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Short Film Showcase: Spider

“It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.” This warning surely helps in setting the tone for the Australian short film by Blue Tongue Productions, Spider, a work co-written and directed by Nash Edgerton. David Michod is the co-writer on this indie project and the lead actors in the movie are Edgerton, taking on the role of Jack, and Mirra Foulkes, playing Jill.
The film begins with Jack and Jill riding in their car with Jill at the wheel, reprimanding Jack for never taking things seriously. Now, Jack seems like a good hearted bloke who despite being full of beans, evidently loves Jill very much. So when they stop at a gas station, Jack decides to woo Jill with flowers and chocolates, and just to make it all a bit more interesting, a fake spider. As they drive along, Jack’s horsing around seems forgiven until Jill suddenly chances upon the spider and freaks out. The pace picks up here as Jack takes the car’s wheel to avoid a head-on collision with another vehicle and their car screeches to a halt by the side of the road. Jill then jumps out of the car in panic mode while Jack playfully explains to her that the spider was a fake one, throwing it at her to prove his point. Jill is terrorized completely by this and when she steps back, wham – is violently hit by a car. The rest of the sequences cover Jack’s reaction, the paramedics arriving and while the medics are attending to Jill, there’s the final shocker. A medic, while preparing to administer a shot to Jill, lifts her hand, is scared by the spider and as a reflex is up quickly with his hands thrown up, only for the needle to jam Jack squarely in the eye. Phew! So much for a harmless prank!
The names Jack and Jill and the lover’s tiff they have in the car hardly matches up to the tragedy that eventually unfolds in the film and the deliberate playfulness even in the names suggest a measured mix. The contrasting stages in Spider – one, where the lovers quarrel and then playfully make up and the other, where a seemingly harmless prank results in a serious accident – make it all even more interesting. In fact, if it wasn’t for the ominous warning by ‘Mum’ in the beginning of the film and the dark overtures in its cinematography, one would have begun to think this was a romantic comedy with a happy ending!
The stunt of Jill being hit by the car is brilliantly managed and Edgerton’s experience as a professional stuntman comes in handy here. You’ll want to watch the scene over and over again and only after looking at the making of the film would you be able to figure out how it was shot.
One might say that too many spoilers – the warning by ‘Mum’, the name of the film telling you that the spider has a central role to play in it, and the dark overtone throughout even the lighter sequences – weaken the shock value the film could have otherwise delivered. Yet, Spider delivers!


Movies You May have Missed: Under the Skin

The British- American sci-fi horror film Under The Skin was released for viewing at the Telluride Film Festival in Telluride, Colorado. It was later released in theatres in the first quarter of 2014. Directed by the celebrated English filmmaker, Jonathan Glazer, this film is a definite must-watch! Glazer is famous for his work with some of the most interesting music videos and advertisements.

Under The Skin is a movie about an alien who lands on earth and takes disguise as an attractive woman seducing and preying on unwary men in Scotland. Script writers Jonathan Glazer and Walter Campbell have created the script and made a film adaptation of Michel Faber’s novel of the same name.
Starring Scarlett Johansson, the film has received critical acclaim for its script and Johansson’s performance. Glazer spent more than 10 years trying to create the film and has eventually created this masterpiece with a budget of a little over $13 million. The movie was well-received by the audience and critics; however, it failed to recover the budget that was spent in the making of the film. The original sound track for the film is given by Mica Levi, who is better known by her stage name Micachu.

While the movie has an erotic ambience to it, the feeling of fear, anxiety and a deep sense of disturbance cannot be excluded. Johansson’s outstanding performance is worth praising and no one could have done more justice to the role than this talented actress has. The men casted in the film are non-actors. Some scenes from the film were created using random, unscripted conversations that were recorded on the streets, with the use of hidden cameras.
Johansson’s stupendous presence easily attracts attention and this would be typical even if she were to turn up as an alien in its natural form. So it’s easy to say that Glazer made the perfect choice when he casted Johansson as the protagonist in the film.

The film begins with a scene wherein an alien is born. The alien is brought to earth and is consistently assisted, throughout the movie, by a motorcyclist. This man on a motorcycle even assists her in getting the human form when she lands on earth. Once in her human form, the woman drives around Glasgow in a Ford Transit van and picks up random men as her prey. Johansson doesn’t have a name and can simply be addressed as “the woman.”

Not much is shown of the scene where she preys on the men other than the fact that the men are led into a dark apartment followed by scenes showing Johansson and her prey taking off their clothes before she starts backing up leading the men to walk towards her while they slowly descend into a pool of black liquid. Johansson seems undisturbed by the liquid as she calmly walks on its surface with an expressionless look. The woman’s indifference to her hosts’ external appearance is obvious when she even picks up a man with a disfigured face. The role of this character is played by Adam Person, who suffers from neurofibromatosis.
Towards the end of the film, the woman walks through a forest and comes across a commercial logger, who later tries to molest and rape her in the forest. In the act he tears off the skin on her back, revealing a pitch black human shaped figure. The logger runs away, only to return with fuel that he uses to set the woman/alien on fire. The alien is burnt alive and the movie ends with smoke rising towards the skies.

Quite a modest amount of the film is detailed while some parts seem to have been left unexplained by Glazer, in a hope that the audience will imagine its meaning or analyze it. Not many directors do this and Glazer must be credited for such direction as he gives his audience something to think about even after the film is over.


Top 10 Disastrous Movie Sequels

A hit movie, with even the remote chance of a storyline that can be stretched, often sees a sequel. Not all of these turn out to be as good as the original though. In fact, some of them are plain disastrous! This list of Top 10 Disastrous Movie Sequels will show you what we mean.

Speed 2: Cruise Control

The 1994 original movie Speed showed us what a brilliant plot could do. Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock, Jeff Daniels and Joe Morton came together to build upon an amazing screenplay and the result was a hit that even won two Academy Awards in the categories of sound. Then, a sequel was decided and it all went downhill. Keanu Reeves declined to play a part in the sequel after reading the script but Sandra Bullock agreed. This one took place on the high seas and turned out to be a disaster. Although it made a decent profit, even those involved deemed it a mistake.

Jaws 2

We still quote the original Jaws movie and consider it among the best thrillers up there. As for the sequel, not many of us even know it’s out there! The tagline, “Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water.” was great, but that was about the only good thing related to the movie. Steven Spielberg took his hands off the project and even Roy Scheider would have, if it wasn’t for the contract. As terrible as this one turned out, the makers still went ahead with a couple more in the franchise. A Jaws-sized error indeed!

Exorcist II: The Heretic

Now, to be fair to this sequel, the original was so good that few other horrow movies even came close to it, so an encore was downright impossible. Well, the Exorcist II: The Heretic did attempt the impossible then, and miserably failed. The director stayed away but most of the cast jumped aboard what was eventually a sinking ship. This one, wasn’t just a far cry from the first, but was a disappointment in comparison to other horror movies as well.

The Ring Two

The original movie The Ring was an all-out remake of the Japanese version. A horror flick that is counted as the best in its genre even today, even the evil soul in the original would have cringed at how the sequel turned out. The Ring Two wasn’t a departure from the usual like the first one was, and this was its main undoing. In the end, it simply turned out to be a feeble, and unsuccessful, attempt at keeping the momentum of the first one going.

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Even the staunchest of Star Wars fans will agree that this sequel was, well a disaster of gargantuan proportions. Some might argue on this but then that would only be theStar Wars spirit in them asking them to defy the truth. This movie remains one of George Lucas’ forgettable works and certainly one that finds itself at the bottom of the pile in the franchise.

Son of the Mask

Everyone who saw The Mask knew it was Jim Carrey all the way. Why then would someone venture to make a sequel without him! The sequel lacked a storyline and was void of any decent level of comedy whatsoever. In comparison to the original, this one never stood a chance. Oh and the CGI was pathetic too.

Grease 2

Grease was an epic movie and finds place among the classics even today. Grease 2 on the other hand is forgettable at best. Maxwell Caulfield simply couldn’t carry the movie on his limited talents and the pale storyline just didn’t have the same oomph that the original did. This one turned out to be a perfect example of why some hits should be left alone!

Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid

Anaconda, the 1997 adventure horror flick was a refreshing one for many reasons. It was the first movie to truly explore the myth of gigantic anacondas and then there was the tagline, “If you can’t breathe you can’t scream.” Well, the movie had the audience hooked, especially with a starry cast falling prey to the vicious snake. Unfortunately, the second movie did not boast of a great cast not of convincing graphics. This one went down faster than a rat down an anaconda’s throat!

Men in Black II

The original movie was a great one, with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones playing the perfect partners fighting a weird looking alien that is out to destroy the equilibrium of the universe. The sequel was destructive by itself and certainly did not need a pug to fit into the equation. Anyways, the pug was right there and so was a new female partner Agent K for hunky Agent J. if the alphabetical names did not turn you off the first time around, it was only because of the brilliant plot. The sequel however gave the audience time to think about this and more, an utter disaster especially when compared to the original Men in Black.

Basic Instinct 2

The original movie was an amazing one that revealed to audiences all that the power of sensuality coupled with a criminal mind could do. The sequel proved to audiences that even healthy doses of both these traits could bring down a film if it’s just not made right. The buildup for the second movie was promising, especially since it had Sharon Stone reprising her role. Well, once the movie hit theaters, the audience soon understood this was nowhere close to the first and chose to stay away, in spite of oodles of crime and sex.

Some originals are simply too great to follow up convincingly, while some sequels are so bad that they can’t even match up to a mediocre original. Whatever the case may be, this list of Top 10 Disastrous Movie Sequels shows us why Hollywood doesn’t always get the formula right the second time around.


Top 10 Banned Movies

The film industry is well known for outrageous works that send the audience into a different realm, one they might not be comfortable in at all. Yet, some films out there are so shocking and scandalous that they have even faced outright bans!
This list of Top 10 Banned Movies encompasses a genre of films ranging from horror to pornography to racism and exploitation. Some of these films faced commercial failure and some filmmakers were even slapped with lawsuits!
The Last Temptation of Christ(1988)

Directed by Martin Scorsese, The Last Temptation of Christ depicts Jesus’ struggle with tempting sins such as lust, fear and uncertainty. There was also the illustration of a sexual relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene that sparked outrage amongst Christian fundamentalists. The divine image of Jesus was questioned in this work and this annoyed conservative Christians. The movie was banned in several countries including Turkey, Singapore, Mexico, Argentina, the Philippines and Chile.
Borat (2006)

This ‘mockumentary’ film depicts a made-up Kazakh journalist who journeys to America to learn about Americans and their culture. The British actor, Sacha Baron Cohen, is depicted as a stereotypical backward Eastern European as he goes on a journey interacting with and interviewing Americans and tends to offend everyone he speaks to. The movie was banned in several Arab countries and parts of Russia. Two years prior to the film’s release, the film met with a lot of controversies and some cast members even sued the creators of the film.
The Birth of a Nation (1915)

Directed by D. W. Griffith, this epic drama movie caused riots in Boston, Philadelphia and a few other major cities, because of its racist theme. The movie depicted black men, played by white actors, being sexually belligerent towards white women. The movie was banned in cities including Chicago and Kansas City. In response to the negative response from the audience and the NAACP, director Griffith was motivated to produce the movie Intolerance in 1916.
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre(1974)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre depicts a brutal chainsaw wielding killer who dons a facemask made of human skin and tortures his victims by amputating them with a chainsaw. The killer’s family consists of grave-robbing cannibals. The movie was given an ‘R’ rating and was banned in several countries including Brazil, Singapore, Germany and Ireland, in some for 25 years.

Directed by Kōji Shiraishi and released in 2009, Grotesque is a Japanese horror film depicting a sadist doctor who tortures a couple he kidnaps off the street. Due to the genuinely grotesque amputation, eye gouging and extremely disturbing sexual scenes, the movie has been banned in many countries including the UK. The movie failed commercially and received negative reviews by critics.
Last Tango in Paris (1972)

This movie was fiercely censored due to the obscene sexual images including Marlon Brando and a French newcomer actress Maria Schneider, who later on accused the Italian director for the emotional trauma that was caused as a result of the director’s manipulation. The actress alleged that the sex scene towards the end of the movie was not part of the original script. The Supreme Court in Italy detained all copies of the movie and burned them. There was a ban placed on the release of the film for over a decade and the director, Bertolucci, was labeled a criminal. Last Tango in Paris was banned in countries like Portugal, South Korea, Chile and parts of Canada.
The Human Centipede 2 (2011)

Released in 2011, this Dutch exploitation film was directed by Tom Six. The movie is about a mentally challenged British man who is obsessed with the prequel, Human Centipede and wishes to create his own human centipede using 12 people. The film was banned due to its brutality of the depicted mutilation and portraying of the victims as nothing more than mere objects used in a sickening scientific experiment.
A Serbian Film (2010)

Released in 2010, this movie is about a struggling porn star who agrees to do one last film before he takes a clean break from the porn business. It is only later that he realizes that he has been cast in the making of a snuff film that includes child rape and necrophilia. The film was investigated for crime against sexual morals and has since been banned in several countries including Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and France.
The Tin Drum (1979)

The Tin Drum was a 1979 movie that was adapted from a novel of the same name. Directed by Volker Schlöndorff, this movie is about a young lad who decides not to grow over the age of three. Even though the film won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, it was banned under ‘child pornography’ by the Ontario Censor Board in Canada and in several countries due to a controversial scene of the young lad appearing to be engaged in an act of oral sex with an older woman.
Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

This movie was released in 1980 and directed by Ruggero Deodato, reeks of graphic brutality and gory sexual assault. The plot of the film is about a rescue mission that was carried out by a New York University anthropologist Harold Monroe, who happens to find some footage that was left behind by a film crew whose members met a very pathetically tragic fate at the hands of cannibals in the Amazon Rainforest. The movie has been banned in a number of countries that include Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Germany. Even though the movie was banned, it’s found-footage style of flashback story narrative has been adopted and popularized in the movie The Blair Witch Project, which follows a similar theme, barring the gruesome and graphic sequences in Cannibal Holocaust.
In some cases, the unjustified bans on some of these movies have encouraged audiences to hunt them down. In other cases, the bans seem reasonable in every way!

Top 10 Stanley Kubrick Movies

Stanley Kubrick was undeniably one of the most talented and creative directors. A perfectionist, he always paid attention to the minutest of details, making his pictures a visual treat. He was not only a celebrated director, but he also raised the bar for other directors in the filmmaking industry. His significant work in the industry will be cherished for decades to come and this list of Top 10 Stanley Kubrick celebrates the talent and passion of a great director.


The making of this movie is still a mystery. Being a book adaptation, this movie smoothly overcame some of the major challenges of creating a film out of words printed on pages. Due to certain limitations, Kubrick used his expertise and cleverly changed the way the story spills through, avoiding provocative scenes and unwanted attention from the critics. In spite of the sexuality the movie weaves into the storyline, the depiction of it all remains artistic in several ways.


Kubrick created this epic historical film that was nominated for six Academy Awards, of which it proudly bagged four. This remarkable creation was a combined effort of Stanley Kubrick and Kirk Douglas, who was the producer and the lead actor of the movie. The action sequences in the movie revolving around the rebellious slave are truly worthy of praise as is the splendid cinematography. In its time, it was one of the grandest ventures in the movie industry.

Full Metal Jacket

With the never-ending war, Vietnam-based movies were on a constant production and release. Most Kubrick fans eagerly waited to see Kubrick’s creation on the subject. As always, Kubrick didn’t disappoint his fans. This 1987 war film is sprinkled with quirkiness and describes the mental volatility of soldiers. The film was not only directed by Kubrick, but he was also the producer and co-writer.


This 1964 ironic black comedy, by Stanley Kubrick, satirizes the nuclear fright. Based on a novel by Peter George, the film was produced, directed and co-written by Kubrick. The cast’s stellar performance was a result of Kubrick’s compulsion to be a perfectionist. He took numerous re-takes of a shot until he was sure it was perfect, finally bringing to the screen a work that is considered a fine example of moviemaking even today.

The Shining

Stanley Kubrick once again brought details from page to screen, with excellent poise, through his 1980 psychological horror film The Shining. The movie, which is an adaptation from a Stephen King novel, stars Jack Nicholson who contributes to the role impeccably. The story revolves around a writer, who’s suffering from writer’s block and turns homicidal as he slowly descends into insanity. Every scene is beautifully crafted and doesn’t fail to bring out the sinister motives of the psychological character played by Nicholson. Kubrick has his audience sitting at the edge of their seats with this one!

2001: A Space Odyssey

This 1968 science fiction movie was directed, produced and co-written by Stanley Kubrick. The movie is about a group of astronauts who are sent into space on an unknown mission. On their journey, they come across a myriad of strange behaviors displayed by their spaceship’s computer system, leading to a fight between man and machine. The movie at first, gained mixed reviews from its viewers and critics. However, later it went on to win an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects.

Eyes Wide Shut

The movie Eyes Wide Shut has an oxymoron-ish undertone, not only in the name, but also in the hues the movie portrays. Kubrick called this movie “his greatest contribution to the art of cinema”. Eyes Wide Shut was Stanley Kubrick’s last movie before his death. As usual, Kubrick’s perfect sense of direction, using colors, visuals and props makes this movie a perfect sensual story about passion, sex and relationships. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman considered this movie an honor, considering that Kubrick was directing them. In spite of mixed critical reviews, the movie remains a work only Kubrick could have accomplished.

Clockwork Orange

Another classical hit by the auteur, Clockwork Orange, is a movie that was directed, produced and written by Stanley Kubrick. The movie touched upon delicate subjects like juvenile delinquency and gang violence. The protagonist of the movie is a youth whose interests are rather intriguing- Beethoven’s classical music, rape and ‘ultra-violence’.  Kubrick pays attention to specific details, taking numerous re-shots just to get the perfect visual, thus making the movie a treat for its viewers.

Barry Lyndon

This 1975 period drama film is about the achievements of an 18th century Irish adventurer. Kubrick’s keen sense of imagery is evident in some of the metaphoric scenes created in the movie using nothing but candle light. Kubrick’s unparalleled sense of direction has always made the best use of innovative ideas.

Paths of Glory

This 1957 anti-war movie, directed and co-written by Stanley Kubrick, is a story set during World War I. Starring Kirk Douglas, the movie is about a commanding officer who refuses a suicidal attack and is court-martialed and charged of cowardice. Kubrick plays with emotional sentiments and realistic images. Kubrick tends to draw out raw and rugged performances from his actors that are priceless!

These 10 Stanley Kubrick movies are a must-watch and a treat for movie buffs. His originality and eye for detail makes each of his direction no less than a masterpiece! One doesn’t need more reasons to place him on the same mantle as some of the most influential directors of all time.

Short Film Showcase: Prick

When a short film relies only on a mysterious plot, great cinematography, bare minimum sound effects and no dialogue, and yet manages to make an impression that lasts, you know it is good work. Prick is one such film that in spite of using only visuals manages to create an impact that lasts long after you watch it.
The storyline by Colin Berry, also the director of the film, follows a serial killer who uses the pinprick of a needle to bring death upon his victims. He sees no right or wrong and simply draws a devious pleasure out of his victims’ deaths. The fact that he kills them with minimal violence also says a lot of the main protagonist, played by Ian Batt. When a murderer is portrayed, he usually dons the avatar of someone who gains evil pleasure from the act. The prick of a needle surely does not amount to such an act, does it? A wry satisfied smile is all that Batt has to offer and it suffices.

Whether the killer is a sociopath, a schizophrenic, or someone who has done wrong is an angle the movie simply does not go into. What it does explore is how a single moment of empathy can end up disturbing a mind that though by worldly standards is already unstable, truly insane.
Short-Film-Showcase-PRick copy

Even though Batt kills, he seems to be in control. But when a little baby is left at his door, his caring instincts kick in and all hell breaks loose in his fragile mind. The world of death and despair suddenly seems to open up on him and the calm gives way to pandemonium.

Add to these the mysterious factors of the baby disappearing yet the shawl remaining and one wonders whether the child was only a figment of his imagination. A beautiful Sarah Mitich too plays her part of a beautiful victim well, and when she does reappear in the film, she isn’t looking innocent at all. These details are what leave you with lingering thoughts.

Surprisingly, while the success of most works is measured by how many times one feels like watching it again, Prick is from a different class altogether. You only have to watch this one once, and it stays. The thought of watching it again simply does not occur to you for a long time because when a story is told amazingly well, it does not need to be told again. It simply stays in the mind and then, plays with it! That’s exactly what Prick does. It does not invite you to take the journey again. It simply allows you to continue that journey in your head and that is freaky!

Prick premiered at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival and among its laurels boasts of a selection to the 2012 Little Terrors ‘Highlight’ Tour and the Best Short of 2011 Award by thelairoffilth It needs a lot more recognition though because it does something not many other films do – This one plays with your mind and doesn’t stop for quite a while!


Movies You May Have Missed: Snowpiercer

The structure of Hollywood is such that at times, the most powerful works are related to the darkest corners of the spectrum and one look at Snowpiercer will certainly have you agreeing that this was one movie that deserved a lot more recognition that it received.
Directed by Joon-ho Bong of South Korea, rechristened Bong Joon Ho for the convenience of the Western world, Snowpiercer has powerful names such Chris Evans, Jamie Bell and Tilda Swinton leading the cast with their equally powerful performances leaving an indelible mark on the movie too. The 2013 South Korean film that hit theaters across the US on July 11th 2014 is based on the French graphic novel Le Transperceniege, itself an impressive work from Jacques Lob, Jean-Marc Rochette and Benjamin Legrand.
Lasting 126 minutes, each of these minutes filled with extraordinary amounts of action and drama, this sci-fi thriller is set in the year 2031, where after a climate change experiment gone wrong, the only means of survival is to keep the train with the last human beings on Earth running along its tracks incessantly. In short, the movie is based in a post-apocalypse era where of course, humanity is on its last leg and the slightest error would end in the eradication of the species.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and this time around, the so-called guardians of the race have devised a perfect formula to keep the last of the species going – a monstrous train that depicts the Ark of old runs along a never-ending track on a seemingly eternal journey for survival, and works on the same rules that society does. So while the richer classes in the first compartments of this train enjoy the fruits of others’ labors, the one who actually labor are left to lead a miserable life.

This cannot go on forever of course and in comes a revolution where the few who question the misery around them choose to rise and revolt. What follows is a gruesome tale and this is where the Asian hand of the director comes into play. The entire setup of the movie may be Hollywood-ish but when it comes to the execution of the macabre side of things, the Asian way takes over.

Whether it is the gunning down of schoolchildren or the blatant sadism and elements of terror that Snowpiercer portrays, it reminds you of those violent Asian flicks where blood and gore is part of the entire routine. To the Western audience, it may come across as excessive and yet, the brilliant execution of every sequence doesn’t allow you to tear your eyes away from even the most gruesome ones.

The portrayal of each car of the train too presents a great journey and each step takes the lowly creatures of the last rungs of the survival chain to a world they had never imagined existed. As the perfect rule of order, the train seems to be running on breaks down, the questions regarding the survival of the rebel group increase, along with the threats of deadly repercussions for the last surviving lives of a species.

The many tones the movie carries are indeed surprising. On one side of the coin is the unapologetic violence and tragedy, and on the other side is the depiction of a world that resembles everything ugly that humanity stands for.

Several critics labeled Snowpiercer the best they had seen in 2014 and reviews ranged from riveting to epic. Dark yet beautiful, and bringing to the big screen a perfect depiction of gruesome violence interlaced with cheerful moments, Snowpiercer is an unforgettable journey that undeniably deserves a lot more attention.


Top 10 Best Unscripted Movie Scenes

Every movie buff tends to have his/her favorite part of a favorite movie and the credit usually goes to the screenwriters. On rare occasions, instinct takes over and actors and directors make up their mind to instill changes that they feel will make the scene a better one. This, surprisingly, turns out to be the movie’s best line or scene sometimes! Creating a touch of absolute ingenuity gives the movie an allure as viewers react to it differently. Here are the Top 10 Best Unscripted Movie Scenes that left an impact.

The Godfather

In this 1972 crime film, the Italian-American director, Francis Ford Coppola, not only gets every inch of every reel right but also adds a piquant shade to the mafia mob drama. His liberal approach to film direction accepts innovation with open arms, making The Godfather a true classic! The few but significant unscripted touches to the movie give it its well-earned fame. During the introduction of his character in the movie, Marlon Brando is seen gently stroking a cat, while sentencing a man to be beaten for raising his hand on a woman. This image was Coppola’s brainchild and it masterfully gives you a complete review of the character, while it also accentuates the character’s dual personality as the head of a mafia family.

Full Metal Jacket

The movie Full Metal Jacket contains an moment where actor R. Lee Ermey, who played the role of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, used his impromptu skills and experience as a drill sergeant, to make up almost 50 percent of the dialogues in the movie! Ermey was a drill sergeant before he got into acting and hence had the intended expertise for this kind of a role. He has resourcefully utilized his military façade to capture similar roles in other movies too. This one earned him a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

The Shining

Another instantaneous addition that shocked and awed, is the shot from the movie The Shining, where Jack Nicholson, donning the character of a drunk Jack Torrance, uses an axe to chop through a door to get to actress Shelly Duvall, who played the role of Wendy Torrance. The iconic scene petrifies it’s viewers with the frenzied screams of Duvall, but Nicholson decided to add to the scare factor with a little something of his own. Borrowing the intro from ‘The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson’, Nicholson says “Heeere’s Johnny!” with an eerie smile on his face. This inference was totally off the line of dialogues, but still managed to instill in the audience a weird sense of horror, making this line one of the best ones in the movie.

The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger bagged himself a retrospective Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in the movie The Dark Knight. He recreated the perfect villainous image of ‘The Joker’, Batman’s villain, in the minds of the film viewers and not only added the true dark, despiteful and frightening image of the character, but also blended in some satirical humor. Ledger’s talented improvisation of the character earned the movie its fame. In the film, the Joker blows up a hospital in Gotham. While Ledger was acting out the scene of walking away from the explosion, he deviated from the scripted scene to add a touch of satirical humor by stopping and reacting in a fidgety manner to the delayed explosion. This instantaneous act got the viewers hooked!


Steven Spielberg’s 1975 thriller film Jaws still sends shivers down its viewers spine, every time they watch it. The actor, Roy Scheider, who played the role of Chief Martin Brody in this film, fabricated a dialogue in one of the movie’s scenes, making this dialogue one of those that transcends a movie to exist in a life of its own. In the scene, where Scheider notices the size of the 25-foot Great White for the first time, he chose to say the exact words that were on the tip of the audiences’ tongue, “You’re going to need a bigger boat.” The line has now become a part of everyday life too and used where a problem seems to be one that’s Jaws-sized!

Midnight Cowboy

This Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman starrer grabbed three well-deserved Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay. The 1969 film is one of the paramount American movies of its time and is the only X-rated movie, until date, to bag the Best Picture Award. The movie acquired its fame for the famous line “I’m walking here!” quoted by Dustin Hoffman in the spur of the moment. When asked about this during an interview, Hoffman stated that they had a tough time getting the take right, as it had to be shot in a continuous smooth flow, crossing a traffic light without any disruptions. During one of the takes, an NYC cab that wasn’t part of the setup careened onto the movie set and screeched to a halt. Dustin Hoffman wanted to actually say, “We’re filming a movie here!” but then Hoffman, out of that actor’s instinct he had developed over the years, managed to stay in character and banging his palm on the cab retorted, “I’m walkin’ here!” Now here’s a guy who walks the talk!

Good Will Hunting

Owing to its unique storyline and brilliant performances from Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Robin Williams, this 1997 American drama film received universal critical acclaim. One particular scene, where actor Robin Williams narrates the story of the “farting wife”, cracked up everyone including the guy at the camera! You can even notice the slight shaking of the camera if you pay close attention!

The Warriors

Directed and scripted by Walter Hill, this 1979 cult movie was an action thriller about powerful gangs in New York. Hill made judicious use of fictitious cult language and gang lingo, making the movie a success. The actor, David Patrick Kelly, who played the character of Luther in the film, is famous for his shrilly entice, “Warriors, come out to play-ayy…”, while clinking glass bottles in his hand. This, according to most, exists as the most memorable slice of the movie.

Pretty Woman

The American actor and heartthrob, Richard Gere, has never failed to impress women, on screen and off. In the 1990 movie, Pretty Woman, he hires an expensive diamond necklace for actress Julia Roberts, who plays the role of a hooker. As Julia reached out to touch the necklace, Gere instinctively snapped shut the jewelry box, startling Roberts.  Roberts’ laugh was so authentic and pleasant that the director decided to use it as part of the film!

Taxi Driver

Martin Scorsese is an aficionado of impulsive improvisations! In the movie Taxi Driver, there is a scene that is most talked about. Scorsese had scripted a scene wherein actor Robert De Niro had to talk to himself in the mirror. De Niro was given the liberty to create his own lines and he did a perfect job by improvising the line “You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? There’s nobody else here.”

This list of Top 10 Best Unscripted Movie Scenes includes some that are iconic and others that one would never have imagined to be different from the original script. Yet, they all shone with brilliance!


Top 10 Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies

When we hear those three famous words “I’ll be back”, we can’t help but smile at the very thought of the person saying them. Arnold Schwarzenegger has come a long way from being a not-so-famous body builder from a small European village in Austria, to one of the most celebrated actors in the history of Hollywood.

And not just that! Arnold also went on to become the Governor of California! His tremendous contribution to Hollywood films is hard to define but there are some amazing movies by the star that just cannot be ignored.

This list of top 10 Arnold Schwarzenegger movies are a must-watch, as these films not only display the actors talent in the field of acting, but also his versatility to blend perfectly into any role.

  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day

This film, a sequel to the original The Terminator movie that had laid the foundation for a good amount of audiences’ expectations from the cast, owing to the splendid combination of James Cameron’s directorial expertise and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s versatility, proved to be one that is capable enough of topping this list. In the first part, Arnold Schwarzenegger was the cyborg assassin sent back in time to kill the woman who would give birth to the leader of a cyborg army. In Terminator 2: Judgment Day Arnold is resent to protect the boy from an even more advanced cyborg assassin. This film was the highest grossing film in 1991 and won numerous Academy Awards.

  • Predator

Arnold has flair for action movies and due to his desirable physique; he manages to smoothly overcome all obstacles that he is presented with during the making of these films. The sci-fi film Predator is about a group of fighters from a Special Forces Team who are sent on a mission to rescue some hostages when they unexpectedly encounter an alien who is hell bent on destroying each one of them. Arnold, being the protagonist of the film, saves the day by outsmarting the alien. In the entire film, Arnold has managed to portray the perfect image of a soldier on a mission. This, definitely, is one of his best works.

  • The Terminator

“I’ll be back!” is the most famous quote from this film. Quoted by Arnold in his heavy but familiar Austrian accent, this sentence has found its very own existence in Hollywood. Originally, the role of the cyborg assassin was to be played by O. J. Simpson; however, the director James Cameron was aware of Arnold’s success in the film Conan the Barbarian and chose to go with Arnold instead. We’re sure James was quite satisfied with his decision as Arnold did a fantastic job as the Terminator and now, it sure seems that no one would’ve even come close to it. The movie was made at a meager budget of $6.4 million, but the revenue the project raked in was $78.4 million worldwide. An indisputable success!

  • Conan the Barbarian

Conan the Barbarian is actually responsible for setting the stage for this Austrian body builder. Released in 1982, Conan is the story about a warrior who exists in a fictional world and who seeks justice and revenge for his parents’ death by a sorcerer. Arnold’s physique was ideal for the role of the barbarian warrior and he pulled it off convincingly in spite of his relatively low experience with acting. The movie was a total success and this movie kick started Arnold’s career in acting in Hollywood.

  • True Lies

Even though James Cameron is well known to push the limits of imagination in his movies, the movie True Lies is simply about a secret agent who pretends to be a computer salesman in front of his family and general public. It is only when his family is dragged into an international criminal plot, that Arnold reveals his true identity to save his family. Being a perfectionist, the actor even took Tango lessons for a scene in the movie where he sways on the dance floor with actress Jamie Lee Curtis.

  • Commando

A well chiseled muscular body, rocket launcher in hand, black paint on the face; the image Arnold strikes is that of an extremely resilient soldier. In the movie, Arnold’s daughter is kidnapped by a group of South American criminals and the soldier single handedly fights them and gets his daughter safely back home. Directed by Mark L. Lester, the plot for Commando was perfect for an actor like Arnold to play the role.

  • Total Recall

Arnold’s acting in Total Recall is inimitable and the movie grossed an astounding $261 million. This was not long before Arnold returned to recreate the character that had made him famous in the first place – the cyborg in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

  • Last Action Hero

This may not have been a very successful movie when rated against box office hits. However, the movie had a charm of its own due to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s presence. Director John McTiernan could have spun a better plot given his expertise in the creation of movies like Die Hard and Die Hard with a Vengeance apart from playing to the strength of having one of the best action heroes of his generation in the cast. For some reason though, the film didn’t quite live up to the audience’s expectations. Nonetheless, Arnold’s fans would definitely rate this movie as one of his top 10.

  • The Running Man

The gripping plot of this movie revolves around a group of prisoners who must run their way to freedom while avoiding being killed by professional killers. The director of the movie, Paul Manfred Glaser is the infamous actor who played the role of Detective David Starsky in the famous 70’s television series Starsky and Hutch. Arnold was perfect for the role and the movie grossed revenue of over $70 million.

  • The Last Stand

Arnold made a prominent comeback in 2013 with The Last Stand, playing the role of a small town sheriff fighting against a drug lord. This was a time when Arnold’s fans were beginning to miss him, and here he was giving them just what they wanted. Even though the movie didn’t have the same charisma as Arnold’s previous hits, it still captured the hearts of many.

With Arnold, I wasn’t always about acting talents and we all know his accent needed loads of work in every movie! Yet, at the end of the day, the man has a raw appeal and brute strength quotient that few others have, and that seemed to be enough for a home run every time!

Dead 7: Where 90’s Boy Bands Fight Zombies

Nope, this is no joke!
Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, 98 Degrees, and O-Town. Members from the boy bands that defined the era have all come together to do one thing – and that’s to kill some zombies.

Syfy’s new original movie, Dead 7, is scheduled to premiere on Friday, April 1 at 8 p.m. ET/PT – and like we said – no joke!
Some of the biggest names from the boy bands are noticeably missing, but that shouldn’t put a damper on things. Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys wrote the script and is being distributed by Asylum, the same people responsible for Sharknado which also premiered on Syfy on July 11, 2013. Not surprisingly, he’s also the main hero in the film.
But who else is joining him to fight off zombies? Nick’s BSB group members A.J. McLean and Howie Dorough are joining him, NSYNC fans get to see Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick (sorry no Justin Timberlake sightings here), and all the current members of O-Town will be in the movie which include Erik-Michael Estrada, Trevor Penick, Dan Miller, and Jacob Underwood. On the other end of the spectrum, only Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees will be seen.
Check out the trailer, let us know what you think!

Featured image via buzzfeed (Syfy)


The BFG Movie Review

Disney’s ‘The Big Friendly Giant’ (aka The BFG) is the latest family-friendly film from acclaimed Director/Producer of classics like ET and HOOK, Steven Spielberg. The film is a live action remake of the 1989 animated film based on a novel by the same name by Roland Dahl (Charlie And The Chocolate Factory). The screenplay was penned by Melissa Mathison, the same Melissa Mathison who wrote ET and The Indian In The Cupboard!

The BFG has some big names attached to the cast as well. Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies, Anonymous) plays the BFG and Penelope Wilton (The Best Exotic Marigold Motel) plays Sophie, the film’s orphaned protagonist. Young Sophie befriends the Big Friendly Giant, an outcast of the giant community who refuses to partake in the eating of children (referred to in the film by the evil giants as “HumanBeans”)

It would seem that The BFG had all its golden geese in a row and was set to be a smash hit with every member of the family. Sadly, this is not the case. The BFG isn’t a bad film by any stretch and it has its moments, that’s for sure. It was funny, tender, whimsical and at times was ogreishly grotesque.
In it’s tender moments, that’s all it was, tender. Seemingly just an excuse to get mushy, it lacked substance. The tone of the film has its darker moments as well, some which might be a little too grim for younger viewers. The story’s pacing is relatively strong with some heavier occasions buried in the second half of Act II.
The soul of Dahl’s masterpiece is overall intact and you end up caring about The BFG and Sophie. You’re taken along for the ride and you feel every emotion on the spectrum while you watch. But, when it’s over and the lights come up, you’re left feeling slightly unfulfilled and wondering what was missing.
Upon initial screenings, critics gave the film a wave of mixed reviews. They range From overwhelming praises, to scathing attacks on the story, execution and Spielberg himself as a director, even stating that he’s past his prime.

With a budget of $140 million and a larger than life director attached to the project, it seemed like this was too big to fail. But the numbers don’t lie. Going up against Finding Dory, the powerhouse sequel to Finding Nemo, meant that The BFG wouldn’t fair too well, but no one expected it to do as bad as it did. Over its opening weekend, it only managed to bring in less than $23 million worldwide ($7 million of which was domestic).
Give the film a watch and decide for yourself. Like we said, it’s not bad, but it’s not great. A portion of the negative reviews and distaste for the film comes down to the fact that the generation which grew up on the story, has aged and the public eye has changed. Is The BFG a timeless a story along the likes of other Disney classics? No. Is it a good Saturday evening with the kids and popcorn kind of flick? Maybe. See for yourself then come back and tell us what you think.


Top 10 Forgettable Early Roles of Popular Celebrities

A brilliant career is built on several well thought out moves and in an industry like Hollywood, where even one wrong move can end a career, this is even more crucial. Yet, a few celebrities exist even in this cutthroat world of movies who have managed to move beyond their initial mistakes.
Here’s a list of celebrities who have made it big in spite of a few forgettable moves at the beginning of their journey.

Jennifer Lawrence

So how often do you have a wonderful personality like Jennifer Lawrence come along to Hollywood? Well, the seemingly perfect story of Lawrence’s rise to fame with works such as Winter’s Bone behind her has another angle. Apart from playing the role of the mascot in Monk, Lawrence also played the character Tiff in Garden Party, a film based on erroneous teens. We are all glad she found her way out of this particular ‘party’!

Sylvester Stallone

If doing bad movies are embarrassing, how would a porn movie look on a resume? Sylvester Stallone, the Rocky Balboa and John Rambo of later years, suffered the misfortune of having to work in a softcore porn movie titled The Party at Kitty and Stud’s. Thanks to the actor’s subsequent popularity in the mainstream, the movie was even re-released as The Italian Stallion and then Bocky! When asked in an interview about it, Stallone replied, “I was starving when I did it… I was desperate… you know when you’re hungry you do a lot of things you wouldn’t ordinarily do!” True.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Phillip Seymour Hoffman had a rather disconcerting start to his film career, playing the role of a high school bully in the teen comedy My Boyfriend’s Back. Even more embarrassing than the role must have been the way his character dies. To give Hoffman due credit, he does look convincing in this role too!

Demi Moore

Before the beautiful Demi Moore went on to become a sex symbol and heartthrob, thanks to her work in movies like Ghost, Indecent Proposal and A Few Good Men, she had to suffer the pangs of a beginner. Among her early moves included playing a part in the movie Parasite, then advertised as “The First Futuristic Monster Movie in 3-D!” A review of the movie went like this: “[To] act in a film like this, all the performer needs to do is lean toward the camera at every opportunity; not much else is required.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Hercules in New York – Arnold has even gone to the extent of publicly disowning this movie. Schwarzenegger’s accent in this comedy-gone-terribly-wrong was so strong (yes, stronger than it is in later movies), that his voice had to be dubbed over. So how much does he hate this movie? He has gone on record saying, “There’s this political battle over [torture technique] waterboarding at places like Guantanamo Bay. I think they [interrogators] should just say, ‘Hey, if you guys don’t talk, you’ll have to see Hercules in New York. I guarantee those guys would talk much faster with that treatment“.

Nicole Kidman

BMX Bandits was Nicole Kidman’s first claim to fame and after winning the role from more than 200 other actresses vying for it, Kidman had to even train on a BMX! Well, the actress who would later star in Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut among other hits did have a stunt double for her actual stunts of course. Anyways, this movie launched Kidman into several other Australian productions before the actress finally getting her foot into Hollywood.


Way before the “Material Girl” found success and fame, she accepted a payment of $100 to play a role in the movie A Certain Sacrifice. The movie revolved around streetwalkers and evil rituals and at one point, Madonna tried to ban the movie from release, even dragging the director to court.

Jim Carrey

A musical was Jim Carrey’s first work on the big screen. Impressive? Hardly. Though the movie is still regarded as a cult classic by some, Earth Girls are Easy has Carrey playing the role of an alien named Wiploc, and is quite a mediocre one. The movie does have the ravishing Geena Davis playing the main protagonist and even the sight of her beautiful face does little to save the movie. To do justice to Carrey though, the Liar Liar funnyman is hilarious even then.

Jack Nicholson

The Cry Baby Killer was Jack Nicholson’s first movie on the big screen and even then, one could see the intensity and conviction with which the actor played out his character. Several other forgettable works followed this one and Nicholson strode through it all, finally finding success in 1969 with Easy Rider.

Clint Eastwood

Weighing The Good the Bad and the Ugly against Clint Eastwood’s first movie Revenge of the Creature would be nothing short of blasphemy. Portraying the role of a lab assistant, Eastwood plays a minor unaccredited role in this movie, though his trademark squinting can be seen even then. Yet another forgettable beginning to an otherwise brilliant career, though there are fans who label the movie a 50s classic!
The names on this list may be impressive, though the projects mentioned certainly aren’t. Yet, these celebrities found their way out and grabbed the limelight. Kudos to that!