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Top 5 A-Lister Must Go To Restaurants In Miami 

The Cruise Capital of the World is only one of the names given to Miami and whether you reach the shores of this beautiful city on a boat or on a plane, everything it has to offer is a treat! As popular as it is for business, Miami has a healthy quotient of fun and entertainment too and is quite popular with tourists, celebrities and business professionals alike.
Some of the restaurants here are a haven for fine dining and if you book your tables in advance, you can land the best seat with a view that has your favorite stars in it as well! Here’s a list of 5 restaurants where the chances of that happening are among the highest in Miami!
The Forge
432 West 41st Street, Miami Beach, FL 33140, United States

People who walk into The Forge usually do so with high expectations thanks to the hype created around the restaurant by critics and fans alike. Thankfully, the restaurant does not only impress, but exceeds these expectations. The tables here are always in demand and booking even a week in advance is not enough on some days. The prices of the wine and food here range from the reasonable to the expensive, so even if you wish to have a classy experience without spending too much, it fits in just right with your plans. Of course, the chance of seeing celebrities is a bonus!
Casa Tua
Casa Tua Hotel, 1700 James Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States

Elegant, romantic, homely and beautiful, all at the same time – the ambiance of Casa Tua is enough to make you come back repeatedly. The refreshing views the restaurant presents, both inside and out, are perfectly backed up by a menu that speaks to the food lover in you. Some find the prices to be excessive, but then again, a place as good as this one is meant to be exceptional in every way, the price included! One important thing to remember is that the restaurant does not allow you to carry your own wine, something most beachside restaurants in Miami usually do. So, get ready to spend a little extra there, but considering the amazing cocktails offered here as well as an impressive wine list, you surely won’t miss your own bottle!
Cavalli Restaurant & Lounge
150 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States  

When a fashion designer is involved in the mix, you can expect something eclectic and the Cavalli Restaurant & Lounge will let you experience just that. It’s high on glamor and the luxurious interiors are known to shock and awe many diners. The service is warm and welcoming so even while you are overwhelmed by the visuals, you’ll find the place helping you get comfortable in an instant. Of course, you can count on spending most of your dining time checking out the lush and tasteful view, celebrities included.
When you’re finally able to pay attention to the food on your table, you will find a great mix of traditional Italian cuisine sharing space comfortably with modern twists. You can trust the servers to recommend the best wines to go with them and your dining experience is all set to be a memorable one.
Prime One Twelve
Brown’s Hotel, 112 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States

Prime One Twelve or Prime 112 labels itself “the first modern steakhouse in the United States,” and lives up to the claim by maintaining a restaurant that is among the best in Miami! The dining atmosphere here is quite different from conventional formal dining and is even casual to a point. The reviews here are great and when you have celebrities and high-flying clientele frequenting without complaints, you know you can depend on the experience. Great food, sparkling drinks, an amazing atmosphere and beautiful looking people all around – can one ask for a more Miami experience?
The Restaurant at The Setai
2001 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States

An open kitchen makes for quite a boisterous view and when you have a restaurant like this, you know you can add extra memorable moments to your dining experience. Regional Mediterranean cuisine is the specialty here and the dishes offer flavors and scents that are in line with the richness of the region. The ‘Plancha’ method of cooling ensures that every dish retains the original flavors of the ingredients, thus making them even more magical. The service at The Restaurant at The Setai of course makes the dining experience even more memorable, while the presence of globetrotters, celebrities and the crème de la crème of Miami ensure that you are dining with the best crowds.
The 5 restaurants on this list rule the scene of celebrity spotting in the city, and with a table at any of them, you have quite a chance of mixing your Miami holiday with a healthy dose of stargazing. So go ahead and book those tables because we all know how such in-demand places usually turn out to be!



Top 5 A-Lister Must Go To Restaurants In Cabo 

Healthy measures of adventure, relaxation and recreation make Cabo San Lucas one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Mexico. Its proximity to Los Angeles that is only a two and a half hour flight away makes it even more popular with American tourists who need a quick getaway.
The sun, the sand, the beautiful marine life, and the adventure that comes with all that make Cabo a favored destination for celebrities too. So if you’re on the lookout for a location that satisfies your travel urges as well as stargazing interests, Cabo it is! This list of 5 restaurants are the best bets for celebrity sightings in Cabo, apart from their beautiful and lip-smacking dishes of course!
CaboRey Dinner Cruise
Blvd Marina | Marina Cabo San Lucas, Cabo San Lucas 23450, Mexico

If you wish to start your vacation in Cabo on a high note, the CaboRey Dinner Cruise is just the way to do it. The name already gives away the fact that your night will be on a cruise, and for the most part, that’s enough! The experience goes even beyond this however and that’s the best part. The view is to die for and you have all the beauty offered by Cabo at your command. The beautiful waters and the shoreline dotted with beautiful resorts and people that are even more beautiful make for memories that will hold your interest forever and beckon you back time and time again. There is live music and sometimes even musicals to keep you company and the best drinks in town flow uninhibitedly. The service is impeccable and the food complements every other nuance of the experience.
Mi Casa
Av. Cabo San Lucas S/N, Centro, 23450 Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico

If “Mi Casa Su Casa” sounds to you like a host going overboard playing his role, you simply have to experience a meal at Mi Casa – you will know that such hospitality is indeed possible in Mexico! The view of the restaurant is mesmerizing and many tourists have exhausted their cameras by snapping photographs of every single detail they find interesting. Yes, the place is a little expensive, but when you’re on a vacation and wish for nothing less than exhilarating moments, does price really matter? The authentic Mexican cuisine makes every meal come alive and the servers are great at recommending dishes in line with your tastes. Mi Casa offers an experience that is truly Mexican, Mariachi bands and a host of other entertainers included!
Javier’s Cantina & Grill
Paseo Malecon SN Lote 11 Fonatur, San Jose del Cabo 23400, Mexico

A beachside restaurant that is classy to the core, Javier’s Cantina & Grill is a fine dining experience in one of the most laid back environments – the perfect combination for a holiday meal! This one’s popular for its Mexican fare too and classic home-styled meals bring out the flavor of the land in perfect morsels. Ceviche, Steak Picado, Shrimp and Lobster Enchiladas, Chipotle Chicken and many others are favorites here while anything else on the menu is just as good for those who wish to experiment. The service is quite efficient and though some complain it to be a little slow, it’s sure in line with a vacation – where everything is supposed to be slow and relaxing anyways!
Sunset Da Mona Lisa
Carretera Transpeninsular Kilometro 6.5, 23455 Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico

With a name as magical as Sunset Da Mona Lisa, you would have high expectations from this restaurant and thankfully, it does not disappoint. If Cabo’s views have overwhelmed you and you think nothing in town can match up to what you have already seen, an evening table at this restaurant will tell you how there is still a lot you have to discover!
This one’s right by the ocean and the pleasant sea breeze accompanied by the breathtaking view is where your beautiful experience begins. The service is friendly, efficient and professional so you’ll have no worries on that front either. As for the food, if you’re not sure of what to order, the waiters are the best bets to recommend something that would truly complete your evening.
Whether it’s the Filetto Di Manzo Alla Pietra Lavica or the Aragasto Alla Brace, you just cannot go wrong with any of the dishes here! Of course, if a celebrity walks in, as they often do, your evening is surely going to be brighter!
Flora’s Field Kitchen
Sin Nombre s/n, Animas Bajas, 23407 San José del Cabo, BCS, Mexico

A pleasant drive away from the hustle and bustle of Cabo will take you to Flora’s Field Kitchen, a place that organic diners swear by. If you wish to try something different from the usual on your vacation and still want nothing but the best, this restaurant is the one to head to. An ‘oasis in the desert’ is what some patrons of the restaurant describe it as and the locally grown ingredients on the adjoining farm will tell you that this oasis serves nothing less than the freshest produce. Before having a meal, or even after a fulfilling one, do remember to take a walk in the farms and learn why this place is so popular with vacationers and locals alike!
A vacation in Cabo allows you to enjoy the best things in life and if celebrity sightings is on your particular list of activities, these 5 restaurants are the best places to try your luck!



Who Raises AIDS Medication By 5500%? This Guy.

A former hedge fund financier has stirred Internet outrage after purchasing the rights to a drug used for treating AIDS patients and hiking the prices overnight by a whopping 5500% from $13.50 to $750 per pill. Martin Shkreli, who is a former hedge fund manager and the current CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, bought the rights to Daraprim over a month ago for $55 million and has now changed the prices in an atrocious manner.
Since the announcement, the 32-year-old former wolf of Wall Street has received severe backlash from every corner, especially considering that the drug is used to treat a life-threatening infection and is majorly depended on by AIDS patients including infants who are already struggling with the dangerous disease.
However, in his always-defiance stance, Shkreli told reporters that the price hike was to keep his company in business and turn a profit on the drug. He did not care, not for a second that the bizarre price hike would not only cost more lives, but would have AIDS patients spending thousands of dollars annually to afford the 62-year-old drug, which costs around $1 to produce.

Justifying his company’s disgraceful move to hike the prices, Shkreli went on to say that AIDS patients use the Daraprim drug for less than 12 months and the new price was just in line with any other drug used to treat such rare diseases. He went on to suggest that the decision was a great business move that would not only benefit his company, but all the stakeholders in the industry.
Critics have been on Shkreli’s neck for his controversial business move with many pointing out that this illogical decision would put many babies and people with compromised immune systems including AIDS and cancer patients at high risk. For instance, a heated exchange ensued between Fierce Biotech editor John Carroll and Shkreli, who did not properly justify his company’s move, but rather chose to call Carroll a ‘moron who is irrelevant and doesn’t think logically’. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton also weighed on the matter strongly criticizing the price hike and even calling it ‘outrageous’.
While many people are urging Shkreli to rethink the new pricing structure to this important drug, it remains to be seen what action would be taken against Shkreli, considering that he had been forced out of the last drug company he founded, Retrophin, just for the same reason, buying important drugs and increasing their prices absurdly.


Boy Solves Two Rubik’s Cubes At The Same Time!

As anybody would admit, getting a video to be watched 19 million times online is no small feat. That goes a long way to indicate just how incredibly one young Asian boy is skillfully talented. He was able to put his skills to use and solve two Rubik’s cubes, one with his hand and the other with his feet to leave the entire crowd in utter disbelief.

This young boy may not be the reigning Rubik’s cube champion who holds the record of solving the puzzle in less than six seconds, but nonetheless, his incredible skills cannot be in doubt. In this one-of-a-kind clip captured from a game show in Asia, the boy shows his amazing skills in front of shocked judges and audience, who can’t help but applaud.

Starting off, the boy is seen sitting on stage and manages to solve the first Rubik’s cube using only his left hand. That alone would be a challenge to many people, but he does it with ease and within twenty seconds. The judges and the audience are so impressed, but the next trick up this young boy’s sleeves makes every jaw in the audience drop.
He starts two other cubes, one with his left hand and the other with his feet and solves them at the same time! At this point, the judges are seen in utter shock and can’t do anything but just shake their heads and look at the clock. On the other hand, the crowd joins with joyous claps while others have their hands over their mouths as the boy goes about solving the puzzle with lightening speed.
After about 60 seconds, the boy solves both the cubes and raises his hands as the crowd show massive support through numerous cheers.


Little Toddler Dances In Heels To ‘Single Ladies’

This is, without a doubt, a brilliant performance. For a toddler to put on such a display in her mom’s high heels is nothing but pure amazement. The heartwarming clip shows a cute little toddler taking her talent up on the face of her favorite singer, Beyonce. She stands in front of the television while the Texas-born singer does her thing by blasting out her record hit, ‘Single Ladies’.
The little girl puts on a remarkable performance as she parades around in an adorable and talented way while putting on a pair of her mom’s high heels, perhaps to complete Bey’s video looks. The clip commences with the toddler giving a quick twist before moving closer to the television so as to study and copy Beyonce’s exact moves in a detailed manner.

With her confidence, she seems to be so used to the heels in a manner that would leave many grown up ladies jealous of her incredible agility. The six inch heels appear to be no problem to her as she shows off her sweet dance moves. Her dress code may not be up to the glamour of Beyonce, but her blue and white all-in-one still works perfectly for her and goes a long way in showing that she is definitely a fast learner.
She flawlessly swings from side to side while there appear to be moments that you would misjudge that the oversized high heels might be her downfall, but that doesn’t come to fruition as she maintains incredible balance. When Beyonce waves her hand to the lyrics, the toddler is not left behind as she also moves in the same way.
The video, which was posted by a Facebook group based in Brazil, has garnered more than 10 million views and shows just how amazing this little toddler is incredibly good at doing her thing, albeit in super-sized high heels.

Que gracinha. ^_^

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Playing Soccer on Rio de Janeiro Beach - 2014 World Cup

Top 10 Things To Do In Brazil

It’s true that football has shaped Brazil’s national identity, but after watching the great soccer action, this vast country still has a lot to offer. In Brazil, there are so many things to do, places to see, events to attend and tourist attractions to visit. In the metropolitan cities where great football clubs play matches every week, including Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, you can enjoy exciting entertainment and excellent cuisine, both local and international.


Rio de Janeiro


Rio is Brazil’s most popular city. The world’s largest carnival takes place here. Rio also served as Brazil’s capital for several decades before the new capital, Brasilia was built. So when you are not watching matches at the Maracana stadium, what are the things you should do here? First you should get a nice map of the city and get oriented.


1. Go to Rio’s Splendid Beaches

You will find beautiful beaches in Ipanema, Copacabana and Leblon. When you arrive at any of these beaches, you will have a chance to taste one of Brazil’s most popular local drinks called caipirinha. Caipirinha means “a little cowboy”. It’s made from lime wedges, cachaça, which tastes like strong white rum, and sugar. This drink is very tasty and costs just about $3 at one of the beach kiosks, but you should drink a small quantity at a time to avoid getting intoxicated.


Caipirinha - 2014 World CupIpanema Beach - 2014 World Cup


2. Try Local Barbecue

If you like to eat very tasty meat, you should try out the local barbecue (popularly called churrasco). You can get this at a good churrascaria. Here you will be served by an endless procession of Gaucho-dressed waiters, called passadores. As they pass by your table with beef, chicken or pork, you can point at the part that you want them to cut for you. When you are satisfied, you can simply turn over your coaster from the green side to the red side to stop the waiters from coming to you. In addition to meat, you can also enjoy salad, sausages, sushi and grilled fish.


Brazilian Barbeque - 2014 World Cup


3. Eat Local Pizza

Pizza lovers should try out the pizza rodizio right in the Dock restaurant on Avenida Atlantica in Copacabana, close to the popular Copa Palace Hotel. You will be offered a wide choice of assorted pizzas, both “sweet” and “salty”. The portuguesa and margarita taste great.


4. Shop at Night Bazaars

In Rio, very close to the Dock, along the sidewalk, you will see Copa’s night bazaar. There are scores of kiosks and tents where you can shop for colorful beach wraps, t-shirts and other souvenirs for yourself and/or loved ones. Bargaining is allowed here, so you should be able to get between 10 to 20 percent off the initial price.


In addition to the night bazaar, you could also shop at the market at Uruguaiana. It’s Rio’s brand of a Turkish bazaar. To get to this market, take the metro to the Uruguaiana station; an escalator will drop you right in the center of the market. Here you will find an assortment of kiosks, fixed shops, stalls and pushcarts. You can buy beachwear, leather goods, tennis shoes and even electronics.


5. Enjoy Live Music

Your stay in Rio would be incomplete without enjoying some live music. One of the local favorites is samba. You can enjoy samba music round the clock at Beco do Rato – a small club located in the Lapa neighborhood. It is easier to get here by taxi. You can sit at the small tables inside and have a cold beer, or stand outside and enjoy the music.


Christ the Redeemer - 2014 World Cup6. Visit Christ the Redeemer

This statue of Jesus Christ is an icon for Rio and Brazil. It was built between 1922 and 1931 from soapstone and reinforced concrete. From 1931 till 2010, it was considered to be the largest statue in the world. The statue is 30 meters high and it stands on an 8 meter pedestal. It is located on the peak of the Corcovado mountain in Tijuca Forest National Park. At night, the statue glows beautifully. In 2007, it was chosen as one of the seven wonders of the modern world.



Sao Paulo


Sao Paulo is home to some of the richest football clubs outside of Europe, including the 2012 World Club Cup champions – Corinthians. It also has one of the best organized state football leagues. Sao Paulo was the venue of the opening match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup match between Brazil and Croatia. However, this city is well known for its food, markets, museums and architecture. If you are coming to Sao Paulo for the first time, here are some of the things you will definitely enjoy in this city.


7. Eat with Samba MusicSamba - 2014 World Cup

On Saturdays, you can enjoy lunch in several of the city’s bars while you listen and dance to live samba music. The locals (called Paulistanos) use this Saturday samba tradition to relax at the end of the week. One of the best places to enjoy traditional Saturday food (called feijoada) is Bar Samba at Vila Madalena. This special meal consists of rice, beans, dried meat, farofa, kale and oranges. The show starts at 1p.m and continues till late at night. You need to get there very early to get a seat.


8. Visit the Benedito Calixto Market

Apart from Samba Saturday, another great way to spend your Saturday in Sao Paulo is to visit the Calixto market. The market opens early in the morning with the sale of handicrafts and antiques. By noon, live music and dancing begins in the central food court. Here you can enjoy another popular Brazilian style of live music called chorinho. In fact, several people troupe to the market just to listen and dance to this.

In addition, you can also get nuts, dried fruits, coconut water, Brazilian sweets and other traditional Brazilian food such as acaraje and esfiha. As you are leaving the market area, you will also see several shops selling several traditional instruments.


9. Go to the Museums

The Museum of Art in Sao Paulo (MASP) is the best art museum in the city. It contains the finest collection of art in Latin America. Several extraordinary temporary exhibitions are held in this museum. This museum is open, free of charge, to the public on Tuesdays.


MASP - Sao Paulo Museum of Art - 2014 World Cup



10. Experience Exceptional Architecture

Before you leave Sao Paulo, you should take time to see the works of Oscar Niemeyer – one of the greatest architects of the 20th century. A good example is the Latin America Memorial which was designed in honor of the struggles and sacrifices of the early Latin Americans to provide a venue for public events and celebrations. The buildings are architectural masterpieces.




Top 5 Beach Vacations for A-Listers

When celebrities go on vacation, they tend to opt for private islands and exclusive resorts where they are protected from the sweaty masses, and can play and be pampered in the lap of luxury.
Necker Island
Owned by Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson, Necker has been host to some of the most famous people in the world including Mariah Carey, Kate Moss, Rod Stewart and Oprah Winfrey. Kate Winslet was of course staying at the Great House when it burned to the ground in August 2011.

Necker Island © Copyright 2014 Virgin Limited Edition

Necker Island © Copyright 2014 Virgin Limited Edition

The 74-acre island in the British Virgin Islands was purchased by the magnate and father-of-three back in 1978 and opened as a luxury retreat in 1984. The rebuilt Great House has eight bedrooms, a bunkhouse for the kids, plus a master suite and there are an additional six one-bedroom houses. If you don’t need to rent the entire island (for roughly $62,000 a night), you and your significant other can enjoy a week’s stay for approximately $30,000.
The eight islands of Hawaii have long been a favorite beach vacation destination for celebrities with A-listers like Katy Perry, Will Smith, Kim Kardashian, Charlize Theron and Cameron Diaz being spotted in the surf.
Kauai seems to attract many of the rich and famous, some of whom enjoy their time at the St. Regis Princeville, a 5-star resort on Hanalei Bay. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have been known to stay at the enormous hideaway, which features its own waterfall, working cattle ranch, and de rigeur spa.
Punta de Mita, Mexico
Following Lady Gaga’s 2011 visit, Punta de Mita has seen its share of famous visitors like Kirsten Dunst, Charlie Sheen and Hilary Duff gracing its beaches. Although it’s quite a small village, its beachfront location and proximity to Puerto Vallarta attracts A-listers who want a break from the hustle and bustle of L.A. and maybe try their hand at surfing, snorkeling and other water sports.
Cabo, Mexico
Known to be Jennifer Aniston’s favorite get-away, the former Friends star is often seen soaking up the sun at Las Ventanas Al Paraiso with bikini-buddy Courteney Cox and fiance Justin Theroux.

Exterior of Las Ventanas Al Paraiso. ©2014, Rosewood Hotels and Resorts, L.L.C.

Exterior of Las Ventanas Al Paraiso. ©2014, Rosewood Hotels and Resorts, L.L.C.

The draw is the spectacular setting and luxury that can’t be beat, with all the expected requirements for the pampered: custom furnishings, heated infinity pools, chilled Evian spray for too-warm sunbathers and 24-hour butler service.
George Clooney, Simon Cowell, Jennifer Lopez and Sheryl Crow are other famous faces who enjoy the resort, located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez. It seems that whale-watching and celebrity-spotting are equally rewarding pastimes in Cabo.
Bora Bora
The St. Regis is just one of the upscale resorts offering private, over-the-water villas, and World-class service on one of the most beautiful and romantic islands in the world, set amid endless Pacific waters.

Overwater Villa - St. Regis Bora Bora. © 2010-2014 Societes des Hotels Tahitiens S.A.

Overwater Villa – St. Regis Bora Bora. © 2010-2014 Societes des Hotels Tahitiens S.A.

Celebrities spotted on this French Polynesian island include Nicole Kidman, Rob Lowe, Eva Longoria, Sharon Stone, Quincy Jones and Christina Applegate to name a few.



Fortaleza - 2014 World Cup

2014 World Cup Cities: Fortaleza

If you watched the matches of the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup in preparation for the 2014 World Cup, you’re probably already familiar with Fortaleza, one of the six host cities for those games. With a population of approximately 3 million, it is one of the largest cities in Brazil. It’s located in the Northeastern part of the country and you can get around the entire area easily by bus, metro and taxi.



Beach - 2014 World Cup


Since it’s located along the ocean, one of Fortaleza’s major tourist attractions are its beaches. It should average about 85 degrees Fahrenheit in the area during World Cup, which is perfect beach weather.
Head to Mucuripe Beach if you want to get a look at the traditional fish markets of the area. For shopping and dining around the beach, go to Meireles Beach where there’s a daily handicrafts fair. Alternatively, check out Iracema Beach for more of a nightlife / party vibe. This is the easternmost beach, located closest to the center of the city. You can enjoy surfing and kitesurfing at several of the area’s beaches. If you want to enjoy sunbathing, your top choice beach is Praia do Futuro Beach.




If you want to soak in the culture and attractions of the area then there a few key things you need to put on your itinerary. First off is Theatro José de Alencar, named after the famous author and influential romantic novelist who was also a lawyer. The theatre has live performances almost nightly and is considered one of the major architectural landmarks of the city.
Another landmark is the clock at Ferreira Square, which is considered the heart of the city. It’s a great urban city square and you can enjoy walking around and checking out the historic buildings all around it.
Get some great views of the city from Ingleses Bridge and Metal Bridge. Finally, make sure to see some of the famous cathedrals in this Roman Catholic city such as the Metropolitana Cathedral and the Fortaleza Cathedral.




Make sure to enjoy the traditional grilled meats of a rodizio while you’re in Fortaleza. A rodizio is a type of all you can eat restaurant where the waiters keep bringing you samples of food until you’re full!
Churrascaria Gheller is a favorite restaurant for those meats, not only because it’s tasty, but because dinner is accompanied by the entertainment of a stand-up comedian several days each week. Also, don’t hesitate to try the seafood at the fish market or the nearby beach restaurants since the city is known for its fish.




Be careful if you seem to be getting a little more attention than usual from gorgeous young Brazilian women while visiting Fortaleza. Its not that you don’t deserve it, but be aware that Fortaleza is considered the prostitution capital of Brazil.




Estadio Castelao - 2014 World Cup

By Fábio Lima/Portal da Copa/Março de 2013 [CC-BY-3.0-br (], via Wikimedia Commons

The Fortaleza stadium is called the Estadio Castelao. It was built in 1973, but renovations for the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup and 2014 World Cup have seen the stadium’s seating limit increased to 60,342, an underground parking lot with 1,900 spaces, fully refurbished dressing rooms and a new roof. Even access to the stadium has been upgraded. Four exclusive bus lanes, a light rail vehicle line and two metro stations, were created to make it easier for fans to reach the venue. The complex it will form part of will include restaurants, movie theaters, a hotel and an Olympic centre.



Chile Fans - 2014 World Cup

Chilean Football Fans Storm Into Maracana

On Wednesday, June 18, Chile played Spain at the Maracana Stadium. A group of ticketless Chile supporters decided to find a way into the stadium by going through the Media Center underneath the stands.


In the process, they broke down a temporary wall and pushed their way through journalists and TV crew.


Although security was slow to react, they were eventually able to detain a large portion of the group.


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Violence Franchised: The History Of Hitman

Fans of stealth action video games have probably heard of Agent 47’s gruesome exploits. This genetically engineered super killing clone first started carrying out hits in 2000 when he made his debut in Hitman: Codename 47.
Since then, Hitman has grown into one of the most popular stealth franchises in video games and developer IO Interactive’s crowning achievement, arguably. Films, novels, mobile spinoffs – the Hitman franchise is still growing.
Could 2015 be the year we see a new Hitman AAA title? There’s a good chance we’ll get more details, at least. For now though, here’s a brief history on the Hitman series of video games, mobile games and movie adaptations.

Hitman: Codename 47


This was gamers’ first chance to step into the shoes of a cool killer. 47 is a chilling figure, his ghostly visage neutral of emotion, with the infamous barcode tattoo on the back of his neck, but there was more to Codename 47 than its disturbing, antihero protagonist.
In many ways, Codename 47 changed the way gamers thought about completing a level. While there was still a point A and a point B, so to speak, how players got to point B could be very creative. 47 is a man of violence, as his job description would suggest. But aside from garroting unknowing victims from behind or releasing a frenzy of automatic gunfire at a group of assailants, the game still rewarded players for employing stealth over shooting.
For instance, by donning the clothes of security guards or henchmen, 47 could access restricted areas, blending in with the crowd. The sneak feature also enabled him to evade detection or zero in for a silent hit. Codename 47 was one of the most popular games of 2000, praised by critics and fans, alike. It was also one of the most graphically innovative games for the start of the millennium, one of the first to use ragdoll physics, cloth simulation and foliage physics.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

In the franchise’s first sequel, players were further encouraged to avoid the run-and-gun concept prevalent in other shooters. Instead, players could use tactics of disguise and problem-solving to traverse past layers of security, nail their intended target and land a “Silent Assassin” rating at the end of the mission.
A fan-favorite, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin advanced the concepts of Codename 47 with more creative detail, but it also was more user-friendly, with shorter levels and easier AI to handle. Players also got some deadly new toys to play with, including chloroform to incapacitate enemies quietly and a crossbow for killing covertly from a distance.

Hitman: Contracts

Hitman: Contracts is much like a re-master of Codename 47, featuring recreations of four levels originally introduced in the first game. Many of the same concepts make a return: The emphasis of stealth and subterfuge, a suspicion meter that enables players to see whether they are under suspicion by guards and henchmen, as well as a myriad of creative ways to take down targets, such as spiking poison in drinks or arranging “accidental” deaths.
Hitman: Contracts also used an interesting narrative change of pace. As 47 relives the memories of past assassinations, the player goes through those classic levels in reverse. Upon awakening in the present, details are revealed that allude to missions found in the next game Hitman: Blood Money, as 47 also discovers that a mysterious group is targeting him.

Hitman: Blood Money

Hitman: Blood Money continues this storyline, as players complete missions based off an interview between a journalist and a former Director of the FBI that had been tracking 47 for a number of years. From climbing obstacles, using melee combat and taking enemies as human shields to open-world styled levels, enhanced character models and an entirely new game engine, Hitman: Blood Money is another fan favorite. The sheer amount of changes greatly revised the experience of being the world’s deadliest assassin.
Players could dispose of dead bodies in containers to hide them from view. Weapons could be upgraded – bombs and armor entered the arsenal, as well. Accidental deaths are in every level, where players can take out targets in a variety of inconspicuous ways, like rigging chandeliers to fall, BBQ grills to explode and prop guns to fire real bullets.

Hitman: Absolution

The fifth installment of the series and the first game under the new leadership of publisher Square Enix, Hitman: Absolution goes for a more user-friendly experience, while still maintaining the detailed elements of subterfuge and stealth that have made the game a success. Hitman: Absolution also introduced some novel elements, such as allowing players to create their own missions, called “contracts,” to share with other players online.

Hitman goes mobile

The Hitman series has also begun expanding into mobile games, with the release of Hitman Go, a turn-based puzzle game developed by Square Enix Montreal. Carrying a board-game aesthetic, Hitman Go uses a turn-based approach, taking away the use of gunplay and setting up accidental deaths for a simpler, more grid-based feel.

The next Hitman game


IO Interactive has gone through some tough times recently, but the developer announced that a new Hitman title for the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC would be coming out this year. While details are sparse, the “Contracts” mission editor will make a return, and the game is intended to have a more open-world feel.

Hitman in the movies

Two movie adaptations based off of Hitman have been produced, so far. 2007’s Hitman, starring Timothy Olyphant and Dougry Scott, has a different continuity from the games, and while it was a critical failure, it proved to be a financial success.

A new adaptation, titled Hitman: Agent 47, is scheduled to come out August 21, 2015. The film, which will star Rupert Friend as 47, is being directed by Aleksander Bach. Paul Walker was originally intended for the role of 47, but following his untimely death, Friend was cast for the titular role.


Short Film Showcase- Shadows

You know how in a movie that goes on for around a hundred minutes or more, it’s only a couple of sequences lasting only a few minutes that actually keep you on the edge of your seat? Well, Shadows is made up of those few minutes. You don’t have to sit through 90 odd minutes in order to watch the most interesting part! It is indeed difficult to pull off a short, maybe that’s why only the gutsiest filmmakers do it. In the case of Shadows: Director Colin Berry, Writer Eric Walker, Producer Kyle Sevier and lone actor Corey Sevier all come together to give effect to a tight, interesting plot that makes the audience’s hair stand on end.
The storyline is simple. It’s based on a simple looking guy in a simple shirt and tie, simply getting the s**t scared out of him. Well, that’s where the simplicity of it all ends. Shadows then moves on into territory that is quite difficult to fathom and capture. One that holds both horror and science fiction.
The creature in the dark could very well have been a ghost. Except that it does something inexplicable to the Glen- The protagonist. Showing him images and taking his mind to bright blue places.
Ghosts don’t do that you know, they simply whack the hell out of you and ask you to get out of there! The sci-fi angle in Shadows is gripping and makes you think twice about all that went down. It makes you think about what could possibly happen next! That’s part of the magic that makes a good short and Shadows accomplishes that element just fine.
The film is well paced and doesn’t rush you into things. It takes its own sweet time to get into the groove and even then, keeps the element of horror and surprise alive by allowing you to catch your breath at the right times. The sound in the background is great and the visual effects are surprisingly convincing for a piece that has been made on a micro budget! – A lesson for the biggies perhaps?
So what does Shadows leave you with? One thing’s for sure – the next time you have to wait back at the office late in the night to wrap up some work, you will end up taking it home instead!
Oh, and did I tell you the bad thing about shorts? They leave you wanting more. That’s what Shadows does to you. And when you know you can’t get any right now, you simply go back and watch it again. Or ask the makers to make some more. So, here we are, asking the Shadows team for just that – more! Stop by their FaceBook page and tell them what you think.


USA - 2014 World Cup

USA Stuns Ghana

The match started off with one of the quickest goals in World Cup history (5th it turns out) at the 31 second mark by Clint Dempsey. The US had a great chance to make it 2-0 in the 19th minute, but the Ghana defense was able to keep the ball comfortably out of the net.


USA’s Jozy Altidore was lost due to a hamstring injury in the 22nd minute and then Dempsey suffered a broken nose in the 33rd minute, but he was able to return.


Ghana started to turn things around in the second half as they began to press hard for the equalizer. Their effort was rewarded in the 82nd minute when Andre Ayew took a backheel pass from Asamoah Gyan and made a superb left-footed strike to tie the match at 1.


The celebration was short-lived though, as only 4 minutes late, John Brooks powered home a header off a corner kick to reclaim the lead for the US.


USA avenges their losses to Ghana from the two previous World Cups where the losses resulted in elimination on both occasions.


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