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Courtney Barnes Goes Viral, Then Gets Arrested

Courtney Barnes first hit the limelight when he auditioned for the popular dance show So You Think You Can Dance over several seasons. That didn’t work out well for him, although Barnes did astonish everyone with his dancing skills.
However, being at the right place at the right time helped Barnes get another shot at glory, and this time on the Internet, all through his extremely colorful description of a police car chase that ended in a crash. Of course, his colorful attire and striking features, complete with green hair, green nail polish, and the mono brows helped too.

The video went viral and soon enough, Barnes was an Internet sensation!
While Barnes was only beginning to enjoy the attention his video was getting, and maybe thinking of ways on how to make the most of the opportunity, his video caught the attention of a shop owner in Mississippi who immediately recognized the man in the video as the one who had been caught shoplifting by his store’s CCTV cameras.
Soon enough, Barnes was arrested by Mississippi police and apart from charges of shoplifting, also faced charges of contempt of court and parking tickets and other traffic fines amounting to $1600.
Barnes did issue an apology to his new legion of fans through his Instagram account, telling them that he was sorry for his mistakes and that “it will all work out for the better.”

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Top 10 Low Budget Movies That Were Huge Hits

Hollywood is well known for lavish projects where costs are hardly an impediment. This however does not hold true for all successful films. There are some low budget movies whose success, positive audience feedback and critical acclaim, resonate till date. Here’s a list of Top 10 Low Budget Movies that were Huge Hits. In spite of going really low on the element of financial expenditure, they all made a grand fortune upon release.



Directed by John. G. Avildsen and scripted by Sylvester Stallone, Rocky received a great response from the audience. Starring the fetching and young Stallone, the movie was a light film made within 28 days on a low budget of only $950,000. The movie’s release, in return, fetched mammoth amounts adding up to $225 million. Apart from the financial gains, the movie even won three Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director.

The Full Monty


This British comedy with a simple story of six unemployed men who try to make a difference in their lives by forming a striptease act proved to be quite surprise hit at the box office. The movie was made on a budget of $3.5 million, but thanks to its hilarious plot and storyline, the movie generated gross revenue of over $250 million. The Full Monty received critical acclaim, after its release and was the highest grossing film in the United Kingdom, until the grandiose Titanic was released.



Directed by James Wan, this $1.2 million low budget horror film was made based on the story of two men who are trapped in a bathroom and then given separate instructions via tape recorders to help them escape. The mind numbing horror and gut wrenching details in the movie received a positive reaction from the audience, allowing Saw to garner returns of over $103 million. The movie then became a franchise with seven equally thrilling parts, which were a hit with the audience too.

Paranormal Activity


Created on a budget of a measly $11,000, this movie created a wave of curiosity with its highly unusual yet gripping plot. The movie was originally created as an independent feature and played at film festival screenings in 2007 and a couple of years later, in 2009, the movie was officially released by Paramount Pictures. Paranormal Activity depicts eerie experiences of a young couple, Katie and Micah, who move into a home in the suburbs. Katie claims to be haunted by the presence of an evil spirit in the house, and to further investigate the disturbing occurrences, Micah and Katie carefully set video cameras all over their home. The happenings that follow are grippingly spooky. The movie is worth every second of viewing and rightfully earned over a whopping $193 million worldwide.

Napoleon Dynamite


Jared Hess had created a short film Peluca that was later adapted into a full-length film called Napoleon Dynamite. The protagonist and title role of Napoleon Dynamite was played by actor Jon Heder, who received a meager sum of $1,000 for his exceptional role in the movie. Later, it is said he renegotiated and was given a profit percentage of the movie. The movie was not just made on a restricted budget of $400,000, but was also filmed in a rather cost-friendly location – producer Jeremy Coon’s apartment! It created a new fondness towards the nerd kind and many movies adopted this leitmotif in their making. Napoleon Dynamite grossed $46,140,956 at the worldwide box office.

Mad Max


This larger than life action film was director George Miller’s debut adventure in filmmaking. The actors risked life and limb with the stunts they had to perform in the action sequences and it is said that Miller could only afford one actual leather suit for the movie, the one worn by Mel Gibson and the rest of the gangsters were costumed in pleather or imitation leather. The movie’s budget was tightly set at $400,000, but the profits it made added up to $100 million. Mad Max even entered the Guinness Book of World records for the film with the highest profit-to-cost percentage.

The Purge


In Purge, writer and director James DeMonaco created the perfect plot for a crime thriller horror film. The budget invested in the making of the movie, which hit theaters in 2013, was a meager $3 million. But the reviews and audiences’ response boosted its revenue to a stupendous $89.3 million! With a story that revolves around the high crime rate in America and the government legally sanctioning criminal activities for 12 whole hours, the terror that strikes thereafter is portrayed in a horrifying real manner in the movie. The enthralling dreadfulness of the plot gripped the attention of the audience and not in a pleasant way either!



Once is the love story of two musicians, a street guitarist and a pianist, who fall in love and create a perfect blend of tunes together. The actors, Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová, are real musicians and have no prior experience in acting. But the work created by them in the movie is astounding and produced in just $150,000, this one created waves among viewers and critics alike. The movie raked in whopping returns of $20,710,513 and also received an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

The Blair Witch Project


The Blair Witch Project is a transfixing horror story of three student filmmakers who mysteriously disappeared in Maryland while on a trip to film a documentary. Their video footage was recovered after a year and the recording is not just eerie but absolutely bloodcurdling! Written and directed by Daniel Myrick, the movie was made on a budget of $60,000. But the massively positive reviews earned the movie its $248 million revenue.

Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels


This 1998 British crime comedy gained critical acclaim due to its outstanding hilarious plot. The film is also said to have emerged as the project that made director Guy Ritchie internationally famous. Scripted and directed by Ritchie, the movie tells the story of a heist to rob a smalltime gang. The heist turns comic when the number of gangs, interested in making some easy money by robbing each other, increases. The budget used in the making of the film was $1.35 million, but the revenue it generated worldwide was a phenomenal $28.35 million.
All the movies on this list have gone all out to prove the fact that not every successful movie needs to be created with a monstrous budget, a monumental location or a cast of legendary actors. These Top 10 Low Budget Movies that were Huge Hits were appreciated by viewers and critics alike due to their originality and creativity and the fact that they were epics created with a relatively shoestring budget!


Girlfriend Ruins Elaborate Promposal!

The prom is one of the biggest events in the lives of youngsters and the hype driving it has come a long way today. While the day itself is extravagantly planned, making sure every detail is in place, the proposal to your partner for the night has also gained prominence over the last few years.
So when an enthusiastic boyfriend planned a perfect promposal for his girlfriend, he thought this would be an amazing way to ask her out to the prom. Unfortunately, what came his way was the exact opposite!

Daniel Pena, in his bid to ask his girlfriend Alex to prom, planted signs along the road each sign carrying the words “Alex”, “Will”, “You”, “Marry”, “LOL JK”, “Go To”, “Prom”, “With” and finally, “Me”.
Well, a romantic Daniel began his drive with Alex by his side, hoping it would end with his girl completely impressed with the move.
Only, it started out all wrong.
Alex almost missed the first sign with her name on it and barely caught it, guessing it was meant for someone named Lee.
Then, her reactions to the rest of the signs were nothing short of nasty. “That’s a shitty way to ask someone to prom,” Alex said once the signs had all gone by. Wow!
Finally, when she realized it was Daniel who had set up the promposal, she was besides herself with guilt and apologizing with all her heart, fell into a tearful fit.
The rest of the video was of course a little awkward for both of them, with Alex crying away and Daniel looking like he was kicked hard right in the heart!
Well, it made for a great story in the end and Alex did say yes to Daniel’s promposal eventually, so we guess we can draw some solace in the all’s well that ends well motto.
Just a lesson for all you enthusiastic boyfriends out there – make sure your girlfriends are into this kind of thing before you put your heart and effort into it. Otherwise, she may simply call it shitty and go on her way!


Top 10 War Movies

Most of us enjoy a wide genre of movies that include romance, action, thriller, horror and the all-time favorite, comedy. Some of us however are fascinated by excitement, bloodshed, passion and huge doses of adrenaline, a combination that is usually found on grim battlefields. Here’s bringing you a list of the Top 10 War Movies that are recognized by audiences across the globe as being the best, thanks to their action sequences, cinematography, storyline, direction and cast.
Full Metal Jacket

Directed, produced and written by the invincible Stanley Kubrick, Full Metal Jacket is an excellent war movie that depicts the ironic lives of the drill sergeants as they withstand the severities of war training. Based on the Vietnam War, this 1987 film is considered a landmark movie in the war-action genre. Having received critical acclaim, this work of art was even nominated for an Academy Award. One of the main highlights of the movie is the critical acclaim actor R. Lee Erney received for his outstanding performance as Hartman. Erney scripted most of the dialogues on the spot, making the movie a true original. Full Metal Jacket is one of the best creations by Stanley Kubrick and a must-watch for several reasons!
Black Hawk Down

Winner of two Oscars, Black Hawk Down is a British-American war movie, directed by Ridley Scott. The film is adapted from a book written by Mark Bowden and portrays the hardships undertaken by a group of U.S. Army Rangers who are deployed to Mogadishu in order to seize a militia loyal, Mohamed Aidid. This 2001 movie made it big at the Awards and in the minds of the audience, evident in the $172 million that the movie made.
Behind Enemy Lines

Directed by John Moore, this movie is all about action in the worst place a soldier can find himself, behind enemy lines. A navy officer is shot down and lands in Bosnia and movie depicts the perils and threats he faces as he tries to make his way back, along with some hard-core proof of the Bosnian War genocide he accidentally stumbles upon. With an excellent star cast, comprising of Owen Wilson and Gene Hackman, the movie is one of the most gripping war movies ever made. This film was the directorial debut for Moore and created a great first impression indeed!
Saving Private Ryan

You place Tom Hanks in the leading role in a war movie and you already have yourself a winner! Saving Private Ryan has Tom Hanks delivering one of the most substantial works of his career. The movie earned a whopping $481.8 million and was also nominated for 11 Academy Awards of which it won six, including Best Director and  Best Cinematography.
The Bridge on the River Kwai

Directed by David Lean, this 1957 war movie is based on the Second World War. Filmed in Sri Lanka, the movie is a fictional account about the building of a bridge over the River Kwai to assist the war efforts of Japan. The movie gained its fame for its action sequences and excellent star cast that included the talented Academy Award winner, William Holden. The depiction of the hard times prisoners of war had to face helped the movie take home seven glorious Academy Awards including the one for Best Picture.
Good Morning Vietnam

This Robin Williams starrer is an excellent war movie with a tinge of comedy. Good Morning Vietnam was released in 1987, and paints the life of a radio jockey on the Armed Forces Radio Service. His wit and humor soon gain him great popularity among the troops. However, the superiors are not of the same opinion. Owing to his excellent performance in the movie, Williams was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor.
The Hurt Locker

This movie is a renowned one, thanks to the originality created by Director Kathryn Bigelow. This 2008 war genre movie circles around members of a bomb-disposal unit in Baghdad. The perils of the bomb-squad members, as they go through each experience of de-activating the bombs, keep the audience on pins and needles at every moment. The scenes are so emotional and intensely gripping that viewers actually end up holding their own breath until each bomb is safely defused. Starring Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie and Brian Geraghty, the movie was quite the success. It was even nominated for a number of Academy Awards and proudly bagged the Oscars for Best Director, Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay.
Inglourious Basterds

Directors Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth come together to create this magnificent war movie based on the German occupancy of France. With an excellent cast that includes brilliant actors Brad Pitt, Mélanie Laurent, Christoph Waltz and Michael Fassbender, the movie created a rage among its audience. This film was a prominent one owing to its commercial success and earning over $321 million. The portrayal of different characters comes across amazingly well in the movie, making every scene a winner.
Pearl Harbor

This 2001 war film that captures the epic incident of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The movie was directed by Michael Bay and the cast included Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett, Kate Beckinsale and Cuba Gooding Jr. The story spins around two friends, Rafe and Danny who play their part in World War II as pilots. When Rafe is away at war and doesn’t return for a while, his girlfriend finds solace in Danny and the two get close. There is one final reunion of the three protagonists in Hawaii, prior to the Pearl Harbor attack. The vivid cinematography of the battle sequences as well as the romantic angle interwoven in the storyline made this one quite different from any other. Pearl Harbor was a box office hit and earned a glorious $450 million.
Zero Dark Thirty

Following Hurt Locker, Directed Kathryn Bigelow created a second war movie that turned out even better than the first! Rightfully tagged ‘The Greatest Manhunt in History’, Zero Dark Thirty revolves around the manhunt of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, post the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States. Osama was found in Pakistan and was raided and killed on 2 May 2011 after a manhunt that went on for a decade. The details and intricacies of the investigations that led to the raid are illustrated in the movie. The movie was nominated for five Academy Awards and four Golden Globe Awards, of which it bagged one award at each. The movie also received wide critical acclaim.
For those who are fascinated by war and action movies depicting the battlefield and all that goes down in it, every movie that made this list Top 10 War Movies are a must-watch!


Breastfeeding Helps Your Baby’s Immune System

Babies, for nine months, live a rather nurtured life, securely protected in their mothers’ wombs with all the antibodies present in the placenta. However, when they are born, they face a completely different environment. Therefore, it’s imperative that the baby receives the required nutrition that supports and enhances its growth and development after birth.

Here’s where breastfeeding comes into play. Breastfeeding is proven to improve babies’ immune systems while simultaneously providing the comforting and soothing physical contact with their mothers. This is absolutely essential for the all-around development of your baby. A baby starts producing antibodies to combat infections between 5 to 6 months; however, its immune system may take up to 6 years to be fully developed. In the interim the newborn requires some sort of immunity boost to keep it away from infections and other serious illnesses. These illnesses and infections are usually caused by the numerous bacteria present in the atmosphere. This much needed immunity boost can be provided in the form of nutritionally abundant mother’s milk.
Breastfeeding is undeniably the most complete form of nourishment for babies and its benefits include better health, physical growth and mental development. Here are few of the numerous advantages that breastfeeding has over baby formula.
Breastfeeding is Irreplaceable

Mother’s milk is known to be an abundant source of proteins, fat and sugar, and is extremely nutritious for your baby. It helps protect your infant from various illnesses while reducing the chance of your baby developing an ear infection, diarrhea, urinary tract infections, respiratory tract infections, gut infections, or pneumonia. Some mothers prefer putting their babies on formula milk, as they believe that formula milk comes loaded with proteins and vitamins, however, this may not be entirely true. Formula milk is a good option for those who do not produce adequate breast milk to breastfeed their babies. One does need to be aware that while breast milk is an absolutely pure form of nutrition, formula milk needs to be mixed with water for its preparation and this increases the risk of infections contaminating the mixture with water. Breastfeeding also helps mothers create a special bond with their babies.
Breastfeeding Averts Infections

A mother’s milk consists of antibodies and enzymes that prepare the baby’s body to fight various illnesses and infections. Studies have proven that compared to babies on formula milk, it was the breastfed babies who showed signs of better health and illness combating behavior. Breast milk improves the baby’s ability to fight diarrhea by enhancing the production of useful bacteria in the intestines of the baby.
Allergy Reduction through Breastfeeding

With the various studies carried out to understand the benefits of breastfeeding infants, it was found that breastfed babies displayed lower signs of hereditary allergies as compared to those who were not breastfed. While doctors strongly recommend breastfeeding for numerous medically profitable reasons, this is one of its long-term benefits.
Quicker Maturity of The Immune System

The approximate time taken for a baby’s immunity system to build up is 6 years. Studies show that babies that are breastfed tend to have a quicker immune system maturity than those who are formula fed. Their bodies react positively to keep away harmful germs and infections, thus evading serious illnesses.
Breastfeeding is therefore strongly recommended for the initial six months after birth. Many mothers continue breastfeeding for 2 years and more. This, of course, could be carried out along with the introduction of other food sources like fruits, vegetables and pulses. It’s preferable not to substitute breastfeeding with formula or other foods for a minimum of six months.
In conclusion, breastfeeding not only influences a baby’s health positively by strengthening the immune system, it also enhances the baby’s growth and development.


Cancer: Why A Timely Diagnosis Is REALLY Important

The diagnosis of any major illness is a complex process. It starts with symptoms experienced by the victim, followed by a pre-diagnosis processes that include self-help options and visiting a local health practitioner, and finally getting an actual diagnosis. If the matter concerns a normal allergy or a harmless cough, it’s alright to take it easy. However, if the victim is under a threat of a more serious disease, like cancer, the delay in diagnosis itself could be deadly.
The Disease

Cancer is a deadly disease that claims the lives of many every year. The cancer mortality rate is unbelievably high in all countries as compared to deaths by other major diseases. There are various types of cancers and it is imperative to get a timely diagnosis in order for doctors to be able to cure the patient. Cancers have stages as well. If a patient is diagnosed as being infected with the initial stages of cancer, there is a possibility to control or cure the disease completely. However, in the later stages, doctors come across a lot more challenges that are difficult to control and sometimes impossible to overcome. Hence, it’s said that the timely diagnosis of cancer is just as important as the actual cure.
Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why the diagnosis of cancer is usually delayed and how this delay adversely affects the treatment opportunities.
Missed Opportunities

It’s a rare practice for people to visit the doctor as soon as they experience any kind of uneasiness or discomfort. This could involve a rise in temperature, dehydration, nausea, internal pain or any malignant growth. Such symptoms are linked to normal illnesses and are ignored. This is where an opportunity goes amiss. However, if the symptoms persist, we understand the possibility of a problem and visit a doctor. The doctor may not be able to diagnose the problem immediately, possibly due to incomplete information provided by the patient or similar symptoms to other general illnesses, and may prescribe drugs. Here is where the second missed opportunity occurs. This causes another delay. You go ahead with the doctor’s advice and take the prescribed medication. After a while you realize that the medication is not working. You also notice that instead of feeling better, your health is continuing to deteriorate. It’s at this time that you notice the symptoms getting stronger or more obvious. This is when you go to the hospital for a more thorough diagnosis. There has now been a significant delay since the first moment you noticed that something was wrong, to the time the test results arrive. This time of delay varies from patient to patient. In some cases the delay may be just a few days or weeks, which is still acceptable. But in some cases, the delay is months or even years and this shortens the possibilities of a successful treatment.
Direct Ratio

There is a direct ratio between diagnosing cancer and actually curing it. The earlier the cancer is diagnosed, the higher the possibility of a complete cure. Diagnosing cancer in its early stages gives time for doctors to eradicate it from your body through surgery, drugs or chemotherapy. Also, cancer in its early stages tends to be docile and reacts positively to drugs. However, with the delayed diagnosis of cancer, the disease has had enough time to grow or spread and it gets harder to control it with drugs or surgery.
Timely Diagnosis is Synonymous with Better Psychological Adjustment

Cancer victims experience uncontrollable levels of anxiety and stress. The excessive medications, treatments and therapies tend to have an adverse effect on their psychological adjustment. Timely diagnosis greatly contributes to the reduced levels of medical treatment and therapies, thus reducing the stress and anxiety levels and simultaneously improving the patient’s psychological adjustment.
In short, a timely diagnosis of cancer is a matter of life and death. Literally!


Top 10 Best Movie Sequels

All original movies tend to set a standard that a majority of sequels find impossible to surpass. However, on rare occasions, a sequel comes by that manages to not only live up to the standards set by the original, but even surpass it! We have to tip our hats to these that go miles ahead of their forerunners to win the hearts of an even larger audience. This list of Top 10 Best Movie Sequels is in honor of those enterprising projects that stand as a compliment to their originals.

The Godfather: Part II

The 1972 American crime film, The Godfather, was regarded as one of the greatest movies ever created in the history of Hollywood. The original movie, starring Marlon Brando, depicted the life in an Italian mafia family. Also starring Al Pacino, as the don’s youngest son, this movie created a rage among viewers. Then came The Godfather: Part II in 1974 and this one turned out to be an even more enthralling sequence to the first part. It literally stole the title of ‘the greatest crime film’ from its predecessor! All owing to Al Pacino’s entrancing expertise in acting, this movie depicted the true emotional turmoil of the character, enticing its audience.

The Dark Knight

One doesn’t really have to elaborate on this movie other than how Heath Ledger’s outstanding performance as The Joker left viewers rapt with awe throughout the film. Batman definitely got its viewers votes for like, but Chris Nolan’s creation of The Joker, with his spine-chilling appearance and reeking with psychological sadism, actually extended the movie its eminence. This sequel was beefed up with some surreal action sequences and definitely can’t be left out from this list of Top 10 Best Movie Sequels.

Spider Man 2

This superhero spun a tackier web with the release of Spider Man 2. The plot of the movie is what won it its importance. The villain in the film, Dr. Octopus, with his metal appendage, created the perfect opponent for Spider Man. Tormented with dilemmas, Spidey has to fight through a number of personal issues, ranging from the changing attitude of his best friend Harry Osborn to the engagement of his girlfriend Mary Jane to another man. And as if all this was less work, Spider Man also has to battle Dr. Octopus who blames Spidey for the accidental death of his wife and wants to avenge her death.

X2: X-Men United

Director Bryan Singer took a plunge with the sequel X2: X-Men United, to the original X-Men, and emerged a hero. The original movie focused on the introduction of mutants and their conflict with another group of mutants, headed by the villainous Magneto. The sequel still held the essence of the existence and survival of these mutants, but the plot thickens with the story of the bladed super hero – Wolverine’s past, and the way he copes with his emotions. The other attraction of the movie was the wide range of mutants with their varied superpowers.

The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers

The Lord of The Rings trilogy is one of its kinds! One cannot appreciate just one part of the trilogy, as each part is as fascinating and enthralling as the other. However, the second installment of the film, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers takes the cake. Owing to its unique storyline that almost makes it a standalone film, this sequel surpasses the first part by leaps and bounds. Elijah Wood’s performance was excellent in the movie, but the star of the film was the mysterious and enigmatic character, Gollum.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

The 1982 sci-fi film was a success not just for its storyline, but also for other aspects of the movie that greatly contributed to the box office hit. Even though the movie was a typical Star Trek story, with an endless journey through space and an encounter with an adversary, this sequel was tweaked a little. It weaves its way around the interstellar battle between Admiral Kirk and his enemy Khan Noonien Singh, who was held in exile for over 15 years and then escapes to avenge his banishment. The movie ends on an emotional note with the death of Captain Spock.

Toy Story 2

Pixar animations have outshined their own excellence in Toy Story, with the sequel Toy Story 2. Toy Story 2 is not just a sequel to the original Toy Story, but is a different episode in itself. Depicting the emotions and true friendship between toys, the movie is a favorite among viewers of all ages. The story focuses on the abduction of Woody, the cowboy, and the heroic escapades of the other toys to bring Woody back. The main feature of this movie is the intricate detailing of existing and newly introduced animated characters.


This 1986 film is a sequel to the 1979 sci-fi movie Alien. The tagline of the movie, ‘This Time It’s War!’ holds true to itself, as the movie features some bizarre action scenes between the protagonist Sigourney Weaver and the terrifying aliens. Director James Cameron is habituated to exceeding his own limits and he has done it again with Aliens!

Back To The Future: Part 2

The original movie was an amazing one, as it introduced the aspect of time-travel with an actual time travel machine- a scientifically modified car! For director Robert Zemeckis to outdo his original with Back To The Future: Part 2 must have been quite a challenge, owing to the fact that the prequel was a super hit. The characters, Marty McFly and Dr. Brown, time-travel to the future year 2015, in order to stop a menace. In the process, they even change history!

Superman 2

Torn between the love of his life, Lois Lane and his responsibility as a superhero, Superman must make a decision, and fast. The sequel, Superman 2, was a total hit among the audience. The actor Christopher Reeves, won the hearts of millions with his striking personality as Superman and his innocent nerdy appearance as Clark Kent. This sequel was an extension worthy of applause but it was indeed the unique, although typical, story line of a planet in peril being saved by a superhero that got the movie its reputation.
The sequels mentioned above duly and rightfully deserve applause, even though they were created after their originals. This list of Top 10 Best Movie Sequels indicates how Hollywood directors don’t just learn from their novel creations but also use them to craft even better feature creations!


This Dancer Rocks Uptown Funk At TITP Festival

Dance like you would if no one was watching goes the old saying. Well, at the T in the Park Festival in Scotland, a young dancer definitely took this to heart and rocked out to Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk.
His name is Fred Rawicz, and no, he did not particularly impress the gathered crowds with his moves, nor did his routine look like the ones of any professional dancer.
So why was his seemingly impromptu performance so impressive?
Just watch and you will see the utmost joy with which Fred gets into his routine and the sheer delight you can see on his face is all you need to appreciate in this one!
With people like Fred around, it sure doesn’t seem like too big a task to spread some smiles around – And don’t you just feel like dancing??



Grappling With Depression

People always confuse depression with sadness. They fail to realize that the intense sadness they feel, coupled with a loss of appetite, lack of interest in activities and lowered concentration levels is a mental disorder called depression. When you are sad or feeling blue, this emotion may last for a few days. Depression, however, is a more serious disorder and it can last for weeks, months, or even years. Depression tends to put you off the most mundane of everyday tasks, like dressing up, looking good, eating, socializing and working.
It gets difficult to recognize a person suffering from depression as the symptoms of this illness are not physically visible or obvious to the eye. The most reliable way to know that you are grappling with depression is self-awareness. Our body throws us warning signs that we need to pay close attention to. Depression can be cured, but it needs to be brought to the attention of a doctor or a mental health professional at the earliest sign of trouble.
Let us read through some important aspects that must be explored in order to understand depression.
Truths about Depression

As depression is a growing concern in today’s society, you will find many people advising you on what depression actually is and how it must be treated. It’s not something that will go away by itself. A depressed individual must proactively work towards curing his/her depression. Talking about it, especially to a doctor or psychiatrist, is likely to help. If you feel depressed and talk it out with a friend or a family member, you are likely to receive advise such as getting yourself involved in other pleasurable activities. But doing this will seem like a herculean task. Depression makes you lose interest in almost all activities, so forcing yourself to do something may depress you even more instead of making you feel better.
Battle of the Sexes

Depression is more obvious and noticeable in women compared to men. This is because men do not share their feelings the way women do. Women are easier to talk to and they tend to pour out their troubles to loved ones, family and friends. Men, on the other hand, either end up with displaying sudden bouts of anger, irritability and frustration. Depression may even lead to drug and alcohol abuse.
Depression Affects the Functioning of the Brain

Our brain is the most active part of our body. There are constant signals being passed through the nerves that run through our entire body. When depression kicks in, the brain’s functions start to falter. Certain studies have proven that depression causes abnormal behavior in the brain. The brain is unable to function in a normal manner, thus resulting in lack of concentration, mood swings and provoked thoughts of committing suicide.

Depression is a mental illness – and it is curable. With the appropriate treatment solutions, an individual can be back to normal within a matter of a few weeks, but this depends on the level. Depression doesn’t only affect a certain category of people. Anyone can experience depression at any stage in their life. Right from young children, to teenagers, to adults and older individuals, everyone is susceptible to depression. The treatment for each situation and individual would be different. Various antidepressants are available in the market. Upon the health adviser’s prescription, these drugs must be taken regularly and as advised.
Also, you need not worry about having to take medications for your entire life. As mentioned earlier, depression is curable, so as soon as you show signs of improvement, your health advisor will alter the amount of medication or have you stop taking it completely.
Every cloud has a silver lining! Depression may lead you to believe that there is no hope left, but it’s important to remember that depression can be cured. All you need to do is accept the facts and then seek the right kind of help.


Top 10 Most Unusual Sports

If you think the usual fare of soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, and football are the only games around the world of sports, this list of Top 10 Most Unusual Sports will help you change your line of thought! In these games, participants are not required to use the standard sports equipment and neither are the games carried out in run-of-the-mill sports arenas. Even though these may stand nowhere near mainstream sports in terms of popularity and fan following, they do have a certain charm of their own.

Warning: Some of these do have the ‘Do Not Try This At Home’ tag!

Cheese Rolling

For all you food lovers out there, here’s a game that, in spite of its association with cheese, will actually help you lose weight! This sport is more of a tradition that began in England over 200 years ago. On the day of Spring Bank each year, a wheel of delicious cheese is rolled down Cooper’s Hill in Gloucester and participants have to run down the hill to chase it. The first person to get to the bottom of the hill is declared the winner. Even Jack and Jill, from the famous nursery rhyme, injured themselves on their way downhill so you can imagine the kind of battering and bruising that is likely to be part of this sport too.

Wife Carrying

If you thought that the only time a husband carries his wife is over the threshold of their new home, you may want to reconsider after reading this. This sport of Finnish origin is as exciting as its name – Eukonkanto. The game involves husbands carrying their wives over their shoulders. The wives wrap their legs around the husbands’ neck and their hands around the husbands’ torso and hang upside down. The tricky part is that this isn’t a simply race, and the husband completes it only after crossing a number of hurdles and obstacles. And if you’re wondering what the winning team earns – it’s the wife’s weight in beer, definitely enough motivation for husbands everywhere!

Dog Surfing

All you animal lovers are going to adore this sport! Animals aren’t just cute, cuddly, huggable pets that we have as companions. No! They are capable of doing unimaginable stunts, for example, dog surfing. The Dog Surfing Competition initially started in San Diego, but due to its eminence, has now become a famous sport all over southern California. One can actually witness the amazing stunts of dogs riding the waters and taking on the best surfers, one wave at a time!

Unicycle Polo

We all know the usual game of Polo that involves mallets and balls. But Unicycle Polo – now that is something you definitely wouldn’t want to miss. The participants follow similar rules of the Polo game, however, the only difference is that all participants are playing while balancing on (and some crashing and falling off) unicycles!

Blind Soccer

The game of soccer is challenging enough, but the joys of the game are known to cross barriers of language and race! With blind soccer, the visually impaired can also participate and enjoy the game with the same amount of passion and enthusiasm. The key to knowing the ball’s position lies in the ball itself. The soccer ball is filled with pebbles, so that it makes a sound while rolling around and visually impaired players can judge its exact location accordingly. All the participating players are legally blind, even the goalkeeper!


Adopted from the famous Harry Potter franchise, the game of Quidditch is quite similar to the one played by the wizards at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, barring the magical powers of flying on brooms of course! The International Quidditch Association was founded at Middlebury College in Vermont and within a few years has expanded to include a number of teams from almost every continent in the world.

Extreme Ironing

The participants of this game proudly call themselves ‘ironists,’ owing to the fact that the main task in this sport is to iron clothes. So where is the extreme factor? Well, these so called ironists go to the most extreme locations and positions to do their ironing. Some hang off cliffs while they iron, some do it atop a moving vehicle, some even do it underwater, while others prefer to iron their clothes while waterskiing. The sport requires that the participants click a picture of themselves in the act of ironing. Here’s a sport that doesn’t just give the participants an adrenaline rush, but also gives them creaseless garments for the awards ceremony!

Ferret Legging

Scottish Games – Ferret Legging from Matthew Brackney on Vimeo.


This somewhat sadistic sport includes quite a good deal of self-inflicted pain. This game is played by participants fastening the ankles of their pants and releasing two ferrets in their pants. The audience then waits and sees which of these courageous participants can endure the biting and scratching until they finally give-in. The record for this sport was set way back is 1981 when a participant, Reg Mellor, endured having the ferrets in his pants for five hours and thirty minutes. No one has been able to break this record since. Now who would want to try this?

Street Luge

This sport is otherwise a simple race down a race track, except for the simple modification that participants lie on their backs on skateboards big enough to hold the entire human body and then leave the rest to gravity. The main focus of concern is the safety of the luge and the smoothness of the race path. The one to reach the finish line first is obviously the winner!

World Gurning Contest

If the ones on this list were not weird enough allow us to round things up with the World Gurning Contest, a contest for participants who can pull off the ugliest face! The meaning of the word ‘Gurning’ is to pull off an ugly face and this contest was started way back in 1297 at the Egremont Crab Fair, UK. Eyes popping, tongue twirling, cheeks bloating, nose wrinkling – you can see all of this and more at the World Gurning Contest.

While some of these sports seem funny and entertaining, some are precarious and life threatening as well which calls for some stringent safety precautions. The entertainment factor is usually the highest though, so if you’re tired of the usual, any of the sports on this list of Top 10 Unusual Sports should get your spirits soaring!

James Bond 007 Facts You’ve Never Heard Before

It’s been over half a century since the first James Bond 007 movie hit theaters and captivated the audience with a perfect mix of passion, crime, action and romance and since then, several movies featuring the English spy have awed us.
Now, everyone knows that the hot spy likes his martinis shaken, not stirred but there is a lot more to know about James Bond than just his drinks! Here are a few facts even the suave spy may not have checked out before.
During his entire career, James Bond has been shot at 4,662 times. One can only imagine the number of holes the spy’s body may have had to hypothetically endure!
Liam Neeson is famous for his action stunts and is often featured on his movie posters with a gun in his hands. It was hence quite a shocker when the star turned down the role of Bond. Even more surprising was his reason – he said he was not interested in action movies! Liam Neeson was not the only other actor offered the role of James Bond. Veteran actors Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds were offered the role too. But both of them were of the opinion that the role of James Bond must only be played by a British actor and hence they turned down the offer.

For years, the oldest actress to play the Bond girl was Honor Blackman who was 39 when she played Pussy Galore in Goldfinger. Well, Monica Belucci is ready to change all that in Spectre. She’s 50 and is the oldest on the block. Calling her old would of course be entirely untrue. One look at her will tell you how easily she can give any other Bond girl a run for her money!

While we see Bond girls changing in every movie, Maud Adams was the only one to play a Bond girl in two – The Man with the Golden Gun and Octopussy – and even starred as an extra in A View to A Kill.

The famous Sean Connery sported a toupee in all the James Bond movies that he appeared in. The actor had actually started losing his hair at the young age of 21 and hence had the need to use hairpieces.

Daniel Craig is one of the most privileged James Bonds. Not only did he have some of the hottest women starring with him but also during his tenure as the Bond spy, Daniel Craig was allowed to take any Aston Martin from the Aston Martin Lagonda Limited factory, and this special offer is valid for life!
via guim

via guim

In 22 films, James Bond has killed 352 people. Violent? Well, one among them was particularly so. Pierce Brosnan was the most dangerous Bond, as he alone killed 47 people in Golden Eye.
via imcdb

via imcdb

Brosnan proved to be a destructive Bond as far as cars went too. Tomorrow Never Dies saw 15 BMW 750s being wrecked!

The first James Bond though was actually an American! Barry nelson was the first to play the spy in a televised adaptation of the movie we later came to know as Casino Royale.
Pierce Brosnan had to sign a special contract while he was signed up with the Bond movie franchise and the contract has a special clause – Pierce Brosnan was not allowed to wear a tuxedo in any other film that was not a James Bond film.

While taking special martial arts training lessons for one of the Bond films, actor Sean Connery angered the instructor. The instructor was none other than the veteran action star Steven Seagal and Seagal actually broke Connery’s wrist in anger!

President John F. Kennedy was a huge fan of the James Bond movies. He even watched an early print of the Bond movie From Russia with Love at the White House. This one happened to be his last film as he died the next day.

The fandom the franchise enjoys is such that avid fans keep a close watch on the every detail related to the sophisticated spy and these interesting facts are sure to add to their list!

Featured image via showbizmonkeys


Straight Friend Asks Gay Friend To Prom

We hunt down inspirational stories from all over the world so we can bring them to you and sometimes, even we are surprised at how they can come from the most unexpected areas!
The prom season has teenagers all over America going crazy over who they’ll take as their prom date, and what they’ll wear on this special day. Of course, when it comes to the gay community, the problem of finding someone to go with gets a little more difficult.
Anthony Martinez, from a Las Vegas high school, had this predicament troubling him and this was the message he sent out through Twitter.

While he was getting ready to simply show up at the prom alone, his good friend Jacob Lescenski asked him if he would be his prom date.
It sounds like just another run-of-the-mill story of just another prom date problem solved, right? Not really. What makes this story extraordinary is the fact that Jacob is straight! And he did it in style too. He didn’t just drop a note to Anthony or text him. He elaborately went through the routine of preparing a huge banner for his friend and made sure everyone knew he was asking his gay friend to be his prom date!
Here’s Anthony sharing the great news – and an image of the amazing banner that Jacob made for him – with everyone.

The story has now reached the farthest corners of the Internet and both Jacob and Anthony are receiving loving messages from everyone – congratulating them on their beautiful friendship that goes beyond the usual hiccups that different sexual orientations seem to bring.
Jacob of course, in Anthony’s own words, is being hailed as “a real man,” not allowing Anthony’s sexuality to come between a friendship that not only rocks, but also shows the way to all those around! The duo later posted a message thanking everyone for all the support that came their way.


Well done guys!

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