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The 10 Greatest Sports Icons In History

In the world of sports, every generation will get to witness several stars. Some of these stars succeed and fulfill their destinies while others may fail in their journey. In this melee of stars that come and go, there are those who leave a mark in the world that simply doesn’t fade with time. While some can come to achieve great things, a few outstanding elements raise others above and beyond the rest. This list of Top 10 Sports Icons is a tribute to such superstars of the sports world – heroes who will never fade over time.

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The Brazilian is an icon not only in the football world, but in the sports world in general. Every sportsman worth his trade respects Pele for all that he has achieved. A phenomenon, Pele is known not only for his amazing skills in soccer, but also respected for his humility and composure. Among other accomplishments, his time with the New York Cosmos in the 70s is probably the biggest boost the game received in America! As a global icon, Pele has played his part in several charitable efforts as well, making him more than just a sports sensation. Even decades after retiring from the game of football he gave so many memories to, Pele remains a part of the world of sports and will remain so for a long time to come.
Muhammad Ali

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Cassius Clay, or more commonly known as Muhammad Ali, this man’s punches are louder than anything the boxing arena has ever seen. So what if he called himself “The World’s Greatest”? His feats in the ring, and sometimes off it, proved that the world could call him that one day anyways! His controversial comments and daring beliefs outside the ring matched his boxing prowess inside of it and for these reasons and many more, Muhammad Ali finds a permanent place in the Boxing Hall of Fame, and of course, in the hearts of his admirers across multiple generations.
Michael Jordan

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The towering figure of Michael Jordan flying towards the basketball hoop is an image that surpasses many other memories in the world of sports. His Airness is probably the only athlete to have an impact on his sport that created a ripple effect across other sports too. Today, he heads the Charlotte Hornets and no matter how many basketball superstars tread the basketball arena after him, few will ever come close to the enigma that MJ has proven to be. While fans scramble to get their hands on their favorite Jordan brand sneakers, here’s a man who will remain, as the NBA website proclaims, the greatest basketball player of all time!
Tiger Woods

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In recent times, Tiger Woods has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, but that doesn’t take away from what he has accomplished in the realm of golf. Tiger Woods singlehandedly revamped the image of golf, and for years, has ruled the best courses in the world through grit, focus, and determination. The first African American to make such a huge name for himself in the sport, Woods is probably the greatest influence the sport has ever had.
Jackie Robinson

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April 15 is Jackie Robinson Day in Major League Baseball and even his No.42 retired with him. These are not the only two elements that speak to the man’s greatness. During a time when being African American was enough to keep you out of sports in America, Jackie Robinson used his skills and strong personality to break through the color barrier, opening up the gates to many more colored players after him. He remains a sports icon even today, not only for his contribution to the game, but also his influence he had on the sports world around him.
Wilt Chamberlain

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The NBA may have seen amazing players come and go in all its time, but the man who got it all started though was Wilt Chamberlain. This is the guy who set all the records while hundreds of players after him made it their life’s dream to try and break them. Did you know he was the only NBA player to score a mind-numbing 100 points in a single game? Only Kobe Bryant’s 81 points in a single game comes close, but even that is 19 points short of the record! Averaging 30.1 points and 22.9 rebounds per game, Chamberlain was a man playing among boys.
Jim Thorpe

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While most sports icons, even the ones on this list, are known for their dedication to a single sport, Jim Thorpe’s skills, talents and determination just could not be limited to a single one. A proud Native American, Thorpe was a phenomenal sportsman who made a name for himself across a string of different sports, including professional football, basketball and baseball. He even won two gold medals at the Olympic Games in 1912.
Vince Lombardi

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If there’s one man’s numbers every coach in the NFL would like to replicate, they would be the ones attained by Vince Lombardi. The man did not know what a losing season was throughout his career as a coach in the NFL and this is only one of the reasons the Super Bowl trophy is named after him! When he wrapped up his amazing coaching career with the Green Bay Packers, he had five NFL championships and the first two Super Bowl wins to his name.
Babe Ruth

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George Herman “Babe” Ruth is the player who made baseball a popular sport in the 20s. “The Bambino” remains one of the most prolific players the game of baseball has ever produced. It’s been almost a century since Babe Ruth hit those loud 714 home runs and winning seven World Series championships, and yet, he still remains a well-known name in the world of sports today. Need we say more?
Wayne Gretzky

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They don’t call Wayne Gretzky “The Great one” for nothing! Arguably the most influential hockey player to ever step on a rink in the NHL, Gretzky has a string of records to his name. These include 15 playoff records and 40 regular season records, he remains the only player in history to record more than 200 points in a single season, and he managed to do that a whopping four times! Teams across the NHL have retired his No.99 jersey and even that doesn’t seem to be enough tribute to the man who remains one of the most iconic hockey players of all time.
This list of Top 10 Sports Icons teaches us the true meaning of excellence in the sports world and beyond. The records these players have set may be broken along the way, but the memories they have given us will remain with us forever.


Top 10 Movies based on True Crime

The lives of men have always found stimulation in true stories and legends and movies are no different. And when you think of movies, what could be more intriguing than stories based on true crime! This list of must-see Top 10 Movies based on True Crimes tell you of stories that have been so influential that they have even found their ways on to the big screen.

Charlize Theron’s outstanding performance won her seventeen awards for her portrayal of Aileen Wuornos, a Florida prostitute who turned into a serial killer. The beautiful actress had to undergo some truly hideous cosmetic changes, including a weight gain of 30 pounds and false teeth, in order to resemble the terrifying Aileen. Charlize plays the role impeccably, making viewers want to sympathize with the character, and simultaneously be terrified. The story ends tragically with the execution of Aileen, after being tried for the murders she committed.
Catch Me If You Can

This 2002 film is based on a true story about Frank Abagnale Jr., who was a skilled con artist and who managed to con millions of dollars’ worth of checks before his 18th birthday. He did so skillfully by posing as a doctor, a legal prosecutor and a Pan Am co-pilot. Leonardo DiCaprio, who with his impeccable talent in acting, portrayed the role of this master-of-deception and brought before the audiences a perfect image of the actual Frank Abagnale Jr.
Donnie Brasco

This 1997 American crime drama film was directed by Mike Newell. This is a true story about an FBI undercover agent, Joseph Pistone, played by Johnny Depp, who infiltrated one of the major Mafia families in New York and started identifying with the mafia life more than the regular one he was living. Initially, it was an undercover mission, but slowly and gradually, as Pistone started to identify with the mafia, he developed a relationship of friendship with the mob hit man. The movie depicts Pistone’s mental ordeal of making a decision that will end the life of his newfound friend.
Alpha Dog

This true story of Jesse James Hollywood was made into a feature film in 2006. Starring Justin Timberlake, Sharon Stone and Bruce Willis, this story depicts the life of a young drug dealer who was one of the youngest men to be on the FBI’s most wanted list. He was only 20 years old when he was caught by the police. The movie ends with a text on the screen that informs the audience that the young drug dealer is currently in California awaiting trial and will face a death penalty if proven guilty.  
The French Connection

In the 1960s, the Turkey-France-United States drug-trafficking scheme exploded, causing a New York City police detective to be fixated on capturing the French heroin smuggler. This incident was created into a feature film, starring Gene Hackman as the police detective. Directed by the talented William Friedkin, this movie won awards for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Film Editing and Best Adapted Screenplay.  The movie has been voted to have one of the best car-chase scenes in the history of films. The film ends on a vague note and doesn’t quite tell the audience who is killed in the end.

The talented Martin Scorsese created a feature film based on a true event highlighting the rise and fall of the Lucchese crime family. The story is spun around a young man who works his way up the hierarchy in a mob, but eventually faces a downfall due to his drug addiction and uncalled-for actions.
In Cold Blood

This true story of the brutal murder of the Clutter family is made into a novel and a film adaptation. The 1967 film portrays how two ex-convicts break into the home of a rich Kansas family, hoping to find a lot of wealth, but instead find nothing. Infuriated by the whole ordeal, they murder the entire family in a heartless manner and flee. They are later caught by the police, found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging. The illustration of the killers’ last moments and the execution is presented at the end of the movie.
The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street is based on a true event, portraying the life of Jordan Belfort, who started his own brokerage firm by the name of ‘Stratton Oakmont’ and who along with his team of brokers, made a huge fortune by deceiving investors. Jordon’s character is played by Leonardo DiCaprio. The story started in 1987 when Jordan Belfort started his career at a Wall Street brokerage firm. Jordan was, as most fraudulent criminals, arrested by the FBI and his entire wealth and empire was seized. To his fortune, he was only sentenced to imprisonment for 36 months, following which he was released in the early 2000s. He now makes a living by hosting seminars and conducting training sessions on improving sales techniques.

This 2007 American thriller movie is based on one of Northern California’s unsolved crimes. The movie depicts the ‘Zodiac Killings’ and the terror that grips the city of San Francisco as a serial killer stalks its citizens. The Zodiac killer continues to kill victims and send cryptic messages in an attempt to taunt the authorities. While a couple of investigators and reporters become obsessed with finding this serial killer, the killings continue. The movie doesn’t have the solution of the case in the end and only revolves around the work of the investigations.
Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon is a 1975 film based on the event of an inexperienced criminal who robs a bank to pay for his lover’s surgery. The robbery evolves into a hostage situation and the media have a field day with the whole event. The actual event upon which the movie was made, involves two robbers who face a similar fate.
These Top 10 Movies based on True Crime are a must-watch as they spill the story of criminals and mafias in the world of money, drugs, murder and more – all the elements that make for an intriguing storyline.


Hulk The Dog, The Really Big Dog!

When you think of a dog, what is the image that comes to mind? If you like the little ones, you would probably think of a Chihuahua, Dachshund or a Pug. If you like them slightly bigger, you would maybe think of a Beagle or a Jack Terrier. A little bigger and you might think of a Labrador Retriever or maybe a German Shepherd? And if you like them a little ferocious, or maybe at least look ferocious, then you will surely settle on a Pitbull.
Well, let us introduce you to Hulk, the pitbull that changes the very definition of a big dog. And mind you, though this guy is big, he’s as gentle as any dog can be.

Bred by Marlon and Lisa Grennan, who live on their New Hampsire farm with their toddler son of three, Jordan, Hulk is enormous. The pitbull is only 18-months old, already weighs 175 pounds, and at the rate at which he is growing, Hulk is all set to take over the title of the biggest dog in the world once he stops growing.
So how dangerous can he be? Marlon Grennan says that in line with his size, Hulk has massive strength and if something had to go wrong, he could do some serious damage. “A dog the size of the Hulk could kill someone if it was in the wrong situation at the wrong time. The power of this dog is unrivaled. If he bit down on someone’s arm with full power it would snap like a toothpick,” says Grennan.
But how gentle is he actually? Well, Jordan, the little guy of three actually rides Hulk like a horse and Hulk complies without any complaints whatsoever! He’s mellow,” says Grennan. “With these dogs it’s all about leadership and how you raise them, rules, boundaries, limits, you know.” And one look at Hulk’s sensitive eyes will tell you Grennan’s telling us the truth.
To know how cute, playful and trustworthy this giant called Hulk can be, check out these videos!


Groom Goes Viral With Bollywood Wedding Song

Weddings are always great and sometimes a unique gesture makes it even more special!
When Frank Gregoire was ready to get married to his bride Simran Malhotra, he was clearly aiming for nothing short of astounding, magical, heartfelt, and just about any similar adjective in the dictionary you could think of.
Now we all know how catchy Bollywood numbers are, and yes, we also know how difficult the lyrics are even for those who are from Indian families that have settled abroad.
So when Frank decided to surprise the love of his life with a rendition of the hit song Kyunki Tum Hi Ho from the Hindi movie Aashiqui 2, he surely knew what he was getting into – and that didn’t deter him from going ahead with the plan.
On the wedding day, all of his plans were beautifully fulfilled when he impressed not only his lady love and the gathered guests, but in the span of a few days, he impressed millions over the Internet!

As for the bride? Well, she’s clearly over the moon and knows just how lucky she is to find a selfless and loving person like Frank to share her life with.
“I know Frank loves singing but never would I have imagined that he would learn a Hindi song and sing it to me at our wedding. When I first heard him sing, I just felt like I was in ‘shock’. There are no words to describe how I felt in that moment and truthfully it is probably one of those feelings I will never experience again,” said Simran, recalling her feelings when she heard Frank break into one of the most popular songs from India.
As for Frank, he jokingly says this impressive performance could lead to further trouble. “I’m sure Simran will have many requests now that she knows I am willing to learn Hindi songs,” he said.
Apart from enjoying the attention that has come their way, Simran and Frank are also encouraging others to spread some love.
“We challenge the world to make a headline news story of love and a positive message that takes precedence over all the hate, war, crime, and negativity showcased in the world,” says Frank.
We accepted the challenge and did our bit by sharing the story! We also hope this encourages everyone to go that extra mile for a loved one, knowing that love is indeed the true essence of life.


How The Internet Rallied Behind Dancing Man

The Internet may be perceived as a platform where everyone’s life is open to ridicule and shame by haters and trolls. Equally true, however, is the fact that the Internet also makes heroes and celebrities out of the ordinary.
One such ordinary man, Sean O’Brien, a Merseysider who now lives in London, experienced the lows of first being ridiculed for trying to dance, despite his weight, and then the absolute highs of loads of users and even celebrities, joining the bandwagon to make him feel amazing! He is now known as The Dancing Man!
Cassandra Banks, a writer based in California, was among the first to reach out to Sean.


Then, Sean was eventually found!




It must have been difficult to say no to 1,727 “occasionally overly enthusiastic group of young women in California” who were willing to throw a party just for him!
Apart from the outpouring of support Sean has received from those all over the world, even his close friends and family have now begun to share their stories about how special a person Sean is. It’s all overwhelming even for us so we can only imagine how wonderful Sean must be feeling!
As for the dancing side of things, Dancing with the Stars professional dancer Cheryl Burke has offered to choreograph a special piece that will make Sean look amazing.


But the fun doesn’t end there either!
A special evening has been planned for Sean and the attendees and performers will include the who’s who of the entertainment industry including Pharrell Williams, Moby, Ellie Goulding, and the list is only growing.



Apart from the idea itself, over $30,000 has been collected through the campaign – money that will go towards an anti-bullying cause.
The Los Angeles Coliseum also opted to host the party.


Now this is a feel good story if we ever heard one!

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Diet Sodas Drive You To Consume More Calories

Are we really the best judges of what we consume? Do we analyze the pros and cons before deciding what we eat and drink? In our attempt to do good to our body, is there a possibility that we may be doing more harm?

In an age where fast food is the easiest and most preferred option, many of us try to enjoy the good things about junk foods while still ensuring that we do not consume the large amount of calories stocked up in them. We select products marketed by various companies that guarantee the same. One of these is diet soda. If you thought diet sodas are the perfect alternative to give you the energy boost you need in a fizzy drink that doesn’t make you feel guilty about all the extra calories, think again!
Let’s look at some important reasons why we must not be totally ignorant about our unmonitored levels of diet soda consumption. It may say ‘diet’ on the can, but there sure is more than meets the eye!
Setting wrong expectations

Diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners. Companies use this as their selling point to convince consumers that artificial sweeteners are a better and healthier alternative to natural sweeteners. Unfortunately, this is not true. Artificial sweeteners have the exact same effect on our body as natural sweeteners like sugar. Consuming drinks with artificial sweeteners enhances the levels of insulin present in the blood and this leads the body to store fat, thus increasing body weight.
Numbing our sense reactors to natural sweeteners

Over time, consumption of sodas and other drinks that include artificial sweeteners numb our senses to natural sweeteners present in fruits. This is caused due to our senses being heightened by the concentrated sweet flavor used in artificial sweeteners. Once our body gets accustomed to artificial sweeteners, we are unable to enjoy natural and healthy sweet foods. Unknowingly, we drift away from eating healthy foods and fruits. Put down that can of diet soda and settle for a chilled iced tea instead.
Weakening of bones

Most sodas contain the harmful chemical compound phosphoric acid. Various studies have proven consumption of foods containing phosphoric acid contribute to the weakening of bones. An occasional soda once in a while won’t do much harm, but if consumed in large quantities or on a regular basis, this could have some adverse effects on your overall health. It doesn’t matter if it’s just soda or diet soda. The compound is present in either of them.
Diet sodas contribute to weight gain

Yes, you read that right! Diet sodas are often consumed as an alternative to normal sodas with the idea that avoiding heavy sugar consumption means avoiding that extra weight gain. Diet sodas actually can lead to weight increase. So if you’re working towards losing weight, it’s better to quit drinking sodas all together. You could, instead, settle for natural sweet drinks like fruit juices or fruit pulps. They may lack the fizzy temptation that sodas offer, but they are a safer bet when it comes to living a healthy life.
Increases the risk of strokes and heart attacks

One of the main chemicals used in diet sodas is aspartame. Not many know this fact, but the consumption of aspartame can significantly increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes and other heart related ailments. Scientists are further studying the relation between the consumption of diet sodas and the increase in cardiovascular ailments, as there have been more problems than solutions to date. Scientists believe that there is a stronger connection between people who drink diet sodas and have heart problems than those who do not.
Quitting sodas, especially cola drinks, is a perfect decision. Hard to make, but if you’re successful in quitting, you’ve just helped yourself to a healthier and a longer life.


Spectre: Falls Drastically Short, Even By Action Thriller Standards

The days when the very mention of a 007 movie captivated the audience are long gone. Now, unless a film is brilliant in every way, the audience wouldn’t waste a penny to watch it, far less spend time in spreading a good word about it.

So that way, Spectre didn’t really enjoy the usual launch pad that 007 films of yore enjoyed, which meant it had to have a certain amount of standalone brilliance to shine through in the crowd of works that the film industry brings.
Unfortunately, the film fails to do this on several fronts. And when one considers the fact that this was a James Bond 007 movie, this fact turns out to be even more of a disappointment. When it’s a 007 movie, the audience’s expectations automatically rise to a certain level. Well, the biggest regret in case of Spectre is that it doesn’t even meet the expectations of a normal film-going audience that expects a well-rounded action thriller.

Produced by Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli and directed by Sam Mendes, Spectre hit theaters on October 26th in the UK earlier this year and opened to the US audience a few days later on November 6th, although the reviews of the shows in the UK pretty much told the world that this one was a rare 007 disaster.

For starters, considering that the budget for the film was somewhere to the tune of around $250 million, there was talk of whether or not the film would even manage to break even. So you can imagine how disastrous the opening was. Eventually, the film did manage to scrape through to this point in spite of initial fears and until November 11th, had raked in $310 million, certainly not a number that would term it a success, but certainly enough to save it from the tag of a financial disaster. Of course, the box office performance certainly doesn’t warrant Spectre an acquittal on other fronts.

The 148-minute long ordeal was Daniel Craig’s last outing as the suave spy James Bond and the super-spy’s 24th, and it seems like Craig was among the few who truly dedicated their soul to the film, irrespective of it turning out to be a writing catastrophe, among other things. It was indeed a surprise to see the audience welcome the film with largely negative reviews, especially since the experts of the industry had termed the film a success through earlier screenings. We are sure Craig must have been among those to see the film take off on a high with most professional critics providing it the thrust, only to see the audience shoot it down. Of course, there were a fair number of negative reviews to sit up and take notice but the miserable show with the audience proved that the numbers were greatly divided on this one.

Of course, the film certainly wasn’t an entirely drab affair – the $310 million in the coffers so far will tell you that. The film is surely an enjoyable affair too – you certainly wouldn’t walk out of the theater in the middle of the screening. Yet, it does indeed fall short of what we expect from a 007 film. Some reviewers have openly proclaimed that this was the worst James Bond movie in three decades, while others have said it doesn’t even stand tall against other mediocre action films that hit the audience on occasion.

Firstly, the fact that this was a James Bond film hit it the hardest. Come on, we all know how the weight of expectations can weigh something down no matter how grand it is and to an extent, the fate that Spectre has met is a result of this paradox. Then again, the film has relied too heavily on past elements and doesn’t have anything fresh to offer in several departments, something that happens to occur in franchise stories. So here is Bond taking off on a solo mission yet again, defying the rules that made him the man he is, and frankly, this plot is one that has been explored too often.

Although the sequences of the film live up to the standards set by the average action thriller, the boredom with which most of the characters participate in these sequences is almost depressing in some cases. The plot keeps too many elements under wraps and in the end, nothing really comes together in a dramatic climax. When compared to the awesome opening sequence that is shot in a single swoop of extraordinary talent and impeccable planning, the rest of the movie sure pales in comparison.

At the end of it all, Spectre is momentarily brilliant with flashes of dazzling brightness that truly lift it up to the levels of its predecessors. Sadly, the moments are far too few. If only the entire movie was wrapped in this cloak. It would have been a perfect goodbye for Daniel Craig, and yet another gem for James Bond fans to lust after.


Top 10 NBA Careers Ruined By Injury

Injuries are an unavoidable reality in the sports world, yet some injuries tend to change the course of promising careers. The NBA is undoubtedly the greatest men’s professional basketball league in the world and this list brings together the Top 10 NBA Careers ruined by injury.
Maurice Stokes

Maurice Stokes was an NBA player during the 1950s. He played for the Cincinnati/Rochester Royals, and during one of his games, Stokes landed on his head – sending him into a coma. Later he suffered paralysis due to the brain injury that was a form of post traumatic encephalopathy. The devastating incident took his life in 1970. At the young age of 37, this player’s life and career ended tragically.
Larry Johnson

As a part of the Charlotte Hornets and the New York Knicks, this professional NBA player contributed to the game with full force on the court. However, after he suffered a terrible back injury that reduced his ability to be physical during the game, Johnson later on became more of a perimeter player and helped his team instead of being the up front and primary driving force that he once was. He barely played 10 seasons before retiring due to his back injuries.
Yao Ming

This Chinese professional played for the Houston Rockets. He was well known for being one of the best centers in the game and standing tall at 2.29m (7’6″), he was the tallest player whenever he was on the court. Yao Ming was at the brink of achieving success when he developed osteomyelitis in his big toe. This kept him away from games in his fourth season. An additional injury, a broken bone in his foot, also contributed to him being sidelined during year. To add to his misfortune, Ming later suffered a broken knee and a micro-fracture in his left foot a year later. It was due to this that his career came to an end even before he could taste success.
Larry Bird

Playing for the Boston Celtics, Larry Bird was destined to become an all-time great. The 12-time NBA All-Star was named the league’s Most Valuable Player for three consecutive seasons from 1984 to 1986. His chronic back problems led to premature retirement in 1992. Bird is presently serving as a team president in the Indiana Pacers.
Chris Webber
Chris Webber was one of the players who had an extraordinary flair for dunking and passing. An unfortunate knee injury in 2003 caused the talented player to opt for early retirement in 2008. Webber had to undergo micro-fracture surgery for an injured knee and after the surgery, Webber’s swiftness and movement on the court was limited and he didn’t have the same agility as before, resulting in the untimely and unfortunate end of his career.
Penny Hardaway

Penny Hardaway was an eccentric point guard in his days in the NBA. He started his professional career in 1993 with the Phoenix Suns, but his most dynamic years were as a member of the Orlando Magic. In 1998, his career suffered an untimely end due to a knee injury.
Kevin Johnson

Currently the mayor of Sacramento, Kevin Johnson is the first African American to serve the office. Johnson was a man on fire when he played on the court, but his NBA career went downhill after he was affected with a hernia. The condition slowed him down and delayed his progress. If not for this, people say that Johnson, along with Barkley, would have definitely made a couple of title runs in the West.
Grant Hill

Having played for four different teams, the Orlando Magic, Phoenix Suns, Detroit Pistons and Los Angeles Clippers during his tenure in the NBA, Grant Hill was considered one of the best players out there. His initial six seasons with the Pistons were smooth and catapulted his fame to great heights. The next twelve seasons though were plagued by injury, causing Hill to retire in 2013, though it was a popular opinion that if it wasn’t for those injuries, Hill would have had a far more brilliant career.
Shaun Livingston

Shaun Livingston is a 24-year old whose injuries have plagued him to the extent that he actually lost out on almost half of his games in the first three years of his career. In 2004, Livingston chose to enter the 2004 NBA draft over attending college. In 2007, he suffered a gruesome knee injury that affected the entire area around his knee. He took over 2 years to recover from the injury. Luckily for him, he battled back and eventually found himself on a championship winning Golden State Warriors team in 2015 – but not nearly as spectacular as he could’ve been without the injury.
And how can you not love that ‘fro?
Jay Williams

Injuries, apparently, do not just happen on the court. Jay Williams was a Duke University Blue Devils player who played professionally for the Chicago Bulls in the NBA. Williams had a near-death motorcycle accident that tore three ligaments in his knee. Williams underwent therapy to revive his leg, but was constantly nagged by the injury that in turn affected his playing. His contract was later bought out by the Bulls for $3 million. If it weren’t for the injury, Williams could’ve had an impressive career for himself.
These players on the list gave their best to the game while they were on the court, but for some, their injuries minimized their impact while for others, the injuries were just too much to overcome.

Featured image: Chris Webber


Top 10 Best Van Damme Films

Jean-Claude Van Damme is a name that has the perfect image of all brawn and brain attached to it. Van Damme has earned his name among some of the top action heroes in Hollywood. Jean-Claude Van Damme’s name was originally Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg and the actor had not always aimed at getting into movies.
Guided by his father, Van Damme started martial arts training at the age of 11, and while participating in numerous matches and championships, he found himself winning most of them most of them.
However, in 1980 Jean-Claude suffered an injury to his nose in one of the matches and was unable to continue as a martial arts fighter. This led him to take up alternate jobs that included carpet laying, pizza delivery, a limo driver and with the help of Chuck Norris was also a bouncer at a club in Los Angeles. To his good luck he later met a Cannon Pictures producer who helped him star in his debut film.
While his journey into the world of films may have been a shaky one, his career was just as confident and stable as one of his revolving kicks! Jean-Claude Van Damme has some great movies to his credit and here, we have listed some of them for you.



The film Bloodsport is the one started off Jean-Claude’s career in action films and in this one, Van Damme played the role of a U.S. Army Captain. Fans would definitely recall the complete split done by Van Damme, among some of the extreme martial arts stunts and as the name goes, the movie included a lot of martial art stunts, brutal kicks and punches and a lot of bloodshed.



This one had Van Damme show off some of the most extreme martial arts stunts he had learned. The story revolves around Van Damme travelling to Thailand to avenge his brothers beating in a fight with the martial arts champion Tong Po. The final fight in the movie is worth every minute and both fighters display some of the most unbelievable martial arts stunts. Even today, viewers find themselves biting their fingernails even at the thought of the dangerous in this fight.

Double Impact


Van Damme fans go crazy watching the martial arts champion in action so imagine getting the opportunity to see two Van Dammes in a single flick. Twice the action! Twice the heat! Every fans dream come true! In Double Impact, Van Damme plays the role of twins who get separated and meet after 25 years. They unite to fight the bad guys. While one of his characters had the usual cropped hair and rugged look, the other flaunted a slick look with his hair gelled back but both Van Damme characters with the tightly toned muscles were indeed a treat for martial arts fans and flailing hearts.

Hard Target


Directed by the creator of Face Off and Mission Impossible II, this movie was John Woo’s American directorial debut. Van Damme plays the role of a merchant seaman who rescues a young lady from some thugs. Later he goes on to help the damsel-in-distress avenge her father’s death.

Sudden Death


Sudden Death is a movie based on the story of a normal man’s fight against terrorists. With the amazing martial arts stunts performed by Van Damme, the movie was no doubt one of the greatest films the actor has starred in.

Universal Soldier


Van Damme fans love to see their idol perform in some bloodshed and hardcore action and with this movie, Van Damme gives them just that! Van Damme’s acting always sets him apart from other well-known action heroes like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Steven Seagal and in this project, Van Damme plays the role of dead soldier who has been brought back to life as part of a secret Army project. He played opposite the famous Dolph Lundgren. The picture earned decent revenue of over $36 million.



Timecop is one of Van Damme’s sci-fi action films, similar to Universal Soldier in terms of its genre. Released in 1994, this movie is about a man who travels in time over a decade to stop the evil works of a politician. This is, till date, the highest grossing film starring Van Damme. While the film generated revenue of over $100 million, even critics state that this movie is one of Van Damme’s best works as far as his acting prowess is concerned.



Van Damme fans are well aware and quite used to the kind of movie plots he acts in. This film again is one that includes revenge, fight tournaments, bloodshed, murder and survival. None the less, this is one of Van Damme’s essential performances. In this movie, Van Damme starred along with Michel Qissi, who also starred as Tong Po in Kickboxer.



Cyborg was the first of director Albert Pyun’s trilogy and was again one of Van Damme’s few sci-fi movies. The plot of the movie is set in the post-apocalyptic future and Van Damme plays the role of a mercenary. Ironically, the film was made on a small budget with spare costumes from another movie that hadn’t been used! However, the movie gained importance owing to the excellent martial arts stunts by Van Damme. There were a number of blood-filled scenes that had to be edited from the movie considering the fact that it required an R-rating to be released.

The Expendables 2


The Expendables 2 was released in 2012. The original movie, The Expendables, to which this is a sequel, was released the previous year. However, due to Van Damme’s busy schedule, he was unable to be a part of that movie in 2011. Starring alongside some of the most celebrated action heroes of all time, this movie is definitely one of Van Damme’s best. However, it is said that Van Damme stayed away from the rest of the cast that included Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jet Li, Bruce Willis and Chuck Norris so that he could focus on his character. Van Damme sure takes his acting very seriously!
Now that you’ve caught a glimpse of Jean Claude Van Damme’s best works, you can get back to your martial arts practice sessions!

Jupiter Ascending: This One Failed To Take Off

When a movie is based on a plot that plays across galaxies, you need more than just a great landing and stunning visuals to pull it off and convince the audience of its authenticity. Unfortunately, Jupiter Ascending fails on this front, thus pushing into the background the brilliance of some of its elements.
Starring Channing Tatum as Caine and Mila Kunis as Jupiter Jones with Eddie Redmayne, Tuppence Middleton, Sean Bean and Douglas Booth among others acting as their supporting cast, the Wachowski duo of Andy and Lana are the directors as well as those responsible for the screenplay of Jupiter Ascending. The Wachowskis are well known for the stretches of imagination their screenplays can delve into and this has always been a strength that fans as well as critics have admired in the team. This time around though, the foundation necessary for the story to take root in the minds of the audience is surprisingly absent and although the concept of Planet Earth being merely a bolt in the universal machinery does come across, the depth of it all simply fails to reach us.

The fight between good and evil exists throughout the movie except that we don’t quite grasp what each one wishes to do next. Yes, we understand the larger scheme of the power struggle but what actually goes down in the movie is hardly sewn together in the narrative. No, it isn’t only about the Wachowski brilliance that is missing here. It is about the absolute absence of any sane link between the beautiful graphics and the incoherent ramblings in the storyline.

“Your Earth is a very small part of a very large industry”, goes one line in the movie, and the biggest disappointment lays in the fact that the narrative in this one never gets strong enough to convince us of this. Good movies lure us into the plot and make us believe that what’s happening is indeed real. Great movies make us forget everything else. Movies like Jupiter Ascending simply make us believe that we should have read the reviews before actually spending money on the tickets!

The only saviors are the beautiful cinematography and eye-catching sequences that run throughout the movie. Some of the sequences on Earth too are beautifully shot while there is no dearth of extravagance in handling the ones that depict the scenes outside our planet. The movie deserves full marks for its visuals but sadly, indulging in great moviemaking isn’t only about the visuals. If only Andy and Lana Wachowski had given Jupiter Ascending the narrative it deserves, this one would have blown every other out of the waters. As far as movies set in space and those with alternate existential theories go, this one truly had potential.

Sadly, this aim remains unfulfilled and Jupiter Ascending remains a visual treat that does little to rein in any of the other senses, and therein lays its misery and failure.


Ed Sheeran’s A Wedding Singer!

The next time there’s a wedding in your family, there’s quite a good chance that Ed Sheeran might sing a song for the couple’s first dance. Of course, the newlyweds’ story needs to be as special as that of Kya and Matt Debono!

It all began when Kya and Matt were invited over to the Kyle and Jackie O’s show on the Australian radio channel KIIS 1065. The couple had shared their dream of having a dream wedding, a dream that they had eventually decided would never come true – until Kyle and Jackie surprised them by gifting them an $80,000 wedding! Thanks to the radio channel and the radio stars’ connections, the Sydney Bridal Expo said they’d pick up the tab for the wedding that even included a $10,000 honeymoon!

But wait, there’s more!

On the day of the wedding, as the happy couple readied themselves for their first dance as husband and wife to the tune of Thinking Out Loud, in walked Kyle and Jackie, announcing that they had another surprise in store.

And the surprise was none other than Ed Sheeran! The dreamy singer walked in to make the special day even more memorable and went on to sing a beautiful rendition of the song of their choice.

The acoustic execution was bang on and Sheeran’s enigmatic yet shy demeanor simply made it even more of a treat!

There were tears all around and before you watch the video, get those tissues out too!

Stop Throwing Pizzas On Walter White’s Roof!

Locations used for films and television often gain a cult following and while his leads to a general enhancement in the property’s value, it sometimes turns out to be a nuisance too. Walter White’s house from Breaking Bad fame is a perfect example of the latter.

The residence portrayed as the character’s home in the television series’ third season episode Caballo Sin Nombre is located in Albuquerque and since it is a real home, has a couple living in it. The problem is that fans of the show, or even those who know the property’s association with Breaking Bad often visit the property without the owners’ permission. Firstly, even trespassing on someone’s property just because you have seen it on television isn’t cool!
Secondly, to make things worse, people often try to reproduce the scene where White’s character, in a fit of anger, throws a pizza onto the roof. Obviously, having pizzas tossed onto your roof is annoying – because who’s going to clean it? The owners of course. Now this may seem weird and funny, but when you consider the fact that this is somebody’s home, the story takes on a different tone.


Vince Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad realizes just how frustrating this can be and has therefore appealed, or rather told off those who think of treating the roof to a pizza next time around.

“Let me tell you: There is nothing original or funny or cool about throwing a pizza on this lady’s roof. It is just not funny. It’s been done before. You’re not the first,”

said Gilligan. He even went on to question the legitimacy of such fans saying,

“I don’t even consider them fans, I consider them jagoffs.”

Well, now that Gilligan has issued a stern warning, fans will hopefully refrain from resorting to such annoying antics and simply enjoy the view the next time they pass the house. Of course, they also need to remember the property doesn’t actually belong to a fictional character named Walter White but is the real deal with a real family inside!