
If the pooch has left your side after you accidentally brought up the dialogue options and told him to leave you alone (we didn’t even know that could be done until we did it by mistake), he will go back to whichever Settlement you told him to. But sometimes he will be spotted wandering around in the vicinity of the safe zone. So in order to bring him back, you will need to build a doghouse.
Once you have completed one, he will appear inside it soon. Make this happen a little quicker by manually Fast Travelling away from the area and get back again.

15. Floors Should Be Built First

This is the defining feature of Fallout 4. The game centers around the quintessential spirit of ‘Lets rebuild’, when it comes to settlements. You will need to be effective in this regard. Build your structures properly, get the base right, and include turrets and adequate defenses. Your settlers will also need living quarters. These homes have to be built. So, you don’t have to go into too many details, such as worry about where the beds are placed. The game simply accommodates this on its own based on the number of people. A way to get the process off the ground faster is to put down some flooring first. The rest of the building materials sort of magnetize and fall into place if you stat from the floors. After this, do the walls, and so on.
Always remember this tip: do not attempt to construct walls first, get the floors right first.

16. Detect Explosives and Mines Using V.A.T.S.

You will find that some locations are booby-trapped. A sure sign of that is when you hear a clicking sound that means a mine has been triggered via a trip wire. Before you get wiped out, there are a few precious seconds to react. Switch to V.A.T.S. to slow down time and help locate the device. You can probably disarm it if you act fast enough.

17. Remove Radiation from the Starlight Drive-In Settlement

This tip is useful for the Starlight Drive area. The game doesn’t let you know that there is a way to remove radiation from an area but you can. Go to the radioactive barrels. The radiation meter will get higher. Remove it while you are in the Construction menu.
Build a fence around that pool of waste you see in the center, because most of your followers will end up wading in it if you don’t. You will get an experience boost from this. Make sure the water stays clean by adding a Purifier.

18. Link Your Workshops to Create a Supply Line

In this game, having access to specific materials and items is necessary for success in the Settlement mode. You need to stockpile this stuff manually. On Charisma level 6, there is a Local Leader perk. Grab it and approach the settler who hasn’t been assigned any other jobs. Interact with them in the Construction menu and send them between various zones. This effectively establishes a supply line where you can get items ferried from one place to another.

19. Activate and Customize Your Pip-Boy Flashlight

This simple but necessary feature is quickly mentioned at the beginning point in the game and then promptly forgotten. Fallout 4 isn’t the only game in the series to do this; Fallout 3 is also guilty. It involves the method to activate Pip-Boy (your wrist-mounted flashlight). Simply hold down the B/O button of the device, it will then light up and glow. The best part given in Fallout 4 is that you can go into options and alter the colors of both the background window and text. The light of the Pip-Boy will change to reflect whatever color you choose for the text. Pretty cool.

20. Shut Them Down – Power Armored Enemies With Some Pickpocketing Maneuvers

Whoever said that stealth didn’t have a proper purpose was wrong. If you remember that the Armor does not work unless you have Fusion Cores, this rule is also applicable to the enemies.
If you manage to achieve a high level, Sneak level, or have a Stealth-Boy, then you can get really close to your opponents and pickpocket their Fusion Cores. This will force their Armor mode into exit and you can easily turn their bones to mush.
It is a useful skill, but watch out: it will backfire more than a couple of times when you first try it. But once you have it down, it is a great way to disarm an overpowering enemy.

21. Learn Hacking. If You Fail, Avoid Rest of the Time

The hacking in Fallout 4 is challenging. It will test your skill and patience, and this is mostly due to the implementation of a 3 strike system combined with bad tutorials. Most people will give up after a few attempts.
The way to work with it is to, boot into the messy code, go through each row one by one, spot any special characters that appear in groups (something like ‘/!|\’ ), and highlight them. Click on them and you will get more tries, which you can use to guess the password by clicking on it and then look for similar characters. If you still have trouble, then look up a video tutorial online. Just remember that after you have tried a word, and get a popup saying something like Likeness=2, this implies that two letters are correct and in the right place.
Use the process of elimination and you will figure out the password and you will be able to crack the mini-game successfully, thus allowing your ranking to increase.
And a point worth noting is that different terminals all have different reset times. To fix this, simply quit the mini-game before your last attempt, and this will enable you to jump back in immediately. This is an ‘exploit’ that was found in New Vegas and Fallout 3. Bethesda seems to have left it in.


6 Super Hero Video Games That Got Cancelled

Due to the high increase in Superhero films, we have had a mage boom in sales of merchandise relating to them. Now we know each and every developer is disappointed that they did not spot the trend before and are now short of time to create and launch a game! However, here we list some of the games that did start off but were sadly cancelled and cost their makers millions in projected sales!

1. Marvel Fighting Game by EA

This daring untitled game that EA had been working on showed tremendous promise and yet barely was able to finish designing stage! When the YouTube channel released the footage showing the battle between Cap America and Hulk, we were shocked with the amazing graphics which made it seem like a Dragon Ball game! The video is not of the later development stages however due to the unstable camera angles but the way the characters interacted and smashed through the scenery made it worth a try when launched. The concept is fairly basic but one that has not been made until now making it one worth re-visiting!

2. The Flash

Under the ownership of Brash Entertainment, BottleRocket Entertainment started to work on creating a game of The Flash back in 2007. The game was in the works for around 6 months before sadly Brash went bankrupt and the project was shelved. Basically, it would have been a superhero version of the popular game Temple Run. So you would have tried to get Barry Allen to his speed maxima while ensuring that you do not run him dead – run across blocks, buildings, long roads or even fights.
Fighting in particular looked like great fun in the leaked video, a Mark of Kri style button per person set up meant you had the capacity to take enemies out in grand style. To top it all off, there were some traversal as well as free running segments for the flash in all of us. The game shows amazing potential if anyone is interested in picking it up now! Pretty please!

3. The Dark Knight

Batman Begins set the trend of receiving a game alongside the release of the movie and hence all eyes were set on Nolan and the spectacular sequel movie to follow in their footsteps. So, EA under a deal with Warner Brothers as well as developers Pandemic required the developers to alter the stand alone Batman game into something of a Dark Knight mix up.
Sadly Pandemic was forced to bin the bulk of the development work they had completed, and we would not be appeased by another official Batman Dark Knight game till the release of the mobile only Dark Knight Rises. The scrapped material ended up being leaked online and we were rewarded with spectacular views of a realistic looking Gotham city. The developers had not started work on Batman we assume.
When Pandemic went bankrupt back in 2008, Warner Brothers suddenly felt the need for someone to complete and release the Batman game regardless of what Pandemic had been working on. Hence we saw the entry of Rocksteady which no one had heard about and hence was much cheaper to hire. Rocksteady went on to become one of the biggest gaming names in the industry!

4. Gotham By GasLight

Gotham by Gaslight was also one of THQ bankruptcy victims. Based on the DC novel by the exact same name, Gotham by Gaslight had a Batman in the 19th Century with armor that had olden steam beauty and industrial materials as well as visibly rotating gears! Just imagine playing with such a beauty! The publisher, THQ’s default ended up with Batman getting shelved permanently and is just left with this one video which shows a lovely cape swishing on the shoulders of the protector of the night!
Needless to say, Arkham series has managed to prove offshoots or one offs can really work far better when they are tied to specific movies, and Gotham by Gaslight had enough original material for a great canvas for any daring developer.

5. Justice League – Green Lantern

It was supposed to start off a simple Green Lantern fighting game but then went ahead and morphed into full on Justice League smash them up! Players were supposed to get to play as anyone and everyone including Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman as well as the Flash. The videos leaked online have shown the future: a Batman versus Superman fight way before the premise of the 2016 movie as well as another video with all characters going after numerous bad guys!
The clips were released at different times and the recent one showed much more of the game off by retaining the primitive and swift nature of the deadly combats while pitting the super heroes against all types of super villains enabling us to show off as many of our moves as possible. Apparently the game was cancelled alongside the cancellation of the Super League movie but we are hopeful that with the advent of the 2016 Batman Versus Superman and another Justice League movie we may see a re-work on the cards for this game!

6. Superman: Blue Steel

Factor 5 the rogue developer went from being one of the industry’s strengths to absolutely and totally failing with the release of the motion controlled PlayStation 3 exclusive Lair.
Sadly, Superman: Blue Steel, the shiniest game in their repertoire was simply a working label that could have translated into millions as well as a truly breathtaking game. The game was set to carry onwards from the 2002 season ending of Shadow of Apokolips. Aesthetically, Superman as well as Doomsday was made out to be as old school as possible, with Kal El’s costume created with olden day school charm. Villains would have included our most hated Lex Luthor as well as Darkseid, alongside Kryptonians Non and Zod, making it an epic showdown of the century with the super villains and heroes barreling right through buildings, roads and debris!


11 Things Microsoft Wants You To Forget About The Xbox

Right now, it is very hard to not feel a little bit of sympathy for Microsoft with all its blunders and mistakes with the Xbox gaming console. Before being outraged and going all ninja, find this out.

With the release of Xbox One, it is safe to say that Microsoft indeed made a huge mistake by employing what can be called the worst ever campaign for marketing of a game console that shows a brutal disregard for the actual gaming community with their sales pitch. But then again, you will have to give to them for actually listening and improving through feedback by making changes with the ethos that already exist.
It shows that they really are just trying to make it better. They are constantly working on compatibility issues, working to improve the streaming that exists between Windows and their Xbox devices, more support for those indie games and various other bits and bobs, but then again, the gaming community is overly critical and unforgiving and is not buying any of it.
So, instead of crying and wooing over their latest mistake, let’s take a look at their catastrophes and calamities starting from 2001, the year that marks the release of the very first Xbox.
It is however, to be noted that it is indeed a huge accomplishment for guys who made proper functioning Windows to come up with a pretty awesome gaming console. But then again, the discussion of failures is always much more exciting than accomplishments, so let’s have a look at the atrocities offered by Microsoft through the ages.

1. Original Xbox Controller

Just have a look at that adorable little console that was originally designed by Microsoft for tiny little baby hands, not! The thing was huge! Ideally intended for those suffering from a disease called gigantism, which is actually a real thing by the way. But then there would be a smaller version for those with normal hangs right?
Apparently not. Sorry, people with regular sized hands! Deal with it. The original controls for the Xbox console were just huge monsters with two stumpy and stout legs and a fat bulging gut, sagging down. It was very similar to the controller for Dreamcast but there was something just very odd about it. It might have been a little useful if the gigantic green glowing Xbox logo was actually a button that could just nuke the entire world in the game when you just got pissed off, mainly because of the game or even mad at the humungous size of this control. Just blow it all up when it doesn’t make sense. That makes sense right?
Perhaps, Microsoft did this on purpose, or they just became aware of their little big problem and managed to fix it up in time with the launch of the S controller that was like the X360 controller initially launched in the Japanese market. Was it because due to some advanced research they concluded that people in Japan had really tiny hands? Guess not, because no one actually bought it in Japan.

2. External HD-DVD Player for the Xbox 360

A plus point for the Xbox 360 was that it came at a much cheaper price than its counterpart, the PS3. This can be considered due to the fact that it came without a WiFi card, without any access to games online, or even a decent enough hard disk. Instead, it would actually cost you $200 more to go and buy an HD DVD player externally as it did not even come with a built in video disc player.
If you are from the older generation, then you might recall them as those Betamax cassettes, if not then UMD’s. Fundamentally, it was just an optical video disc format that was supported by Microsoft or even Toshiba. It was used to run some of the more interactive elements of a game. Let’s not forget that the Blu-ray technology had just come into being right then.
With only a slight difference in quality to Blu-ray, HD DVD was just a little bit inferior. It was not built into the Xbox itself unlike the Blu-ray on PS3 that came built in already. With the redundancy of HD DVD, the PS3 proved to be successful and won the war for gaming consoles in 2008.

3. Xbox One as a TV-streaming device

In the entire history of any console marketing, nothing beats the hilarity of this one. It was comical yet tragic. This can be attributed to the fact that Microsoft was obsessed with making a gaming device that fitted the need of everyone in the family. This included the Xbox being able to stream for your TV and be a gaming console at the same time.
Microsoft advertised their Xbox as being more of a complete media center instead of just an ordinary games console. They proposed that people will be able to interact with their TV shows through the use of Kinect because apparently everyone was just in love with it. While being able to watch their TV shows, users would also be able to use Skype and check ratings for their favorite football team too. This is the way they tried to make the Xbox look more exciting and appeal to everyone but they failed, miserably, and ended up losing the main market they were intended for – the gaming community.

Operations for this media box were shut shortly after the launch of this idea itself.

4. Microsoft Kinect

So, Microsoft went in over their head thinking they could replicate something like the instant success of Nintendo Wii, and while Sony made a dildo like move controller, Microsoft went for something that had more ambition; they created Kinect.
The main idea was to control without a controller, which seemed pretty awesome until the gaming community realized that it was just a form of work out in disguise which they did not like at all. It involved the use of particular actions which were detected by sensors and microphones in camera that would trigger a movement in the game based on the player’s actions.
8 million devices were already purchased until people realized that the only kind of games supporting this device were family and life fitness ones that seemed like really lousy and cheaper recreations of those available for the Wii.
Microsoft should have taken the hint, but it did not as it came back in full swing a few years later, attempting to enter the market with all guns blazing.

5. Xbox One Price/Bundled Kinect

It seemed like a crazy joke when it was announced by Microsoft that now every Xbox is available for purchase with a Kinect device included. Not only did it cost about $100 extra as compared to the newer PS4, it meant that you will just have to purchase the thing again if you already had it and just needed a Kinect.
The Kinect came off as the bad child for Microsoft. Sony would be able to tell scary child stories about the Kinect with its weird shape haunting them at night and coming to rip them off while they sleep.
Then all of a sudden, Microsoft seemed to come back to their senses and it in recent times, made the very wise decision of removing it from the bundle. Do you not feel it might just be a little too late for that now?

6. Xbox SmartGlass

Having a hard time trying to remember what the SmartGlass is? Try harder. Yes, it still is a product and yes it is still available in the market with the support of Microsoft.
If you can’t, its okay. The SmartGlass is actually an app that lets you conveniently play your Xbox games on a smartphone or even as tablet as you wish. It is basically a companion app but it only works with just a few varieties of games. It might not be a bad idea but then it was Wii U that actually taught people what  great fun it would be to keep on staring at the big screen.
There were very less games supported to begin with, and that too had certain fatal flaws with them and very limited features that you could actually use. Why would you even want to look up the information to a show while actually watching it? Yes, we are talking about the Game of Thrones app here. Talk about a logical flaw here.
It would actually be pretty useful if they just tried to make a little sense out of it and improve it. But so far, it looks like it too will be made redundant soon enough.

7. Xbox 360 Without Hard Drives, Wi-Fi, or Online Access

Talk about the bare necessities of the gaming life. Some core models seemed like a pretty good bargain until the gamers realized that what was missing was actually everything.
Xbox 360 came with an absence of a hard drive, it had no WiFi, and it came with a century old game controller that was not wireless. Gamers thought not having a hard drive will not be an issue since they could just use memory cards like they had been but boy were they wrong. No WiFi meant that they could only play as long as you were subscribed to Xbox Live.
The essentials were missing, and buying them would cost more to the original price. What a shame! Soon enough, gamers realized that it is just not possible to play without the fundamentals of an Xbox 360 missing.
It is safe to say that it was the most confusing console ever realized with all its bits and bobs and wires of all sorts that connected the various different parts together. Not to mention it would be overly pricey, it would also look like someone in your house was on life support machines with wires and gadgets sticking out all around.

8. Rare’s Ruin

This was the child that made the Microsoft gaming console family proud and just propelled it towards greatness. It was defeated by PS1 in the console fight, and it still carried a great list of names along with it that made people even more excited. People were expecting a lot from Xbox 360 and Rare together.
Instead of helping Rare to develop, create something new, and actually grow, Microsoft only recreated new versions of the older and much more famous games. This is not what the market was anticipating and it turned out the new recreations were not as impressionable as their ancestors.
Then afterwards, to make matters even worse, Rare was asked to abandon any new approaches and forced to work for new games for the Kinect, mainly focusing on sports games. The Rare Replay bundle released not too long ago features a collection of 30 games, but unfortunately it seems that nothing can get them back their days of glory.

9. Always-On Internet, Mic, and Kinect

After what Snowden had shared with the world, it was not a wise decision to announce that Kinect would need an internet connection to always be on for it and it shall have the microphone always on. Talk about being spied on in your own home!
The idea behind it was all about DRM. If you were offline for over a day, then the games on your cloud would be locked until you reconnected your internet. And if you logged in from elsewhere, then be prepared to be locked out of the games over there after an hour. This sounded very messy and not to mention, downright authoritative and paranoia inducing.
The mic was just there to listen to and act out player commands but it’s not hard to get paranoid and freak out.

10. Xbox 360 As a Disc Shredder

Now, let’s not make Xbox be responsible for the haste actions of Microsoft made in order to compete with their competitors and release a version of Xbox that was not thoroughly tested, and was let out to be purchased in an unstable state.
Some of the very fatal problems caused by this model of Xbox 360 included the disc players’ inability to hold the CD in place while it rotated, which resulted in a major fiasco of scratched CDs.
Scratched CDs are not good for anything, unless you have a dog and want to play some Frisbee with him, with a $60 game CD that is.

11. The Red Ring of Death

The worst thing ever! In a survey conducted about the Xbox X360’s performance, a huge number of gamers reported their devices lagging. All was dead except for the red light of the power button, hence the red ring of death.
It is now widely accepted that you are doomed with a dead device. But be consoled as it did not shred your CD. You can still get a new one. But one must commend Microsoft on designing a red light – it was as if they already knew this was a problem that would be happening.
It is hard to say what caused more damage to the reputation of the Xbox. However, it is safe to say the poor PR campaign and poor sales went hand in hand.


Fallout 4: Have You Ever Visited These Incredible Locations?

At this point in time, we are pretty sure that you have thoroughly gone through and gotten used to the supermarkets and factories of the Boston Wasteland featured in Fallout 4. But with all the missions and targets that you set you achieve, you might not have enjoyed some locations that are just simply incredible. Here we shall discuss some of the most exciting and amazing places that are sure to fascinate you in this version of Fallout.

When you talk about Wasteland, nothing scenic or remotely related comes to mind but in fact that is quite the opposite of what is real. Wasteland features its own unique kind of beauty with walls adorned with peeling paintings, the drama in the crumbling structures, eerie suburbs that have been abandoned, and realistic yet very creepy kinds of towns that might just be similar to the one you’re living in now.

It is pretty sure that you might have been busy completing missions that you just missed out these cooler and more fascinating corners of the Wasteland. Or it may be that you have just been preoccupied with creating and developing a settlement of your own in which you want to sit back and relax in a fun turret. Well, whatever it may be, now is the time to tour some exciting locations of Fallout 4!

Reasonably, you might require months to complete this version of the game, but let’s have a look at the 10 locations you must simply visit.

1. Salem

Salem is a place that was sure to be featured in Fallout 4. It is an actual place from Boston with a history of trauma and persecution. It is essentially your basic creepy town, where mass executions took place for women in a wild witch hunting frenzy that took place somewhere in 1692. Focusing on the town itself, it isn’t all that bad itself, you will be sure to find some holotapes there just lying around full of spook. You will be able to discover more of this town in a quest called Devil’s Due, where you will be required to visit the notorious Museum of Witchcraft, and just wait till you find out what awaits you there. Salem is located on the north east side in the map on a peninsula.

2. The USS Constitution

This is one of the most famous ships you will ever come across in the history of the US. It is from a group of six frigates that were built especially for the US Navy for use against the British Navy in 1812. Here in the game, you will find it to be a useful museum of a ship. Be prepared to be amazed by beautiful ironsides that somehow managed to survive the war and last for over 200 years after being left abandoned. However, a modern look is given with the attachment of a pair of rocket boosters to the bottom that might have been placed there by the robots that are now the residents of that ship. This is just another impressive location in the game and of course it features an exciting mission that is placed right around this entire set up.

3. Hidden Areas Off the Map Grid

With Bethesda and its modesty with the size of the map, it turns out that you can actually go ahead and right into the areas that are well beyond the actual border, meaning that the entire grid is bigger than initially thought and kudos to Bethesda for keeping it a good secret. In the south west corner of the map in the wasteland of Boston is one such area, with a carved out path leading to a reactor that is decayed. Also, be on the lookout for a secret cave, and other areas of exploration that are sure to be interesting. This area, as you will realize later on in the game, really does have some significance and a reason to being there. Doesn’t it just get you curious to find out more about the regions in this game?

4. The Overpasses

While traveling on the road, we barely care to stop and think about these infrastructures as a thing of beauty or stop to just stare and admire them. Now consider ripping these apart and leaving them in peace for over 200 years, free to decay and rot, and they become even more eerily beautiful. It serves as a monument of sorts for the post apocalyptic society that is portrayed in the game and has an air of brutality about it. This is also a nice rendition of something that was so significant and useful in the past world but now is nothing more than just a relic, a collection of ruins in the current world after the apocalypse. This place can be related to the current day Manhattan Bridge, where lovers of all sorts would just relax and cozy up to see the rising or setting sun. And then fighting creatures all sorts to get back to their own settlement safely and soundly.

5. Diamond City Market

Be prepared to become overwhelmed with grief as you step through the formidable gates of this city that resemble somewhat of a fortress. Reaching the wasteland metropolis early in the game is an extremely difficult quest on its own. But once you get there, make sure to get the third person view and zoom out in order to admire the beauty of this place from every angle. The market district lies in the very center and heart of the Diamond City. Be prepared to take in the crumbling surroundings covered in rust yet full of life and some neon lights. Keep in mind that this place is ideal for exchanging things, getting quests, and taking in the urban life of the wasteland. If in case you get hungry, then head over to the Power Noodle bar where you will be served with the most delicious noodles in all of Boston.

6. Lake Quannapowitt

This is an actual lake from the present day Boston area that has been recreated for this game successfully. The only difference is the presence of dead trees, creatures who are ready to murder, and contaminated waters. However, this place still possesses a certain kind of alluring charm with its barren belly. This lake is sure to make you wish for going on a boating trip right then and there and fish out some weird mutated species of fish. This place is ideal for hunting, but make sure to keep it medium to rare so that you avoid the crazy radiation taste that ensues. This lake can be found in the north western corner in the map.

7. Fenway Park Stadium

This is the main stadium at the heart of Boston and it appears in Fallout 4 that houses the hub for the Commonwealth in this urban place. You will notice as you walk around the city, whatever remains of the stadium, and memoirs related to those heroes who actually went down in this very stadium. There is also a commemoration of the farthest home run that was ever hit and recorded by a soul who wandered far and wide in the surroundings of this stadium. You will also be able to spot numbers of football legends. So, be sure to keep an eye out for it.

8. The Glowing Sea

This sea is not in reality a sea at all. In fact, it is a barren place that is desolate and a very dangerous place to be at. This place is the site of the nuclear weapon that led to the destruction of Boston in the first place, which explains the tint of yellow around the irradiated area. You will notice that not a single thing there is alive, and everything is sort of leaning away from the dead center of the blast. You will be impressed as you enter into this place and notice the clear blue skies turning sickly yellow slowly and feel more like the hostile environment of an alien planet. This place is not however, abandoned. Be on the lookout for ghosts and ghouls.

9. The Castle

This is a real life fort that was first constructed in 1632 by the British and later on by the Americans after the American Revolution in 1812. It is one of the ideal locations for finding settlements with its defences and ample building space for living. Although in ruins, this is a beautiful place too with interesting scenery. This place was abandoned due to constant attacks by raiders, and if you wish to settle here, you will have to set it up. This place does allow for some really spectacular views out to the sea.

10. The Cheers

This is one of the Easter egg locations in this series and nothing like the other bleak and haunted places we have yet visited. This place will be familiar to those who watched a hit sitcom from the 80’s called Cheers. The fun part is that you will get to meet those characters from the show in their role but obviously they are dead, all of them. Everything here is dead, even the jukebox won’t play, and this certainly is not a place you can make a settlement out of.


12 Video Games With The Best Storylines Ever

The gaming genre has great stories to tell. Long ago, all video games offered was the pleasure of enjoying their mechanics by providing the simple ability of controlling a generic avatar inside the gaming environment. These games continue to have a cult following, thanks to some dedicated indie developers and loyal fans but the medium of games has seen tremendous shifts when it comes to story-telling.

The best of these don’t just mimic the simple cinematic techniques. Instead, they make the story come alive by utilizing the unique tools of the medium. They engage with the user through all kinds of interactions along the way.
Well-written dialogue and carefully placed cut-scenes play a great part in enhancing the story, but the small elements such as secret diaries that slowly reveal a story, or the limited functioning computer terminals, or the moral dilemmas that the player has to face and make quick decisions for, lend a unique twist to the immersive nature of the medium. It is true that video games can tell powerful stories and the industry over the years has given us memorable games that we have been captivated by. These stories are great examples even when compared to other forms of writing or cinema.

1. The Last of Us

We have been bombarded with zombie/apocalyptic themed games and movies since the turn of the century. There is a ton of these games out there and the fact that The Last of Us has stood the test of time and gained popularity among them is a testament to how special this game is.
It follows the story of a bereaved daughter-surrogate father pairing, Ellie and Joel. The setting is a post-apocalyptic America, a fungal virus has wreaked havoc on the world and the pair must travel across the country to deliver a possible cure. The story focuses on the survival bonding between the pair and is designed to make the player mimic the protective instincts of Joel, who will do anything to help Ellie. The player starts to view everything as expendable and this twisted outlook unfolds and delivers one of the best endings of all time.
The story is not only well-written, but the game has stunning visuals and the pacing is incredible. The game slows down to let the player explore in peace. The details of the plotline and the context of the story slowly unfolds as the player learns more and more about what happened. In addition, the effect is tragic and beautiful. It suffices to say that Naughty Dog’s latest can be considered a benchmark in terms of environmental and cinematic storytelling.

2. Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock has a brilliant time-travelling story. It is mind-bending and differs sharply from the regular worlds spun out by legendary games. The players are immersed in a whirlwind of multiverses, wormholes, and zealots.
Similar to the last entry, the story focuses on a surrogate daughter/father pairing, Elizabeth and Booker. The player takes on the role of Booker, and the simple assumption that the player has to save the girl, unravels as the game starts to get more and more complex. You quickly learn that the forces are beyond your control and you simply get swept along in the majestic and multi-layered world. By the time the game ends, things have taken a sharp inter-dimensional turn. You are forced to realize that you are a simple cog in the huge machinery of the fate and have become victim to the demons of your past. Instead of being an all-powerful hero that saves the day, you have to play hard and accept whatever fate occurs. This mostly includes the ripple-effects of the choices you made in the beginning of the game.

3. Final Fantasy VI

That’s right! This pixelated wonder beats out the popular Final Fantasy VII out of this list. While the 7th installment proved to be the best in terms of technical aspects was an epic journey, Final Fantasy VI is the game that marked a major shift in the tone of the series. With FFVI, the series left behind the comforts of a medieval world and moves into the spectacular setting of steampunk with its steam-powered industry and giant battleships.
It has a gripping story to tell. The characters are well-developed and quirky. The most memorable ones include Terra, Umaro, and the highly sociopathic bad guy, Kefka. The main group seems like a cohesive unit rather than a bunch of followers and one leader that lends a poignancy to the game. The game differs from the successive titles in the series because it has a clean, uncluttered storyline, and it manages to stay away from the ‘Metal Gear Solid syndrome’. The storyline is classic but the setting and pace take it over the edge and gives it a unique place among the games.

4. Fallout 2

Yes, we know Fallout 4 is supposed to have a brilliant set of memorable endings, it still doesn’t come up to the level of the Fallout 2 story, which marks a watershed moment in gaming history in terms of storytelling.
Fallout 2 stands out from the other titles in the series due to its unique setting. The game environment is a 1950s’ visualization of how things turn out in the future. The player sees charming visuals of a world that functions of atomic power, clunky industrial machinery, and destroyed shark-finned vehicles.
The main quest of the game is to save the village of Arroyo from an entity called the Enclave. The narration and game environment draw you in and throughout the journey you meet quite a lot of engaging and weird characters. The dialogue is witty and sharp, probably the best in the series. The tons of documents reveal details about the old world and lend a depth to the quest and characters. The player choices affect the story significantly. You have power over big decisions that drive the game and you end up making a unique journey. Fallout 2 brought about a revolution in the gaming industry and is considered one of the best RPGs.

5. The Walking Dead: Season 1

The Walking Dead is a pure survival-based game that has a raw edginess. It is a narrative-driven and highly interactive game created by the Telltale Games. Unlike other games, you start out in this without having any special weapons or supplies, there are no health bars or energy levels, and the only thing that you have to use is your reason and words to keep order intact among your group of survivors.
As the game progresses, it becomes very clear that your entire group is not meant to survive, death will follow you everywhere. Your ultimate priority turns out to be the protector of a young girl, Clementine. She has to be kept alive and sheltered from the horrors lurking everywhere. The story sort of sizzles out in terms of excitement in the second season but the first one remains a masterful piece of storytelling. This game drives home the point quite clearly: high-end graphics and high-action are not needed in order to craft a gripping game experience.

6. Red Dead Redemption

If someone wants a classic rags-to-riches storyline, then the GTA stories are fine. But Red Dead Redemption manages to break away from that fixed formula. It follows the tale of a man who wants to escape but ends up getting sucked deeper and deeper into the corrupt world of criminals, where survival is a tough game to play.
The protagonist, John Marston lives in the barren old west and leads an unsatisfactory life of crime. He doesn’t get much money nor is he particularly sharp of wit. He has a simple goal of wanting to retire into a peaceful life. As the story progresses, this goal gets further and further away from him. The plot feels like a great tragedy unfolding as you play along. So, this is not a typical, romantic, narrative game.
The ending is a bit of a shocker: Marston’s life ends in violent tragedy when he gets gunned down during a fight. It upsets many fans but looking at the story from the start, one cannot imagine a more fitting end. The story is fantastic and feels beautiful because of this twist.

7. Planescape: Torment

With this title, the developer, Interplay moved away from the typical high-fantasy genre of RPGs and developed this multi-plane traversing adventure that takes us into another worldly realm.
This stands tall as one of the most complex and great stories told by a video game.
The player controls an ostracized and tortured being called the Nameless One, who has forgotten everything he knows and was written off as being dead. You travel among different planes of existence, each more surreal than the last. The Nameless One goes on a quest to recover his memories and discover why he keeps dying and getting resurrected without any of his memories remaining intact. People are sacrificed to resurrect him and their ghosts torment this nameless creature who just wants to die in peace. The Nameless One wants to escape from this purgatory-like universe and ends his agonizing plight.
The game is somewhat low on action and relies on its mature and complex plot to keep the player engaged. The philosophical elements will leave you with unsettling questions about the nature of man echoing through your mind.

8. Mass Effect Trilogy

The three titles in the Mass Effect trilogy have a seamless plotline to the extent that the decisions that you make in the first go will affect the storyline in each successive installment. The storyline is therefore best looked at as a whole. Mass Effect is a classic space travelling adventure where the player takes control of a character known as Commander Shepard, who has the job of putting together a crew of people who originate from various parts of the universe and then lead this crew to an interstellar battle of epic proportions in which the crew has to combat an ancient species that are viciously trying to destroy the galaxy.
You travel through the cosmos along with your ragtag crew. You face difficulties that force you to work together and build relationships while learning about each other. The extent of interaction is detailed, and you can even choose who lives and who dies based on what you decide at key points.
The story has multiple layers. On one side, you have the epic quest to save the galaxy, then there is the rich lore of the background world, and the crowning aspect is the life abroad the spaceship. The eclectic and quirky mix of characters is a brilliant element. It makes the story feel like an intimate tale of unlikely friendships that is set against an epic backdrop of hugely significant events. How these events unfold is all dictated by your in-game decisions. This is an excellent narrative that makes the game story greater than the sum of its parts.

9. Deus Ex

Welcome to the world of corporate conspiracies, eternally nocturnal cityscapes, and nanotech-based augmentation. This stunning game set in the near-future has a plot that is a combined perfect storm of some of the most popular conspiracy theories in the world. The player takes on the role of JC Denton, who is tasked with the job of discovering the source of a deadly disease called ‘Gray Death’. This quest leads you into the murky depths of corporate conspiracies, greed, and the immoral world of big business.
The story has rich background lore. It allows you to break into computer terminals and use any sneaky means to snoop around. The scenarios, thought pessimistic, are probably believable as becoming true in reality someday. It is one of the most mature futuristic visions to be incorporated into a game. This effect resonates with the player. Just like other great video games, Deux Ex is supported by great mechanics. These encourage the player to engage with the different characters and villains and make morality-based decisions that will ultimately determine your fate in the game. The game allows you to explore and dig around deep into the environment in order to gain a full understanding of the internal world of the game.

10. Dark Souls

The Dark Souls’ storyline has a unique user interaction. Instead of going the usual route of overwhelming the player with a detailed cinematic storyline, Dark Souls opts for something different – it lets the player engage as little or as much as they want with the story.
All the titles in this series tell great stories and part of their charm is the forlorn setting. The world of the game rests on an eternal balancing of light and dark. The light, ‘fir’ of the world begins to fade and some are tasked with keeping the flame alive, but in their efforts, they plunge the world into chaos and this is the point where the player begins the game.
The story comes alive with energy and interactivity when you encounter other adventurers, all of these unfortunate beings are becoming hollow and deteriorating. You have to choose between helping them or leaving them to their fates. Their stories are beautiful and poetic, while some of them are quite touching. Take the time and travel through this dark and complex world. The story elements merge seamlessly together and form an overarching arc that is stunning in width and depth.

11. Silent Hill 2

Anyone who wants seriously creepy games will not find one that is much better than Silent Hill 2. The creepiness level of the first installment is by no means low but the second game on the series has the most memorable bone-chilling effects that tend to haunt you long after you have finished the game. The creepiness in this is timeless in a way that no other game has ever managed to achieve. This timelessness is a great testament to the captivating nature of the story. The story moves away from horror clichés and focuses on guilt and grief of the protagonist, then highlights these emotional horrors by using supernatural elements.
There is a constant air of mystery and uncertainty throughout the game. The visuals play up this mysterious factor. The streets are misty and unclear, so are the intentions of the characters you will encounter. Basically, everything is up for interpretation. The player is not able to learn what is truly going on and meanders through the silence. There are multiple endings that depend on a few subtle elements of behavior, such as how much time you spend talking to a certain character or how often you read the letters. This is an enigmatic game that brings to mind the puzzle-narratives of David Lynch. This game offers a trip to a dark and mind-bending world and leaves you questioning everything. It is a stunning achievement that has not been topped.

12. Bioshock

This game was the true coming-of-age in the world of storytelling through games. The player is exposed to a ruined utopia called Rapture, a memorable and immersive setting. The setting is a stark and cutting realization of the novel by Ayn Rand, ‘Atlas Shrugged’. The novel champions the concepts of individualism and objectivism, the game takes on this philosophy of the novel and presents its critique on how society would function if all individuals were free to pursue their goals without any regard to the need of others. The game can be considered an interactive allegory of the novel.
An eventual twist of a fundamental nature occurs during the gameplay that leaves the player shocked to discover that the past 15 hours were pretty much played by the rules of a controlling entity. This is usually the case in these kinds of games but Bioshock was different because it was the first game to really drive in this lack of control a lot more forcefully into the player’s minds.
The plot is communicated purely through the interactive elements. There are not lengthy cut-scenes, minimum interaction with the characters, and no dialogue from the player. The storytelling is done through audiologs, the stunning Deco visuals, and the finely honed background details.
Bioshock achieved the distinction of being a game whose storyline successfully critiqued a system of philosophy and managed to conceive its own take on philosophical concepts. It was a game that made us reflect on the nature of storytelling and acknowledge the gaming medium as a powerful force for inducing introspective thinking. A brilliant achievement.


10 Reasons To Buy Fallout 4’s Wasteland Workshop DLC

If you thoroughly enjoyed Fallout 4’s deep crafting system, you’ll probably be interested in Fallout 4’s Wasteland Workshop DLC, which intends to expand your options.
It’s also the smallest, cheapest DLC available, at just $5 dollars.
While a $5 dollar DLC pack may not sound as significant as the upcoming Far Harbor expansion, there’s plenty of reasons to give the Wasteland Workshop a try.

1. MacGyver Yourself Some Outlandish Traps

Trap doors, spring boards, sawblades, spike floors – there’s now plentiful new ways to construct creatively sinister carnage courses to test out on intruders. I wonder how high you can catapult people into the air?

2. Build a gladiator arena

You get individually-designed powered cages for deathclaws, yao guai, radscorpions, mutant hounds, feral ghouls, raiders, etc – plus red and blue team platforms, everything you need for a little post-apocalyptic running man. Shame there’s no multiplayer.

3. New Decontamination Arch

By now, you probably have more than enough Rad-A-Way to supply your wasteland adventures, but the new decontamination arch is very sleek looking, perhaps even fairly useful if you intend to spend considerable time in high radiation areas.

4. New Fusion Generators

Providing 100 electric power, the new fusion generators are relatively quiet and essential for complex settlements that need the wattage. They also have pretty conservative resource requirements, the only real challenging ingredient being the 8 crystal units, though you can farm those out of the Institutes’ microscope collection if need be.

5. New Concrete Buildings

Probably one of the best Fallout 4 mods you could download was the settlement expansion kit, which essentially beefed up your asset options using pre-existing pieces from the game’s world. Wasteland Workshop essentially adds even more assets to the inventory, including a nice newly rendered set of concrete building pieces, including curved walls, roofing, and stairways.

6. Bare Essentials

The new garden plots are essential for organizing your agricultural regions to your settlements. There’s also an advanced engineering workbench that certainly is worth freeing up space for. The new “power door” option also seems like an obvious necessity. So now you can wire up your own fortress, complete with a doorway that has some semblance of conventional security. The Beta Wave Emitter structure now allows you to turn hostile creatures friendly, a nice tool provided you already have unlocked the “Wasteland Whisperer” and “Animal Friend” perks.

7. Mount a Deathclaw Head


The different creatures you can mount up in your apocalyptic trophy room has been noticeably expanded. So in terms of taxidermy, there’s plenty new accoutrements. Happy hunting.

8. Streetlight Options

Oil lamps, streetlights, subway rail lights – there are plethora of ways to light up your settlement now, so you can do away with the construction tripods littered everywhere. You also get mounted spotlights, which could come in handy for keeping outer barriers illuminated in case of attacks.

9. Land-Based Water Pump

Having fifty water spigots in a row looks ugly. The new land-based water pump will beef up the water supply in your settlements and doesn’t require a natural water source to plant it.

10. New Neon Lettering Options

Besides being able to outfit vendors with signs and houses with house numbers, the new neon lettering options are a nice addition for creating some night life for your settlement.

Other Basic Settlement Options Expanded


Different colored doors, new steel railing options, and a varying assortment of rugs and floor covers that all look just as tattered and ragged – besides the new pool table option and the ability to mount a cat’s head on your wall, settlement decorations and furnishings are nothing to rave about in this expansion, though they are ample.


Mighty No.9 Has A June Release Date Now

First it was September, then it was February, now it is June. None of us like deadlines, but it seems like developer Comcept, headed by Mega Man co-creator Keiji Inafune, is still struggling to bring Mighty No. 9 to the store shelves.

Their crowdfunded spiritual successor to the defunct Mega Man franchise has had numerous delays over the course of the last few quarters and it now appears the game is getting a fresh release date for June 21st.
Mighty No.9 will be a 2D platformer, essentially a love letter to Mega Man games of the past, even though the game’s protagonist legally can’t be Mega Man. This didn’t stop longtime fans of the franchise to donate their money to see to the game getting made, as the Mighty No. 9’s crowdfunding campaign was able to bring in a staggering $3,845,170. In the game’s rescheduling announcement made a few days ago, Inafune stressed his disappointment and apologies to the fans for having to wait so long for Mighty No.9 to come out. “Firstly, I would like to say again how sincerely sorry we are for how long we have kept all of our fans waiting. With the game having ‘gone gold’ we are in the last final stages of being able to deliver it into your hands, be that via your favorite retail outlet, or via digital channels,” Inafune wrote.

Inafune stressed that this would be the last time the game would be delayed, which sounds promising considering the game has “gone gold,” which is an industry term for when a game is completed and can be held in your hand. So likely this latest delay has more to do with distribution and marketing than anything else. However, fans will still have to wait an undisclosed amount of time for the Playstation Vita and Nintendo 3DS versions to come out.

Mighty No. 9 is intended to be released on virtually every platform, including Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, and the handheld platforms of Playstation Vita and Nintendo 3DS.

Will there be a Mighty No. 9 movie?

While we’re still waiting for Mighty No. 9 to come, there are already talks of Inafune turning Mighty No. 9 into a franchise for his new studio. All the way back in February 2014, Inafune spoke with Polygon about his interests in starting a Mighty No. 9 franchise of sequels, along with a number of other multi-media offerings to fans, including a live action movie, even. Whether all these ambitions will come to fruition is hard to say, although some cogs have already been put into motion.

The Tokyo-based production company Digital Frontier is already at work creating an animated series for Mighty No. 9, which is expected to come out sometime in the second quarter of this year. Digital Frontier has worked on a number of video game animated adaptations in the past, one of their most recent being Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. Media company Legendary Pictures is also reportedly collaborating with Comcept to produce a Mighty No. 9 feature film, although details are still very sparse.

As for a sequel to the Mighty No. 9 game, Inafune had tried to crowdfund the spin off Red Ash: The Indelible Legend, which would feature similar characters from the main game, including Beck and Call. While the crowdfund campaign did fall short, Chinese developer HYDE, Inc. has picked up the game for development.


5 Things We Hope to See from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

It’s been five years since fans of Deus Ex: Human Revolution came out, and likely we’re all excited to see the return of our favorite cyborg Adam Jensen. In this list, we break down five things we’d like to see in the next Deus Ex game.

True “Ghost” mode

While Deus Ex is revered for the freedom it offers players – where you can sneak, shoot, and even talk your way out of tight situations – Mankind Divided always felt a little more like a cover-based shooter than anything else. It seemed like many instances prodded you to take action, and if you didn’t, you were at least given a much less thrilling experience. While these complaints could be cast aside as subjective, as someone who played through the entirety of Dishonored without killing an NPC I didn’t have to, I appreciate this layer of detail some fans are going to expect from Mankind Divided. Having non-lethal playthroughs can be very interesting, and for a game like Mankind Divided, it could be fantastic option afforded to players.

Chatty Kathy

Thankfully, developer Eidos Montreal has made the decision to include “debate” features in the game, where your luck with social interaction could be just as useful as taking out an assault rifle. While not all boss instances will enable you to use your gift of gab, many instances will, which hopefully will add a far more interesting dimension of gameplay that players can tap into as they wish. Having a non-lethal element to Mankind Divided will also be truly interesting, given the technological implications of the Deus Ex universe, so it will be exciting to see how Eidos has used that kind of creative scope in their level designs.

In-house boss battles

Because of development and time constraints of Human Revolution, the boss battles you play through were actually created by other development studios. While this isn’t necessarily how you explain their perceived shortcomings to the Deus Ex fan base, the new boss battles featured in Mankind Divided will in fact be developed completely in-house. This isn’t a guarantee they will better, per se, but it is a subtle promise that the developer has publicly been rather vocal about.

Superior Graphically

If Watchdogs, The Division, and even Witcher 3 have shown us, it’s that you can’t expect a game to look as good as it does at E3 as it will when you run it on your computer. For gamers that like to run optimum quality, however, this does mean something. And now that more and more gamers are investing in high end custom built PCs, the bar has been set far higher for graphics to outperform our expectations. Mankind Divided so far looks amazing, but how much of that gloss will be left over after the compromises of post-production can be anyone’s guess. What we can hope for though is that it won’t be as dulled down as some of those aforementioned titles.

Augmentation Options: More and Better

Mankind Divided will feature a vast array of ways to beat levels, so the hope is that your augmentation mods will be markedly more robust and creative than the previous game. While there was nothing wrong with the selection offered in Human Revolution, the quantity was somewhat tight, offering at most a couple of options for your playstyle. Hopefully, Mankind Divided will feature more options, along with the ability to have a slightly more eclectic taste.