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Bali And Its Wonderful Attractions

Bali has been getting a lot of attention lately with growing tourism and wonderful sights of nature. Some have even called it overrated, but in truth, Bali deserves all the hype and more. It has a wide variety of small businesses that are there to help aid tourism and tourists. Fall in love with Bali and its natural attractions; make sure you visit the following 10 wonderful attractions of Bali.
1. Uluwatu Temple – Pura Luhur

The Uluwatu Temple is located on a large rugged limestone cliff. It’s an extremely scenic sight and is situated in an island known more commonly as Bukit Peninsula. The temple has an air of majesty about it and has been expanded several times since the 11th century. It is perched 70 meters above the Indian Ocean on a steep cliff. Reward yourself with beautiful sunrises and sunsets atop either side of the temple.
2. Pura Tanah Lot

This is a majestic formation of natural rocks that lays the foundation for the basis of a well known pilgrimage temple. It is known for serenity and a cultural significance as it is associated with the Balinese mythology as being one of the seven temples that make a circular ring-like formation in the southwest of Bali. It is advised to go here during low tide so you can enjoy walking across the water for an enthralling experience.
3. Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

This is a very famous temple of Bali that serenely resides near Lake Bratan. It has a beautiful structure that is magnified by its reflection in the crystal clear waters of Lake Bratan.
4. Dolphin Sightings At Lovina

This is the perfect and most ideal place for sighting dolphins in their natural habitat. The boats leave at dawn from the beach in search of them. It may be a little crowded due to its popularity, but it is definitely worth the wait. There are various other activities in Lovina besides dolphin watching such as relaxing in cafes.
5. Ubud

This place is known as the heart and life of Bali where all energy and action is focused at. This place contains the best Bali has to offer in terms of nature, culture, people, museums, temples, rice fields, parks and has places for several exciting activities such as cooking or adventure explorations. You can also relax and unwind with yoga and meditation or go hiking and biking. With spas and massages, this one place is sure to entertain and appeal to every member of the family.
6. Party At Kuta Beach

This is one of the most popular beaches in Bali with an active party life. It is the ideal place to socialize, make friends, and have fun. The best part is that there are different atmospheres that suite different budgets.
7. Private Beach At Nusa Dua Beach

If compromise is a word you know nothing of, this is the place to be. It has high end hotels that offer you the five star experience along with pristine beaches that are perfect for getting an envious tan. This spot is ideal for honeymooners and those looking for a relaxing getaway.
8. Hike/Climb Mount Batur At Kintamani

In the east highlands of Bali is Mount Batur. It is an active volcano and an exciting spot to go hiking for active tourists who wish to embark on an adventure. The hikes start at dawn, as early as 4 am, and enable tourists to enjoy the sunrise at 6 am. The hike is easy and conveniently marked for safety while offering you breathtaking and serene views of nature.
9. Ayana Restaurant On Rocks

This is a restaurant placed on a cliff. It is considered to be one of the best relaxing places in Bali with a long line of people awaiting their due enjoyment. It’s perfect for not only food, but also for socializing, and relaxing with a beautiful view of the sea water crashing on to the rocks below.
10. Coffee Plantation At Bali Pulina Agro Tourism

This coffee plantation has an entirely different feel to it that will make you be glad about your coffee while you look at the plantations below. You can taste several different varieties of coffee while enjoying the experience of watching how expensive Kopi Luwak is made. If you are a lover of coffee and tea, then don’t forget to visit this place.
The above mentioned places are just a few places covered in order to justify the hype about Bali as a tourist location. If you ever do spend some time here, you’ll finally understand why people love the serenity and peacefulness of Bali.



Lanzarote: Full Of Volcanic Beaches And Much More

If you don’t live in Europe, then you may have hardly heard of the cozily tucked away yet awesomely cool place called Lanzarote. As unique as its name is, the place is a UNSECO biosphere reserve. Tranquil beaches and volcanic landscapes which mesmerize you with their beautiful sights all make this a Spanish haven. Did you know this place is pitted with 300 volcanic cones?
The landscape is an exceptional combination of crinkly, majestic lava fields and palm-filed valley fields. Can you imagine the mesmerizing and magnificent sights that would be? What other worldly place would that be? This is a place where the two opposites come together not for destruction but for creating a truly attractive landscape.
The island’s major land sights were developed by the late César Manrique. He was a Lanzarote native and artist. He also left a prominent impact on the island’s cultural foundation. Its characteristic whitewashed houses are due to the late architect. These white washed houses with blue and green shutters lend another dimension to the island.

There are tons of beaches on this picturesque island. Francesa, Playa Grande, Las Cucharas, La Concha and El Reducto are some of the islands distinguished by white sand. If you fancy seeing golden beaches, then you may head towards any of the following beaches: El Risco, Famara, Playa de Papagayo, Playa Honda and La Garita among others.
Did you know the island has 365 days of spring? Yes! Any day you arrive, the spring-like weather welcomes you on this blooming island. With around 3,000 hours of sunlight a year, it lies in the part of Europe with the most hours of sunlight. Also, it has an amazingly cool annual average temperature of 21°C.
This volcanic island is close to the Tropic of Cancer. The entire island is dominated by volcanic rubble, lava rocks, and ash. Add to it the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean and you have a scene worth traveling the seven seas for. No wonder it has tourists flocking to it throughout the year.

How you reach the island is exciting in itself. Due to the island’s size and position of the airport, airplanes headed for Lanzarote actually hover over the water and touches ground just seconds before landing. Upon reaching, you will notice that the island has no tall buildings. Natural to the core, the beaches and majestic mountains gracefully welcome you, taking you in with their silent beauty.
Reading the description of Lanzarote may have motivated you enough to start planning your next trip to this heavenly location, but once you arrive, what do you do? Here are just some of the places and sights worth visiting.
Timanfaya National Park

Made up of volcanic soil in its entirety, this park is a work of natural art. The volcanic soil is from eruptions that took place between 1730 and 1736. This strange and enigmatic park seems like it’s out of a science–fiction movie. The volcanic craters, nascent and active volcanoes, and rubble from volcanic explosions, this park will take you by surprise.
You cannot take a walk or drive inside the park. However, a coach trip will very willingly take you around this national park amidst various ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’! Plus, you can also take camel rides across this surreal landscape to marvel at this out-of–the-world piece of land!
But what will truly blow you away is yet to come. Have you ever cracked the joke to someone else that it was so hot outside that you could just as well fry an egg? Well, you get to experience it here. The park sits atop some steaming volcanic activity so the restaurant El Diablo makes use of it. It utilizes the geo-thermal energy to cook food and grill meat, giving new meaning to harnessing the power of earth, perhaps? The bottomless grill provides for an interesting view and amazing food!
El Golfo

In the same area is the El Golfo. It is a volcanic crater with a green pool.  The water is green in color because of the algae on its surface, in addition to the minerals left from volcanic activities. Perhaps, nowhere else you would get to see such a stark spectrum of colors ranging from the black beach to the green pool to the turquoise sea, all in close proximity of each other.
Fundacion Cesar Manrique

This is the house of the creative architect Cesar Manrique. As one visitor says online, “How must it be to have the vision to create such a masterpiece as your own home.”
It’s built on top of a mountain trail from a volcanic eruption. The living room in the lower level makes use of the natural formation of five volcanic bubbles – talk about taming nature! Even the tables are carved out of volcanic rocks and the theme used is natural vegetation (cacti). It truly is a unique combination of the fiery nature and civilization, leaving you in awe of this place.
Jameos Del Agua

Part of a 6 kilometer long lava tube formed by the eruption of Montana La Corona, this tourist attraction was also conceived by Manrique. 
It’s entered by climbing down a staircase into a cave which has been turned into a restaurant overlooking a small lake.
The lake, with its extremely clear water, is the home of blind albino crabs, known as ‘Jameitos’. They are only found in Lanzarote and hence have been fondly taken as the symbol of Jameos del Agua.
Once you cross the lake by a footpath, you would suddenly find yourself out into broad daylight in a huge open-air cave having tropical trees and swimming pool. A staircase takes you to a surreal café built inside.
Mirador Del Rio

This is a viewpoint located on the northern side of Lanzarote. One of the cliffs line the road so you can cozily settle in there and see the sun set on this magical land. With the last rays of the day shining down, you can see the land in a new light. Where else would you find this awe-inspiring scene of bluebells on one side and the majestic Canary Islands on another?
The last moments of the sunset aptly remind you that this journey will end at some point so treasure the best of memories while you can! As the land bathes you in amazing hues of pinks, blues, and peaches of the dying sunlight, this memory is captured in your heart forever.

Thankfully, this Spanish haven does not have crowded beaches. With a popular vacation site can come a bucket load of tourists, however, this is not the case and you will find secluded beaches here. To access the most gorgeous beaches, rent a car, and head towards the south. Punta de Papagayo has sandy beaches which are sheltered by cliffs. Hidden away in Monumento Natural de Los Ajaches, they are a tourist’s delight. These five spectacular beaches are led to by a dirt track. And what is more, they are again surrounded by the island’s familiar volcanic hills.
The small cliffs jut out to provide a small secluded enclave at the beach. Pack away your food and head for this beach for a quiet day out.

Perhaps the second most important item on a tourist’s checklist is what food is there to eat? The islands in the Canarian archipelago bring together awesome food and warm weather for a truly amazing experience. Beware though that the tourist cafes in Puerto del Carmen and Playa Blanca may be a bit overpriced.
Instead, what you can do is head towards the smaller villages. Each of these villages is a treasure trove of restaurants and cafes – a foodie’s heaven.  Be sure to check out the villages of Teguise and Haria which offer local Spanish food.
There are a plenty of variations of tapas, getting a taste of which will take up quite a bit of your evening! There are tapas with anchovies, olives, tortilla Espanola, and albondigas. Albondigas refers to meat balls rolled in tomato sauce. Just talking about these gets our mouth tingling! The Boccadillo is a sort of Spanish tribute to the renowned French baguette. Adorned with garlic and having a meat filling, this is a gastronomic delight!
A land of sights and food combine together to lend you the most amazing memories, what more would you want?
What To Wear?

Pick outfits which are easier to travel in as you will spend a lot of time walking around the island and discovering it. You will be visiting villages, alleys, and buildings tucked away. A summer dress, maxi or long, would be the perfect choice to explore the small village.
To explore the Timanfaya National Park and Fundacion Cesar Manrique though, a better choice would be trousers. Mix and match colors in your scarves, dresses, and statement necklaces for that bohemian look. Keep it simple at the beach though to take in the soft, breezy beach.
So if you plan to escape the daily grind of your hectic urban life, you know the Lanzarotian beaches are waiting to welcome you!


Tips To Make Matcha Tea Even Better And Tastier

Matcha is the newest health craze out there. Healthy food lovers are using this green tea powder like it’s the healthiest thing around. This little ingredient is so versatile, it’s being added to almost every food/drink you can imagine: smoothies, sparkling tonics, popcorn, you name it and a dash of matcha will make it even tastier. This emerald green powder will turn your healthy snacks into a green, power-packed potion of health and wellness. This hot health food has almost inspired a cult-like following among the health/fitness community. The U.S. has finally woken up to what the Japanese have known for centuries. Matcha is just great for your health!

We’re not just saying this, the science backs up the hype. Some 900 studies have shown that matcha is a super-food. Matcha has been linked to cancer prevention to improving skin, hair, and nails. A study shows that it even helps suppress hunger pangs and speeds up metabolism naturally. Another study, conducted earlier this year, pointed out that matcha can also reduce the risk of depression.
All of this is brilliant, you say, but you still can’t get past the fact that it tastes like moss that you scraped off a tree? Don’t blame matcha, blame your attitude! The truth is you have been a victim of bad quality matcha, or it may be that you aren’t making it right. Read on and find nine tips that will lead you down the path of buying, brewing, and creating yummy matcha foods. So, get ready for a healthy mean and green boost of power!
Find the Right Grade

Yup, there are grades. Make sure you look for hyper-premium or ceremonial grade matcha. Stay away from the culinary grade. The culinary kind tastes awfully bitter. It’s used to color drinks and baked goods, definitely not something you want to drink. High grade powder is finer, has a smoother taste, and dissolves quickly. The newest growth of the plant is used to make these, so it has more antioxidants which is an added health boost.
It Should Originate From Japan

Did you know that the majority of matcha available in stores today is culinary grade? Yup, according to Eric Gower, the owner of Breakaway Matcha and knower of all things tea, says that there is a lack of packaging regulations. Some manufacturers simply write ceremonial grade on their labels even if the product is the lower culinary grade. The best way to make sure you get the real thing is to find premium grade matcha from Japan. The Japanese products follow a formal, but unspoken set of regulations.
Check the Color before Buying

Matcha plants are grown in the shade. This makes the leaves go into hyper-drive and produce more chlorophyll, and this is what gives matcha that brilliant green color. Emeric Harney, the tea expert at Harney & Sons, recommends buying powder that has a vibrant color, having an almost fluorescent tint. If it looks dull, don’t waste your money.
You Won’t Find a Bargain

If you’re trying to find a bargain, stop looking. Great quality matcha is really fine — difficult to produce and takes a lot of time, therefore, it’s rare and expensive. Try to recall Econ 101 supply and demand logic you learned: low supply means high cost. For example, the best grade matcha available from Breakaway will set you back about $150 per 30 grams and another quality supplier, Matcha Love’s ceremonial grade blend retails at $17 per 20 grams.
Use Warm Water for Brewing Not Boiling Water

Eric Gower recommends a water temperature of 150-175 degrees if you want the best tasting matcha. The amount of water and powder you use depends on personal preferences. The more matcha you add to the water, the more frothier and thicker the tea will be.
Go For Cold-Brew If On a Budget

The combination of ice and matcha is one of the most refreshing things you will ever taste. It’s also light on the budget. When drinking matcha over ice, you can use a slightly lower grade without compromising the taste. The cold actually cuts the bitterness. Henry Crosby, the co-founder of the iced matcha drink Motto, says that ice does not cover the flavor and simply lowers the bitter taste.
Matcha Is Not the Same as Green Tea

A lot of people think that matcha is powdered green tea. This is very wrong. Matcha is made by mixing finely ground tea leaves with warm water. Drinking matcha basically means you are eating the tea. You take in more of the antioxidants that help prevent cancer and boost metabolism. Drinking tea prepared by steeping leaves in boiling water does not give you as big of an anti-oxidant boost. If you look at the numbers, a cup of matcha gives you 10 times as much antioxidants as compared to 1 cup of regular green tea.
Coffee Jitters? Matcha Might Be the Perfect Option

The powder is a source of calm energy. The electrifying burst of energy when you sip a cup of joe comes from caffeine and l’theanine (an amino acid). The caffeine is what gives you that instant jolt, the l’theanine slowly releases energy and helps improve cognitive performance. Matcha is an excellent source of this amino acid.
Savor the Taste and Let It Linger

This is a bit unusual, but matcha is also great for the teeth and gums. In fact, dentists in Japan recommend that it should be used as a mouthwash. It attacks harmful bacteria that cause plaque along the gums and between teeth. A study in the Journal of Periodontology found that people who drink matcha daily showed a decrease in all indicators of periodontal (gum) disease that the researchers checked.


WowWee Mip Robot

The WowWee MiP RC Robot is a tech savvy and one of the cutest toys on the market. It packs in a bunch of features with different play modes and several responses. This toy robot is equipped with emotions and loves to play with you.
The WowWee MiP RC Robot is designed with an inquisitive and responsive personality that is communicated clearly through its motion, sounds, and RGB LED eyes. It has a unique two wheel design upon which it balances itself and conveniently navigates its surroundings. It is capable of following hand gestures and following several objects around the house.
This little robot can also balance several objects on its two wheels while standing still or moving. It has presets modes including roam, stacking, dance, and programming. It comes accompanied by a tray accessory that can be plugged in and is ideal for children aged from 8 to 15 years.

This playful WowWee MiP RC Robot is basically an interactive humanoid robot that functions best with a smartphone. It has a sturdy and durable design with a spherical head, adjustable arms, and a trim lower body. It comes in two colors, black with white stripes or white with black stripes and offers an uncanny resemblance to the lovable robot Wall-E.
It measures 9 inches in height and has a fitted microphone, IR sensors, and LED eyes. It runs on 4 AAA batteries and requires no remote control, which indicates that your hand gestures are enough. It is capable of making several noises to express its feelings.

With several different playmodes such as Tricks, Roam, Track, Dance, Cage and Stack, this little interactive robot is sure to keep you busy for endless hours of entertainment and fun. Make sure to download the MiP app that goes with it!

Buy Now / $77.65



A Connection Between Citrus Fruits And Melanoma?

A recent observational study published in the Journal of clinical Oncology suggested an association between citric fruit consumption with the development of malignant melanoma.
According to the study, people who ate citrus fruit 2-4 times a week had an increase of 10% in the risk of malignant melanoma than people who ate citrus less than twice per week. The senior author Dr. Abrar Qureshi, from Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University and Rhode Island Hospital, has already stated that this is a one-of-its-kind study and that also observational, therefore it cannot predict the situation of the entire US nor can its results be interpreted as 100% authentic.

Dr. Qureshi worked on the study in collaboration with the Channing Division of Network Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. He further stated that “Malignant melanoma is a potentially life-threatening form of skin cancer. Though there have been some amazing advances in the treatment of cancer, its prevention by using the rays of the sun and skin cancer screening is recommended.”
Although the study concludes a preliminary association between malignant melanoma and citrus fruit, it didn’t specifically state that melanoma is caused by the intake of citrus fruit. The authors have welcomed more studies and research work in this regard.
The study included data from two other previously conducted studies. They included 63,000 women in this study from the Nurses’ Health Study and 41,000 men from another study. Both of these studies were conducted from the mid-1980s to 2010.

The participants provided information regarding their diet; how frequently they ate grapefruit, oranges, or drank orange juice. This estimated their “overall usage of citrus.” The study did not include other citrus fruits such as lemons and limes. Participants also reported health events such as the diagnosis of melanoma which was then cross checked with their medical records.
With a follow-up of 20 years, the study reports 1,840 cases of melanoma. People who ate citrus fruit 2-4 times a week had an increase of 10% in the risk of malignant melanoma than people who ate citrus less than twice per week. Melanoma risk was seen to rise proportionately with an increase in citrus consumption. A 36% risk of malignant melanoma was seen in people who ate citrus more than 1.5 times a day. The study reports grapefruit to have the greatest association with melanoma.
Dr. Qureshi explained that citrus fruits contain furocoumarins (photoactive compounds) which make people more sun sensitive and make even usual sun exposure more damaging to skin cells. He didn’t advise reduced consumption of these fruits since they are very important for health; however, he is in favor of more studies on furocoumarins.

According to Marianne Berwick of the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, 30 out of 100,000 individuals suffer from coetaneous malignant melanoma yearly in the U.S. It is the fifth most common melanoma in the U.S. and ranks sixth worldwide, he told Reuters Health. Berwick also supports further work up on this preliminary study.


Orlando: When You Should Plan The Trip

Orlando is one of the best places to vacation. The time you choose to visit Orlando will affect the cost, quality, and your plans. The number of tourists is high during seasonal periods, the costs rise, the demand for hotels heats up, people compete for the best restaurant reservations, and the lines at theme parks will stretch on and on.

Another important consideration is the weather. At certain times of the year, Orlando’s subtropical climate can often make your trip a little less enjoyable. Even though Orlando is known as a year-round holiday destination, the number of visitors will vary according to the season, usually depending on school vacation schedules, the type of local events and festivals being held, and the weather of course. Another factor is the number of business travelers that are in town for meetings – this tends to affect the number of available hotel rooms, the room cost, and airfare.
The travel calendar is conveniently divided into three seasons so pick the one that suits your needs the best:

  1. High season: March-April, mid-June till mid-August, and mid-December-early January
  2. Low season: May-September, November-early December, and January
  3. Inbetween season: February, late May till mid-June, mid-August- August, October


Weather in Orlando

Orlando has a subtropical climate; the average temperatures will range from 48 degrees in January and reach a high of 92 degrees in the months of July and August. Rain showers are common year round, but normally brief in duration. From June through September, the weather is hot and steamy; sudden and heavy thunderstorms will occur almost every afternoon. Be sure to bring light clothes with moisture-wicking fabric; don’t forget a raincoat or poncho if you travel during these months. The other months are mostly milder and drier, but you might feel chilly so pack multiple layers, particularly if your trip is planned during November through April. Include an umbrella, and sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) is a must have item.
If you’re planning to visit during late in the summer or early fall, be prepared that there might be a chance you encounter a tropical storm or hurricane. National Oceanographic and the Atmospheric Association says that the Atlantic hurricane season officially starts from June 1st and lasts until November 30, with a maximum activity period occurring in September. Orlando escaped being hit by any major hurricanes for years, then in 2004, a multitude of hurricanes hit, causing the parks to close.

Crowds and People

The theme parks are wildly popular and swarmed with people – this happens whenever kids are out of school, so here is a quick breakdown of the crowd levels during major holidays:

  • Spring break which falls in March and April tends to be the busiest.
  • The weeks around Christmas and New Years are the second most crowded times.
  • Memorial Day to Labor Day also bring a lot of visitors, this level peaks in July.

Expect to see bigger crowds out on the weekends and other holidays. Day trips are popular with Floridians and they pack the parks, mostly during special events. The most popular and exciting events are the Walt Disney World marathon and the MardiGras at Universal. Individual parks at Disney may be especially crowded on days when Disney resort visitors get early admissions.

Closure Timings

Orlando never slows down much; you will be able to visit water parks in January even when the temperature is 50 degrees or spend your Christmas with Mickey at Magic Kingdom in Disney. During slower times, operating hours in parks are reduced and Mickey gets some rest. Disney closes one of its two water parks in the winter, but on a rotating basis, mostly for cleaning purposes. When visitor numbers are low, the major rides will be closed for maintenance.

Maximum Saving

The seasonal hotel savings are straightforward to get — the simple rule is you’ll pay less for services when there are fewer visitors in town. The most expensive time, when room rates go up is during Christmas week, and second comes spring break. During most other holidays and major local events you will find that the rates are higher. Hotels that cater mostly to business travelers may have lower rates during summer. This is due to low bookings in summer when convention bookings are not frequent.
The month of September normally sees the fewest tourists and you will get the lowest rates, but the hurricane season peaks during that time so it is bestto be avoided. The other slow months such as January, May, and November (apart from major holiday periods) will be safer bets.
The prices for attractions, parks and restaurant rates do not vary too much throughout the year.

When should you Book?

There is no perfect answer to that question, it all depends on what your needs are. Generally you will by more likely to find a better deal and probably have your pick of airline seats along with hotel rooms if booking is made at least a month in advance. Plan to book even further ahead if you aim for peak travel-season time. It is possible to book at the last minute as well, however, you will find your options limited and you might end up paying a little more, especially during peak holiday seasons.
The famous destinations for dining are Disney’s restaurants, their shows are also popular and high in demand, some of the most fun experiences are booked solid and have long waiting periods, so if you want to take advantage of these, book early.


Venice: A Breathtaking Family Holiday Destination

Families and youngsters alike love the city of Venice. Why? This unique city, with its picturesque scenery, wonderful cuisine and breathtakingly beautiful canals is stunning beyond imagination. Each intricate passageway is interlaced with its own history and secrets, offering tourists something tangible and yet amazingly intangible memories to take back home. Venice is a city like none other.
Taking In Venice In A Day

Roam around Venice and take in all its beauty through a walking and boat tour. Find your way in the city through its elaborate maze of alleys, canals, and bridges. In the tour, you will get to visit the San Marco Square, as well as the famous Doges Palace. Have an amazing cruise along the Grand Canal and learn the history of the monuments lining this waterway.
Riding The Venice Gondola

Let the Gondola ride take you seamlessly down the waterway. On this 35-minute ride, you can enjoy the sights of the city in the afternoon or evening. The traditional gondolas take off from Santa Mario del Giglio Square in Central Venice with each flotilla having a total of eight gondolas.
Your gondola ride will take you to enchanting palaces like Palazzo Barberino and many Renaissance buildings bordering the waterway.
Touring Murano, Burano, And Torcello

These vibrant islands spread around the city of Venice are famous for their handicrafts and architecture.
The island of Murano is famous for its glassware houses and skilled glass-blowers as well as a museum showcasing their talent. The island, dating back to 1291, consists of nine islets crossed by a wide canal.
The island of Torcello, dating back to 5th and 6th centuries, also houses rich a history showcased in the form of striking portico.
The island of Burano is not far behind with its colorful and intriguing fishermen houses painted in bright colors.
Shopping Around

The Rialto market and the Rialto Bridge are both not to be missed. The Rialto market is a bit cheaper as compared to the expensive and crowded Piazza San Marco. You could also go for a long, sunny walk along the Giudecca canal.
Touring the Museums

The Museums of St. Mark’s Square, Doge Palace and the Correr Museum are all covered by a €16 admission ticket which is valid for up to 3 months. The Correr Museum houses an interesting collection of globes. At the end of the visit, do not forget to pay a visit to the museum art cafe.
Other museums worth visiting include the Mocenigo Palace, The Peggy Guggenheim Museum, Museo Ebraico and Ca’ Pesaro.
Eating Your Heart Out

Alle Testiere, the renowned seafood restaurant near Santa maria Formosa, serves warm, fresh food to only 22 people in a welcoming and cozy environment. The chef churns out daily creations on the latest finds that day, straight from the fish market!
Another place to hit up is Locanda Cipriani, a charming summer lunch destination. Other notable restaurants are Osteria di Santa Marina, Da Fiore, Vini da Gigio and Ribot. Ribot offers you an amazing terrace for al fresco dining experience.



Socializing Is Good For Your Health. No Joke!

If you ask people about their understanding of the term ‘age well,’ they are most likely to give you varying answers and most of them are going to revolve around physical well-being including eating a healthy diet, daily exercising, and going for annual checkups.
What you are likely to never hear is how an engaging social life is going to help you age well.
Research has proved that people who have an inclination toward loneliness are likely to have a chance of dying by 30%. This also stands true for people who claim that they prefer to be alone. These people don’t realize, but they are at risk.
Socializing is good for humans. It does not matter if you like it or not. There are countless articles written to emphasize the importance of how those who enjoy being by themselves can shorten their life span.

According to a research, people who call themselves introverts also experience happiness when they socialize as compared to when they are alone. The importance of living an actively social life has been effectively dealt with by Dan Buettner in his book The Blue Zones Solution. In his book, he talks about how to live your life in a way that you live up to a hundred years without actually feeling that old. The foremost reason that he gives is of socializing more. Socializing not only improves health, but also keeps a person happier. He attributes loneliness to similar detrimental actions such as smoking.

Isolation and loneliness are categorized in the same category as smoking or obesity is. It has also been implied that socializing determines our life span more accurately than our exercising and eating habits. This also leads us to the conclusion that we should be choosy and picky about the people we hang out with.
Buettner asserts that it is not only the quantity of social interaction that matters but also the quality. How much happier we are and how much weight we have put on is dependent on the kind of people we hang out with. So it only makes sense when you are advised to find people who can positively influence you. Buettner suggests that people join social clubs or volunteer for social work in order to develop their social skills and cultivate their talent.
One study claims that you are likely to experience the same level of happiness from joining a social group and meeting once a month like you will experience when your salary is doubled.

Eric Barker describes the value of an engaging social life by saying that the relationships in your life are worth a lot more than what you earn annually. If you won’t connect with others, you are likely to turn stupid which may eventually kill you in a world full of clever, sly people.
The bottom line of the story is that if you want peace of mind and a healthy mind, then you need to leave the comforts of your couch and go out to meet your friends at dinner tonight.


Skydiving: Diving In The Sky Of Sydney

Many people envy skydivers and skydiving is among many people’s to-do list. So when you finally get your chance to skydive, remember the most important decision is the location! To make your skydiving experience the most memorable one, you need astounding scenery. A beautiful sky, fine weather, a breathtaking skyline, and some gold sand to land on is what the perfect skydive requires.

The adrenaline rush that a jump from 14,000 ft above the ground can bring to you is beyond imagination. Whatever you do in life, skydiving will always remain the most heart-thumping experience ever! You can never imagine the ecstasy and euphoria the jet-speed free-fall of the first 60 seconds will bring. It’s more like an addiction; once you do it, you need more and more of it. As you set out the parachute after that, the jet-speed is now converted to a smooth serene and nerve-relaxing descent. All in all, skydiving is a package of adventure and excitement and you definitely need some guts to try it out.
Wollongong, Sydney, is considered a skydivers’ favorite location. As you fall, the incredibly spectacular coastline of Australia, the awe-inspiring view of Sydney and the amazing skies will make your skydiving experience a cherished one.
Following are a few things you need to consider before and things you’ll gain after attempting your experience of skydiving at Wollongong, Sydney:


  • For the newbies: The newbies will remain more comfortable, safe, and amused with a tandem skydive or accelerated free fall jump. The instructor will have most of the command during the entire flight so that you can let yourself be free and enjoy the amazing skyline of Australia.


  • The height-phobics: No, the fall will not cause any churning inside your stomach. It’s totally different from looking down from a high bridge or building. It is a free-fall; the most exhilarating feeling you can ever experience.

  • Fit and active: For skydiving, you not only need to be lively at heart but also physically fit. It requires muscles and energy. Some overweight people may experience some problems. But usually skydiving institutes have separate equipment for them. In short, no one shall be left out.

  • Self confidence: Skydiving does not fit in everyone’s boots. You need to step out of your comfort zone to attempt skydiving. Once you have pushed aside those mental boundaries, it will boost your self confidence and give you a sense of achievement and reward. The feeling after the fall is unmatchable!

  • Mental relaxation: Skydiving is totally therapeutic! Whether it be work or personal stress, skydiving will untangle all those knots in your mind and rejuvenate your body and soul. The insane 60 seconds of a frenzy fall followed by a smooth 7 minutes of downward flight is exactly what you need to relax.

  • Adventure sport: Who doesn’t need one crazy life experience? Make skydiving it! Do something beyond the regular and live life.

  • Casualty: The worldwide incidence of any casualty during skydiving is 1 out of 1000 attempts. Risk exists, but if you’re a thrill-seeker, the amusement, adventure, and thrill will more than make up for it.

So, schedule skydiving in Wollongong for your next vacation! Arrange the excursion with friends or family who are as equally crazy as you. This adrenaline driven experience should be a mandatory once in lifetime excursion for everyone. Once you try skydiving, you’ll realize how addicting the thrill and fall is. Even the idea of that frenzy of 60 second freefall at 200km/hr followed by a slow decent towards the gold sand of the Australian beaches is mesmerizing!
The most treasured adventure of your life awaits!


Gerber Bear Grylls Basic Survival Kit

To its Gerber / Bear Grylls Survival Series, Gerber has recently added “Gerber’s Bear Grylls’ Basic Survival Kit.” This kit is an essential item you should have when you’re in the wild. It’s a multi-purpose kit with each item conceived diligently. The kit is a complete package of all the necessary basic gear to fight any challenges you encounter while on your adventures.

The Basic Survival Kit is packaged in a light nylon bag (4 oz) with a ripstop and waterproof zipper. Gerber / Bear has kept it a bright orange color so it’s pretty hard to lose it, even if you wish to. There is an inner plastic pouch that can be zipped. The kit includes waterproof matches, string, a whistle, snare wire, an emergency cord, cotton balls, a knife, fire tinder, and a Bear Grylls survival guide.
The Matches: The matches are waterproof. You can easily make fire using these matches even if you’re submerged in water and gotten your kit wet.

The String: The string can be used for a variety of things. It’s helpful in a rescue event and also while hunting.
The Whistle: Whenever you need an ear-splitting sound, the whistle is there for your service.
The Snare Wire: The snare in the Basic Survival Kit is made from copper. It is rigid and is very useful in tough situations.

The emergency cord: The cord is very easy to use and extremely useful for various tasks like lashing a knife to a stick for spearing, lashing for shelter, etc.
The Cotton Balls: Cotton balls are very significant item in a survival kit. They come handy to make fire, stop bleeding, clean a wound, pad medicine on a wound, to make wick, etc.
The Knife: It’s a small yet sharp knife. With a firm built, it can be used for cutting meat, splitting nylon, and more.
The Fire Tinder: The fire tinder efficiently starts fire in a single attempt. It’s safe and easy to operate.
The Bear Grylls survival guide: The survival guide has detailed information on the items in the kit. It also has some basic knowledge and teachings of survival in the wild and safety measures to be taken on any adventure.
Gerber’s Bear Grylls’ Basic Survival Kit is a complete package for survival and safety to be carried along while you’re heading to enjoy your hiking, camping, or hunting trip in the wild. With its incredibly useful items, the light weight and small size is an added bonus.


Thailand: The Top 8 Beaches Near Bangkok

There are many sight-seeing facilities in Thailand, but most of them need a flight to get to, but there’s good news because you can find breathtaking beaches near Bangkok that don’t require you to get airborne. So here’s a list of beaches that are near Bangkok which anyone can reach without going through much of a fuss.

Ko-Larn, a beach that is near Pattaya, is a fabulous site if one has an urge to get a substantial dose of sunlight. Plenty of restaurants are present and tourists can feel at home while their need to get close to nature would be fulfilled adequately as well. The seekers of peace and loneliness would not find a better place than in the countryside, and a little journey ahead would take the tourists to Ban-Krulthat. It will take the hearts of those who don’t want to burden themselves from traveling intensively. Tourists can also go further east in order to find greenish heavens in the form and shape of Ko-Kood and Ko-Mak.
The sites offer an opportunity for tourists to see romantic sunsets and honeymooners can strengthen their bond when they decide to visit these featured locations.
Those tourists who can withstand shorter flights can jump on cheaper flights which can land them to southern coasts and Andaman. Further east would introduce adventurers to Ko-Tao, an underdeveloped haven, but still is worth a visit due to the scenery. The province of Ko Yang Yuan offers a closer touch of urban life that much of visitors miss during a significant percentage of their lifetimes. One can always consider rock climbing and fishing on the beach of Andaman, so the Railay Bay has sand beaches for extravagant lovers who want to have an extra-long holiday season. Finally, Ko Phi Phi has overcrowded hotels, but still provides exceptional hospitality services.
The following is a list of the top 10 attractions present in various regions of Thailand.
Ko Tao

Ko-Samui and Ko-Phanganare were nearly destroyed because developers did not manage the steepness of mountains which compromised the beauty of the featured sites. However, Ko-Tao survived and stood tall in height, so the Ko-Tao is a worth seeing facility in the ruins of former resorts that have disintegrated over time. Cheaper airlines are working day in and day out, and therefore, the Ko-Tao resort is not far away for those who travel under tighter budgetary constraints. The most efficient way to reach the destination is to catch a plane to Surat Thani, and then, boats will take you to Ko-Tao.
Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island is suspected to be an unknown destination, but people are mistaken when they think that the global community does not know about this place with heavenly feel. One can easily visit here by getting on a cheap flight from Bangkok and it offers wonderful scenes for your eyes. A one hour flight to Krabi and then a half an hour ferry ride will take you to a greenish paradise with pools of water that offer a perfect opportunity of swimming to tourists. The adjacent Maya Bay is easily accessible during the daytime. The Phi Phi Don offers tourists a serious touch with a forest environment.

This destination is far away from Bangkok’s vicinity, but the distance does not discourage tourists from visiting because of the breezy atmosphere. One can think of Lanta as a weekend time-passing location that can be reached by getting on a cheap flight straight into Trang. From there one can arrive at Lanta through ferry rides offered by airlines. In this way, one can cut him or herself off from the world and could spend weekends with romantic partners in order to find love in a refreshed form. The Lanta’s quality of sunsets is unmatched by any of the resorts in the country.

It’s again far from the central areas of Thailand, but one can reach Ko-Lipe through the courtesy of cheaper flights in order to reach Pattaya Beach that has close resemblance to the forbidden area of Sin City. Ko-Lipe is attractive because of its white sand beaches and the beaches near the resort are extremely beautiful, taking many years before reaching it’s fullest potential. Ko-Rawi and Ko-Adang have not been developed yet and the area is under administrative control of the National Park.

This destination earned fame for being a royal resort, and therefore, has been heavily developed. The Hua-Hin resort is the most famed one in the Bangkok region because companies and hotels have focused building their presence.
In recent years, Hua-Hin has lost its solitude and become overcrowded with families. Food, golf courses and hotels have always defined the experience here. The seekers of peace find it irritating and tourists do not prefer the destination in a major number of cases. The resort is simply reachable through the means of railroads, buses, and flights as well. The cheapness of services at Hua-Hin is a major attraction for tourists.

This resort is rated amongst the 10 best beaches worldwide by a leading British newspaper and one cannot argue with the beach’s undying beauty. Still, those working to promote the site’s international fame had a lot to do in this regard. Local guides do not participate in the advertisement of the resort that can become a massively leading business center in the world of tourism at least in Thailand. The center has quite a few white sand beaches, increasing its sense of beauty. The body of water is just like icing on the cake. Tourists are suggested to have a swimming session at Ko-Kham and a sunbathing session would not hurt either.

Ko-Larn has such fascinating bodies of water that are so unbelievably beautiful that minds do not actually accept them in the first glance. However, the clearness of the water has therapeutic value and that offers visitors with the opportunity to have peace of mind. The largest white sand beaches are found at the eastern end of the coastline, and the most attractive one of them is Tawaen. The motorcycle taxies are moving in order to carry tourists from the district of Naban Samae Beach to the western region. Skiing, boating and water sports have been making highlights of the facility’s enjoyability for many years now.
Khao Sam RoiYod National Park

The park has peculiar attractions for families and they have to visit the facility during the day in order to maximize the enjoyment. The park has attractions for everyone and activities range from hiking to enjoying white sand beaches that offer chances to sunbath. The park has been acting as a habitat for many birds that migrate on a seasonal basis. There are more than 300 types of birds, and they are mostly coming from Siberia and European States.
The Bottom Line
Thailand’s resorts have so many qualities, and they are great in number, and therefore, it would take many trips before completely covering the entire landscape of the one of the most beautiful countries in the world.


Watch 6,000 Matches Burn At The Same Time

Sometimes when you watch videos like this, you start to wonder, where do people come up with this stuff?

Let’s hope that the people making this monstrosity, which looks like a birthday cake that consists of nothing but matches, took precaution and lit the whole thing outdoors. However, it could’ve been a garage and hopefully it wasn’t a kitchen counter. Although, the surface they placed it on looks a lot like wood.
If you happen to want to try something like this, maybe you’d like to consider a less flammable table top to put it on.
Once the first match gets lit, it’s only a matter of time before all 6,000 matches are set on fire. It’s oddly satisfying and it’s probably what a forest fire would look like from outer space. Also, by the time the fire dies down, the mess ends up looking like a burned down carpet.
The whole process takes close to 15 minutes, but it’ll definitely be time well spent. And with more than 5.6 million views, a lot of people would certainly agree!